Who else is a sucker for cute packaging? xD

Hi everyone!

So I've disappeared for a really long time again~ So sorry for that, been busy with school, then lazed around and did nothing for a week, and finally began summer school...all in all, I think I was just being incredibly lazy, hahaha. I actually bought a lot MORE things along the way but I'll just share some of them with you guys. :)

So my fingers have actually been hurting during my break and my dad figured I probably strained my fingers and wrists from typing and using the trackpad on my MacBook too much. So he gave me a mousey to use! Of course, I had to buy a mousepad even though I didn't need one for cuteness and for wrist support! 


So I bought a...Domo-Bean mousepad! xD
It's actually Domo-Kun of course, but the roundness of the head makes it look like a bean or a pod, haha. It's so cute, I get happy just looking at it. It was around $7 on eBay.


Ahoy Matey! (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

Another haul post for now! I'm trying to keep up with blogging much more often (and to be honest, I've been buying a lot of things lately...). I'm planning to do some reviews soon too aside from hauls, so please look forward to those!

Forever 21

Okay, did some damage again at Forever 21...I blame my roomie, she encourages my bad habits. :) Thanks babe, love ya~ Hahaha.

Everything was bought within this week or last (considering the amount, I don't think it's that good a thing for my credit card...), so I'm pretty sure you can find it online still! :D

This nautical theme dress is $17.80. Not sure whether it is worth the price. To be honest, I think Forever 21 overprice everything, but especially dresses because they're at least $16 but most of the time more...but I still buy it, so I don't know why I'm complaining, haha. It hurt when I was handing over my credit card though. xD


Massive Make Up Post Part 2 (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

(I have moved my blog to a new domain, please visit And Pinky Says for the latest posts!)

Part 2 of the massive make up post! Hope you enjoy looking at my little collection~ :)

Stuff from Hong Kong

My parents went back to HK earlier this year and brought back some stuff for me!

My little cousin and aunt from HK put together this birthday present for me. Stitchy themed! Not sure how many of you figured it out but Stitch is one of my favorite cartoon characters (I'm actually not that big a fan of the movie Lilo and Stitch but I really adore Experiment 626! :D).


Massive Make Up Post Part I (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'm going to start with the usual "I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long" apology.

The "make up" isn't the makeup we put on our face, but to make up for the long unannounced hiatus. :)

Last quarter, I ended up taking 5 upper-division classes and was basically flooded with homework, readings, papers all the time.

This quarter, allergies hit! And it feels like it's even more severe this year than previous years (but then again, I am sneezing my head off as I type this so maybe that affects my evaluation, haha).

But anyways, onto the post! This accumulated over a lot period of time so it'll be a pretty massive one! Prepare yourself. :)


First, I got this necklace from ekiLove a little while ago.


It's Still Winter!

Hi everyone!

I had some time freed up so I decided to make a post. I lost my school lanyard, my ID holder, my ID, and my keys yesterday...they've not been turned in yet but I still believe in the good in people so I hope some good samaritan will do me this favor. Karma! I turned in lots of lost stuff before! But in a sense, this incident has made me notice (reminded me, rather) that many of my close friends and family always gives me a lot of love and that there are a lot of caring strangers too (I honestly told more than 10 people my sob tale when I was looking all over the campus' various lost and founds to see if they've received my keys). There's always the good within the bad, we just have to look for them! :)

Now for the ACTUAL post, sorry for the philosophical, sociological, psychological, whatever-ogical little rant. :)

These are mostly stuff I bought during my winter break but more details later. I'm pretty sure this is not all of them either...I'll take pictures of them if I figure out what I missed.