Past Grabs: Hits or Misses? Part 2

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Hi everyone!

Since there has been more than one person asking about the strawberry hair rollers, I'll post the listing for the item here (if for any reason the link doesn't work, the seller's profile can be found here). I had a good experience with the seller, but I just want you to know that I can't guarantee your transaction would be just as smooth. Hopefully it would be though. :D I think Kym should check out the awesome engrish in the hair rollers listing, you'll love it. ;D

Also, thank you for all the compliments about my camera necklace! In case anyone's interested, the listing for the same necklace is here. Again, I had a good experience but I can't guarantee it would be the same for you. Hopefully it would be though. It was very nicely wrapped and protected when I received it.

Onto another batch of past purchases!

I really like this hoodie with bear ears, and I chose to buy it in the brown because it resembles the most like a teddy bear in my opinion. ^___^ I bought this from eBay for $16.80, shipped.

Here is a picture of how it looks like on a person, keke. My roommate was being a stalker and took a picture without me knowing. xD Seller is no long registered on eBay, but I'm sure you can find it from another seller...probably for a more expensive price though. Problem with this is that the fuzzy part on my lower back got flattened after a while. But I still really like this hoodie.

& then I saw these "double eyelid clips" advertised as something promoted on a Taiwanese beauty show, 女人我最大 as something that works...so I decided to order a pair just to try it. These were less than $3, shipped.
So what you do with these is clip them on your eyelids for 10 minutes and you should see that "fold" on your lids. I know many of you are very understanding and sweet, but I'm pretty sure sooner or later there'll be some idiot who wanders in and tell me that I should be proud of my own lids and blah blah blah. Yeah, well, I am. But that doesn't mean I can't experiment and try different things! So shut it. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say it at all. :)

I got this more than a month after I purchased it...I think it got lost in the postal system somewhere for a while but the seller was really patient and even offered to sent a replacement if I still haven't received it.

These didn't work for me, by the way. My first miss. I just ended up looking like an idiot for a while as my roommate laughed at me. I think it has to do with my eyelids being pretty thick and having a serious inner fold. If anyone else has tried it and had a good result, please tell me. ^___^

Here are some slimming slippers and a gigantic toothpaste tube shaped tissue roll holder. Less than $7, shipped.
The slippers are suppose to slim up your calves if you wear them for 15 minutes each day. I just bought them for fun because they are basically 1/3 of the length of your feet and your heel just sort of dangle (that's how it tones up your calves). I haven't worn them enough to know whether they work well or not but they're fun to waddle around in sometimes. Again, my roommate laughs at me when I do, thanks a lot. xD I'm sure she's just jealous she doesn't have slippers that only reach 1/3 of the way.

The tissue roll holder was part of a present for a good friend who really likes Hello Kitty. It's pretty gigantic and I love the fact that it resembles a toothpaste tube. ^___^ I received the package really quickly.

Monkey feet warmer. This was a Christmas present for my dad (yeah, I know I'm cheap...I promised him an iMac when I have a job, so that makes up for it xD). We don't have heat in my house so it's torture especially for our feet when they freeze. This was a little less than $10, shipped.
He liked it. ^___^

The following clothing items are all from one purchase. I wouldn't recommend the seller to you because I bought these from a Facebook group and it took a lot of chasing down in order to get my order. I'm still missing a piece and still chasing, by the way. It was a hassle and I wouldn't want you to go through the same. These can all be found by other sellers on eBay, I'm sure.

The items seem pretty cheap but you have to realize that these are all shipped from Hong Kong, so the shipping charge was $19.50 for everything. Averaging it all out, everything's not so cheap anymore. & also, you'll see why I think this order wasn't completely worth it.

Green flower tunic. $5

I basically bought this one to fill in the unit requirements but it was surprisingly one of my better buys. It is on the flimsy side but it's spring top, so that's a given. & I really like the details and the material.

I received this one for free for purchasing 10 units or something. It's a 2 piece and originally priced at $9.
I also really liked this one even though I didn't plan on buying it in the first place. The two pieces can be worn separately and the blue is quite vibrant. :)

This was one of the ones I already planned on buying. I really like the green and there's a little pouch on the back. This one was $19.50.
Not worth it. It's made from polyester which means...fuzz balls! It's still hung up on my closet because I'm really afraid it'll start fuzzing up. So ridiculous...I wonder if I can somehow get rid of it at a garage sale or something. xD

Not to mention there's another problem.

These are how the mittens are pictured to look like.
These are what they sent me. What ARE these, right? I have no idea...the one on the left looks like a little baby/elf socks with a strange little point on the heel and the second one just look like some kind of mutant. So yeah, definite miss.

This one was $17.50 and it was not what I expected. This is the advertise picture.
What I actually got.
It's super glossy and the sleeve ripped after a couple wears. I had to do a terrible sewing job just to keep it "wearable". Hood was way too small, anyone would look positively turtle-ish while wearing it. I was hoping for the Korean band Big Bang look with this...it was a bang alright.

This one, however, was my biggest disappointment. It costed me $31.50, a bit on the steep side for a spring/autumn jacket, but I still bought it because I really, really like the vibrant red.
It looks fine here, still gorgeous. But again, for something that costs $31.50, they used polyester. I honestly dislike that material with a passion. It fuzzed up like there's no tomorrow and now I really don't want to wear it...does anyone had a solution for getting rid of those fuzz balls?

Luckily, I received one more item that is of good quality and it seems like all the cheaper things in this order worked out better than the more expensive ones. This one was $12.50.
I actually wanted a blue one, they gave me a grey one...after all this trouble, was I going to return and ask for an exchange? No way. So I just kept it. But it was an awesome buy. This is made out of cotton and not one little fuzz in sight. This is one of my daily favorites now. The hood is way too small for me...so it serves as decoration. But otherwise, this is a really nice long sleeve sweater? Hoodie?

I actually had one more shirt that they couldn't send me and are going to later...whooo...I can't wait. = =;; It's been a couple of months and they're waiting for more orders to send them out at once...I trust the seller, but it's just so annoying. So I don't recommend this, I am not buying from Facebook groups again! (Why did I in the first place? But hey, if you mess up once, you learn from your mistake. If you mess up twice, then you're just plain stupid. So at least I only did it once and am not planning to do so again. xD)

One more for tonight, rhinestone wheel! This was less than $3, shipped.
This was actually not my purchase but my roommate's. My good friend also got one and I bought it for them since they had no eBay account. It's a pretty good buy for anyone who's interested in doing nail art. :)

So these are my hits and misses. I still have enough for one more post so stay tune! I hope that this helped/would help you make some decisions in your purchases. ^___^

As usual, please leave me your thoughts and questions! If you're interested in any of the items, I'll find the seller and/or listing for you. :)

I hope your week has been well so far! Mine is a bit on the meh side because of the school work this and next week...oh I can't wait for Spring Break! I'm signing up for classes tomorrow morning at 7:00...so exciting, right? xD

Take care!



  1. Hey Pinky! This is actually quite funny that i found your blog(from soompi), im not sure you remember me but i used to be in spco w/ you lol. Anyways cute blog i really like your alice header !

  2. Haha nice post on fashion. I can really see that black glossy jacket working for some gangster look types, but the material looks totally different than what was advertised... shame on them! I really like that pattern on that tunic, it's cute!

    Btw, I was thinking you'd correct me on my Chinese knowledge lol. I imagined that you'd know more about Chinese than me! Living in Vancouver its hard not to learn about Chinese culture though, we have a big population of Asians here!

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet thoughts hun, I'm feeling a bit better :)
    I think the bear goodie is so cute! I'm so afraid to buy clothes online only because I'm so anal about fit and quality. I usually use online clothes as a benchmark for what I want and then I try to find similar items in actual stores. Many times when I find it and try it on it just doesn't look like how it does on the manniquin/model and I know had I bought it online I wouldve been disappointed.

    That being said the strawberry hair curlers are soooo cute! Can you post a picture of how well they work? I just might go hunt some down myself! I usually do the braid overnight trick but it sometimes leaves my hair frizzy :(

    much loves <3

  4. WAHAHAHA!!! I just checked the listing and oh my goodness.. i was trying to hold back from laughing out loud!!! "also wearing a sleeping OK!" Thanks for thinking of me... i like when people associate Engrish with me. hahaha! ;p

  5. I waaant that bear hoodie! They have them on tofebruary.com! ^__^

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the FB group... I'm getting more scared to order things online now that I've been hearing so many horror stories about bad sellers!

    And OMG I want that rhinestone wheel!!! LOL! Where did you get it from?? (:

  6. Thanks Pinky for the strawberry post :D

    Also what a bummer of that black jacket/coat.. it looked cool in the display picture..
    but very glossy and strange in your own picture :(
    How misleading!

    ps. I also like ebay shopping.. lol :D

  7. Sweetie you are just too flattering for me :) Always leaving me the sweetest comments on my blog! I could just kiss you! *mwuahmwuahmwauahahahhahah!*

    I need to see you're new haircut :) Camwhore for me okies?

    You remembered I'm going to Vegas! :) Yes we're leaving on Sunday, I will miss you while we're gone because I can't check the blog! *cries* but I will shower you with tons of love when we come back -> Promise!

  8. lol! you bought the bear hoodie... i actually wanted to get the same one in black too! (and it was more expensive.. like $30 o_o)
    is it warm?

    anyways nice blog :) you should come visit mine too!

  9. what a haul! I love the bear hoodie, it's really cute. and the monkey feet warmer too :)
    I wanted to try the eyelid clips too but didn't cause I think I would just stick to eyelid tape. I have thick inner fold too on my right eye. Yap, just my right eye, that makes my eyes look imbalance. sigh...

    Thanks for your wish! I'll do my best :)
    I hope Clinique does good on me, will tell you how it goes for me. Yeah, my skin reacts really bad on my stress day esp with lack of sleeping. I just hope it'll be better a.s.a.p.

  10. Girl, you've been hauling huh? XD Love the hoodie with the ears and the monkey feet warmer you got your dad!

  11. Thanks...you're so sweet....girl..I've been wanting that bear hoody for a long time....so cute...

  12. Aww pumpkin, you're comment was the sweetest out of all the comments! I will take all your tips to heart :) I feel like you're my mommy :D so loved!

    By the way I have a little secret! Shhh don't tell, but we've scheduled posts on our blog so you'll have something to read while we're gone! I'm going to miss you so much hunnie!

    I'll take tons of pics for you! :)


  13. YESS we were on the same team before, haha i was scared you wouldnt remember me and think i was some stalker xD

  14. You sure do find the cutest things to buy online! I'm sorry some were misses. In general, I'm loving what you've been buying so far. :D

  15. This is an awesome haul, the bear hoodie resembles the real color of a bear XD As for the eyelid clips, don't take this as an offense but more of a warning, those clips can drag down your eyelids and make them saggy. Not significantly, but I would just really suggest tape or something instead, my Korean friend used them and her eyelids now have all these little lines and they droop over her eyelashes. Pretty brutal idk what she's going to do about it.


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