Past Grabs: Hits or Misses? Part 1

Hi everyone!

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy S.A.D (my dad was asking me what this meant, haha)! I hope you are all enjoying any one of these three holidays! I would put a nice little year of the tiger or some Valentine's Day graphics but I'm sure you've already seen a lot of those...I really sort of miss those times in elementary where people would give me those little Valentine cards and I the same...those things were pretty cute, hehe. & I'm celebrating S.A.D, I'm not sad at all though because I have amazing friends and I'm not exactly lonely...I got my parents to spend today with me! xD & hey, always better to be single than to have someone you desperately want to get rid of!

But! As promised, this post came a lot sooner than the previous~ & this one is mainly going to be about some of the stuff I've bought since September of last year, when I got permission to have my own paypal account and...well, we know how the rest of that story goes...crazy shopping splurge!

All of the pics are 5 megapixel at the very least, so feel free to enlarge them if you want to look at anything in greater detail. :)

Here is my first purchase at Victoria's Secrets online in the Pink section. I had a $20 off coupon code or some such so I think the whole purchase came to around $45, shipped.
My dad asked me who drew all over my hoodies, ha ha...thanks dad. I decided to get a bright pink one because honestly, it IS called the Pink line. I got a free tote with my Pink purchase, but I still haven't found a use for it because it's a bit on the flimsy side. These hoodies are on the thinner end but then again, these are meant for sunshine and beaches, so I'm pretty happy with this purchase! If I didn't have that coupon code though, I probably wouldn't buy anything from VS in a long while.

I bought this from eBay because I really wanted a "camera" necklace, and this was a pretty nice size. It definitely can be seen from a distance and that "bling", whooo. I'm just really scared the huge crystal would fall right off. xD
I don't have this seller's information on hand, but if anyone's interested, I can dig it up. :D I'm pretty sure I paid $8.08 for it (I remembered because it was an exchange rate one and I thought "808" is a nice number xD).

I bought a bow ring because, well, I like bows. Problem with this ring is that it was way too big for my finger...so I sort of bent it over backwards to get it to fit and now I don't really want to wear it because the wiring overlaps...I'd have to bring it home and ask my dad to fix it for me, hehe (I have this notion since I was little that my dad can fix ALL of my technical problems, and so far, he hasn't failed me; my mom? My fashion and makeup ones ;D).
In terms of style, it's quite nice. :) I think I got this for less than $3.50, shipped.

Next, I actually bought a pair of circle lenses from Pretty and Cute recommended by Jen from From Head to Toe, I'm a loyal reader of her blog! Check it out if you haven't already. She's super sweet! Sadly enough, Pretty and Cute is no longer selling lenses probably because they're so much trouble (in terms of defects and problems?), but they're still selling other cute things so feel free to check that out too. I think Jen now recommends a site called Pinky Paradise instead. I've never purchased anything myself from the website before, though. Just FYI, I'm in no way associated with either sites (and I'm not the secret owner of Pinky Paradise, to clarify! xD).

Back to the lenses, these are Dueba DM-23 Grey.
I ordered them in zero prescription so I could wear them under my glasses. I actually also encountered a problem with my first order, there appeared to be coloring defects on one of the lens and I could actually see this abnormal spot of coloring even when I wore it. So I told Pretty and Cute about it and a very friendly representative helped me with the problem. She told me to return the lenses and she'll ship me a new pair--free of charge and throw in an extra lenses case for free. So I did as she asked and of course, I received my new pair of lenses!
I chose the cute Rilakkuma white case during my order and she threw in the Hello Kitty black one during the reshipment of my order. I think they're both adorable! But now I have no use for at least one of them.

I say "at least" because I've been having problems with my lenses (even the new ones). My vision blurs up every now and then (sometimes quite frequent). I can feel the lenses on my eyes especially when I blink? I heard from some people that it's normal...and the blurring is from an insufficient amount of light entering my eyes, but I'm a bit scared because my vision's already -5.50 and -7.00 or some crazy number like that and I'm not anxious to have them geteven worse. So I rarely wear these lenses, sadly. Oh well, lesson learned. I just won't buy them again.

After, I bought a necklace from eBay. I really like the size and the sparkle on the star surface. ^___^
A picture in comparison to my hand. :D This definitely was a nice buy, I'm pretty sure it was less than $5 shipped...over here in U.S.? Probably $8-$10, if we're lucky.

This was another one of my camera necklace phase purchase, this one's much more simple than the other one...but I still think it's really cute. :) It turns out it's shipped all the way from Thailand, ooo~ I like the little elephant postage stamp. :D
I looked a while back and found out she's no longer a registered seller...but I'm sure you can attempt to search up a similar necklace. :) I got this for less than $7, shipped.

I bought these strawberry hair curling rollers from eBay also. They were...I think less than $6 shipped, for a dozen! A lot cheaper than what some bloggers say they got on sasa.com?
They work quite well, but they suggest for you to sleep with them and take them off in the morning...it's really uncomfortable for me to sleep on them so if anyone's planning to use these...I think I'd recommend wetting your hair, curling it with this, and then blow drying it instead if for in the morning. xD Unless you want to feel like you're sleeping on a pillow and a bunch of massaging bumps. The seller was really efficient and quick. If anyone's interested, I'll dig up their user. :)

One more accessories package. An Eiffel Tower necklace, a red rose ring, and a "crown" ring meant to wear on the pinky but it fits my middle finger perfectly. ^___^
I needed to ask my dad to add some foam in the rose one because it was way too big for my finger (it fits a size 7-8, I believe, & see, dad does it again, haha). But otherwise, wonderful seller and everything arrived very quickly. :D Again, will find seller if anyone's interested. This entire package was around $13 shipped.

Almost all of the eBay bought items were shipped from HK except for the one in Thailand.

That's all for now! I'll continue my post about my past purchases next time. :)

Again, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy S.A.D!

What did you do for any of these holidays? :D

Take care!

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  1. happpy valentines/sad/cny... everything! haha! such great finds! you're the second person i've seen today who blogged about a bow ring!! so jealous.. i saw one this weekend and thought about getting it but i didn't... and now i'm kicking myself. hahaha! and that camera necklace! ACCKKK!!! me wants too! haha! i'll have to keep an eye out for that also! :) have a great start to your week!

  2. Hi Sweetie!

    We're not doing much for CNY or V-day just going home for dinner and maybe a little snack later in the evening with the bf :)

    It's sweet that you're daddy fixes things for you. My dad fixes all my computer problems so the result is now i'm completely computer illiterate!

    I wear circle lenses and I had those eye problems at the beginning too. I found that it helps to really rub and clean the lenses carefully after each wear with a good contact solution. I looked up how to clean lenses on youtube and the guy really rubs them hard!

    I try to only wear them for short period of time because I always think it's better to let you're eyes breathe. It is such a shame that PrettyandCute don't sell lenses anymore, they had the best prices! (PS. I have the same Rilakkuma case as you!! *^^*) I have the same I find Pinky Paradise sells their lenses at a bit higher price than I would like to pay.

    I can't wait to see you do some looks with the AliceinWonderland Shadows! :D Heehee I drool just thinking about it!

    <3 lots

  3. AHHH I'VE WANTED THOSE STRAWBERRY HAIR CURLERS FOREVER! They're so freaking cute... do you think that you could send me the sellers name if you could find it? thanks doll!

    And I love the camera necklaces, they're so cute :) ! great buys!


  4. Hi Pinky! =D Thank you for following my blog. I am following you too! What a cute haul you have here. I have the same Love Pink 86 hoodie but in a different color. (Your pink is way cuter!:) You're right. It's definitely for beachy weather. ;) I also love how adorable your lenses cases are!

  5. Haai :D I'm interested in the strawberry curlers.. from which seller did you get them ^_^?
    I'm also very curious how to use them..


  6. thanks for joining my giveaway....goodluck...and I'm a new follower now....love your hauls....those camera necklaces are pretty cool....XOXO

  7. and yup, those are my giveaway goodies...just a simple giveaway..nothing fancy...

  8. Awwwww! I'm so touched by your words!!!
    Should commented earlier, so i would have found out about ur blog :D
    Anyway, isn't it so annoying how incompetent some doctors can be??? I'd had more than one encounters with that, and the last time it was way more life threatening...
    Now I know the importance of getting a second opinion... sigh...
    so did you manage to recover fully from your lung problem?
    Honestly, sometimes our gut instinct is more accurate than a doctor's diagnosis... and really the the delay in treatment it causes is the real problem. Leads to something more serious...
    I think I got bed bugs :S

  9. those necklaces are so cute! your dad is really awesome to fix the rings for you :)

  10. The strawberry hair curlers are so cute! ...but, how do you use them??

  11. That bow ring has got to be the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! It looks so good on your finger and I'm not exaggerating! What a great buy!

    I think it's so sweet that you can always turn to your Dad to fix things. :)

  12. I love wearing accessories. I cannot go without it. What you have posted here really caught my interest especially the contact lenses

  13. I love wearing accessories. I cannot go without it. What you have posted here really caught my interest especially the contact lenses


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