Past Grabs: Hits or Misses? Part 3 & Giveaways

Hi everyone!

Thank you for all the love you've given me for my last post, and to those who claimed that they wanted the bear hoodie...I demand for you to go get one now and look adorable! :D

I've also added a music player to my blog because I'd like to share some of my recent favorite music with all of you. :) I've come across some great songs on other blogs and they've later became some of my favorites also.

I'm going to mention some of the personal things in my life before moving onto my hauls. :)

I've been plagued with a lot of work lately including two papers and now a whole bunch of work for chinese (I'm taking mandarin and learning written chinese...I know how to read pretty well, but writing is a whole other category)--all due next week. So that combined with some other things really dragged my mood down a bit...

But! I have really awesome friends. :) Even though my friend didn't know it, the fact that she treated me to Quickly (I tried rejecting but she wouldn't hear it) definitely brightened up my mood. Super sweet. <3 So there I was, holding 2 milk teas (1 from my friend to my roomie, we all know each other back in high school) and going back to the apartment only to have my roomie telling me that SHE also bought me a drink from Quickly to cheer me up. :O!! I don't think it's possible to imagine my reaction. They are both so sweet. TT^TT I can't thank them enough, I shall surprise these two darlings when they least expect it! (wait, I just found out she ate half of a bag of our chocolate by herself. D: She's not so darling to me anymore, lol)
Both of them are my favorites from Quickly, an earl grey milk tea with small tapioca and black tea with milk pudding! :D (Sorry I already drank one of them, haha~) Two cups of tea in one day is quite a bit though...I was feeling way too energetic at 2 in the morning. xD So they made my day, maybe even week, and I just want to share it with you guys.

So now, onto the remainder of the hauls

I bought this from Missha during their Black Friday 40% off my purchase. I bought just a little over $40 to get free shipping, and this order came out to be $43.48, shipped. A pretty good deal! But my mom actually had another haul which I will talk about next time since it's at home, but I think she bought 3 tubes of BB cream and one BB boomer (primer) for around the same price I paid! I know, she's the shopping legend in the family. :)
So pictured is:

2 M Perfect Cover BB Cream #23, natural beige
1 M BB Boomer
1 Missha Deluxe Sample (included are some of their best products! I will do a review in a later post. This was, and still is, free with/without an order, all you have to pay is S&H if you don't wish to buy it with other items)
1 Garden Pleasure Honey & Lilac Shower Gel (free with over $30 purchase)

I definitely recommend Missha skin products and will go into detail in perhaps the next post. :)

Here is my Christmas present from my parents. <33 Samsung TL-225, baby! Meet Joonie (I name my electronic items, hehe~ Just my habit.).

Does it look familiar? It's the camera advertised in the commercials as having dual screens! Yes, you no longer have to have a special talent when you're taking pictures with friends and there's no one would trust to hold your camera! You can SEE them! :D I adore this camera. Touch screen, 12.2 mega pixels, 4.6x optical zoom, cam whore (I'll admit it) screen, and wide angle! It beats my little red Cybershot f-50, but I still adore that one because my dad spent a lot of time looking for that one for me. <3

My parents managed to order it from eBay from a Beach Camera listing! Of course, I taught them to combine Bing (then specially 12% instead of 8%) & eBates! So they got a pretty hefty cashback. :D Yay for saving!

So the rest of the pictures you see will be 9 mega pixels in size and wide screen if they're taken from my new baby! :D

Onto the next, I've been wanting a school uniform style jacket for a while and really liked the one from VS's Pink line when it was available last year...but it was too expensive for me...$59.99. But I managed to grab both for $58, shipped.
So being stuck in the eBay craze, I decided to search it up on eBay and a seller with a bidding listing popped up! I made her an offer and we held the transaction outside of eBay because she cancelled the listing and sold it to me directly (don't do what I did, I shouldn't have agreed to it because if anything went wrong, I would not be under eBay's buyer protection). Luckily, she wasn't out to con me, haha. I later found out I could've gotten it for cheaper, but meh, what's the use of regretting now. :) There isn't a huge difference unless you see the jackets under the sun.

Used but practically in brand new condition, H&M faux leather jacket in grey, bought from a bid listing in eBay. $30 shipped.

I really like this jacket. :) It gives me a spunky look, hahaha. & although I bid without looking closely at the description that it's grey (because it looked really dark in the picture), I really liked how it's different. 

Another one of those feet warmer things, this time it's a little paw! :D I think around $9.99, shipped from eBay.

Really adorable, but it gave me trouble because they shipped me something completely different and I had to message them and communicated for a while before they send me a replacement. But I'm really glad I have it now. :)

Totoro slippers for the friend who treated me to Quickly's Christmas present! $10, shipped.

There is actually a slightly creepy story behind this concerning how after my roomie and I came back from winter break to our apartment and have this white, middle age caucasian man knocking on our door telling me that he kept it for us (he's not a neighbor, I asked the office). I live on the second floor and right when we step out, it's outdoors...so there's no reason for a man like that to see that we have a package...I was creeped out. My parents later figured that it's probably another apartment tenant's parent (it's basically a complex full of college students), and he was playing the good samaritan. Eh, I hope that's the case too! But why did the postal person leave it RIGHT in front of our door when they could've given it to the main office?! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Travel size of Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Zero. $5 + tax, shipped from the UB website.

My roomie knew I wanted to try out UD's eyeliners so she told me about this offer...now I have two since I bought the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. xD I can't use this eyeliner in the outer corner of my eyes because of my too oily complex I mentioned before so there's some major smearing problem after an hour or two. But it works pretty well for everyone else and for the actual lining of the eye--it was good for me too. :) It DOES budge though, some people say it doesn't, but I'm proof that they do...wow, am I awesome or what to make UD's 24/7 budge when not many can. xD

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds in-ear earphones. $15 + tax (original $29.99), in-store pick up from Zumiez.

I'm an iPod fan, but their earphones are terrible. So I actually used my friend's in-ear Zune earphones for a while but those ultimately broke so I had to opt for something else. & of course, Skullcandy makes such great earphones. :D I just have to buy a pair. I have a pair of Tokidoki TI headphones too!

The pair I ordered online for $15 was actually a really dull and boring black, but they lost my order when I went to pick it up in stores (I looked so out of place holding my Love Culture [equivalent of Forever 21, basically] shopping bags in a skater store xD)...so the manager made me an offer of choosing any color of Smokin' Buds they have in the store in place of it! So generous. ^___^ So I chose this pair after my roomie convinced me. I was a bit skeptical of the yellow at first, but now I'm really glad I chose it instead of another "normal" color.

This was a purchase from Amazon. Under $30, shipped.

It's mostly the eyelash curler that I wanted to show, but I took a picture of it with my MLA handbook purchase, LOL. I honestly dislike MLA format so much...but there are some teachers who are really anal about format of research papers so I decided to invest $17.99 in one...

The eyelash curler is Panasonic and $11.99. It was recommended by wonderful eki from a little bit of eki, she is super sweet and if you haven't visited her blog before...you're definitely missing out! :D I'll do a small review on the curler in another post. It was a great buy! Thanks, eki (if you're reading ^___^ I didn't get to tell you about it personally)!

That about sums it up for all the items I'm bought before I started my blog! :D (Well, there are others...but I'll mention and post a picture up here and there instead of one gigantic one since I have to dig out pictures for the others).

I would like to share some recent generous giveaways with all of you! So enter if you haven't!

Miss P from Miss P's Guide to All Things Beautiful is having her first giveaway and it ends February 28th, enter here. Congrates on your 200+ followers, Miss P. ^___^

Next, Jo from Beautylicious Love.com is having a 250 followers giveaway that ends on March 2nd, enter here. Congrates, Jo! :D

Finally, it's Nicol from Y U K L U I * S T Y L E's first giveaway! Enter here. It ends March 27th. Congrates on 200+ followers, Nicol. :)

Be sure to visit these wonderful ladies' blogs!

But regardless, I hope you would have a wonderful weekend! :D

A picture of my roomie and I to start your weekend, hehe~
I'm holding her face because I just smacked it on accident maybe 30 seconds before I took this picture. Hehehe~ <33 you, sweetie. ^___^

Take care!

(I have moved my blog to a new domain, please visit And Pinky Says for the latest posts!)



  1. I've been using that missha bbcream like forever....I had it a year ago....& I'm still using it until now..& I can't find any other bbcream that I like....that VS blazer remind me so much of jandi of BOF...cute...

  2. Good luck with your studies girl!
    BBtea and good friends always makes me feel better too.

    Great haul!! Oh my gosh! I have yet to venture into the world of Ebay, but I have a feeling I would cause major damage if I do..

    Jess Mai

  3. How sweet of your friends to do that! Sorry to hear you've been bogged down with work, Pinky. Hope you're able to find some moments during your day to just relax your brain...lol. Good luck with school! I love your haul esp the cool Samsung cam! I remember seeing the commercial and going "Wow!" XD Hehe...love that pic of the two of you....

  4. Hey Pinky!

    So that explains why you were so hyper and replied by post so quickly! 2 bbt's in a day will make anyone hyper, especially if you had it later in the day :P

    It's awesome that you've got some good friends that look out for you like that! Btw, I love pudding milk tea! It's Klaudea's favourite and one of mine too!

    I really like your new camera, touch screen on a camera??? That is new to me! That blows my Canon Elph out of the water!

    Take it easy, and have a good weekend :)

  5. oooh, forgot to mention, I really like the LG Lollipop phone, it's really cool. It's more like a feminine type of phone but I like it too.

  6. Pinky, you totally made me LOL with the "I only have one face" thing....hahaha! XD I know what you mean about not wanting stuff going to waste. I say if it hasn't expired and works for you, definitely continue using it! :D Happy weekend!!

  7. oh hi! im also a new follower now! I love your blog to bits, also a big alice fan here. Wow you got loads of things! I have a problem with buying make up, once I have the money for it, I tend to buy something else, like ._. final fantasy figurines..but I will take note of that camera! lol. btw, I love quickly to bits! I got giddy when I saw it here, now I must get one before I head home :P and love that school girl jacket! hope we have soemthing like that here :3 about the mugging though, a few months back i was mugged while on my way home from work, it was 4am and i was on graveyard shift, graveyard shift sucks!
    So even though your workload is getting a bit bleeh-ish, i hope you stay safe and healthy :D

    plenty of love from Manila!
    Nicole :D

  8. i just wanted to say thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog, that was so sweet. good luck with your essay, ah that sounds like no fun!

    omg, i LOVE those Totoro slippers! That is one of my all time favorite movies. I love all of his movies!

    so glad you are a new follower!

  9. OMG the totoro slippers are so cute, I love totoro! Sorry about the creepy guy though... haha.

    ...and hey, we have the same MLA handbook things! Ugh, I hate MLA! It's such a pain in the but. And even more annoying because it changes like every year or something. Ew, school! D:

  10. Your friends are pretty awesome! I'm totally craving bubble tea now :P I always get milk tea with pearls, but I gotta try earl grey! Love your new camera also! Perfect for camwhoring ;D Overall, great haul! I'm a new follower too! Loving your blog, miss !

  11. OMG I want a cam with a dual screen! My cybershot is starting to suck T_T

    That's so sweet of your friends! (: I wish I could try bubble tea, I don't think we have anywhere here that serves it :(

    Lol that's a creepy story! But sometimes my neighbors keep my mail if I'm not around... but I know them and they're not creepy so I'm not that weirded out about it haha!

    The UD liner smudges on me too, in the outer corner of my eyes!!! So sad, and it doesn't smudge all the time though... only when it feels like it -_-; some days it won't budge at all, and other days it's smudge city with that little liner! Grrrr! I heard so many good things about it but oh well. Guess I'm still searching for my HG! I've had the most success with Rimmel Exaggerate, you might want to try that (:

    MLA format!!! Ughhh! I hated that!!! >_<

  12. It sounds like you are so busy >< It was great of your friend to cheer you up, and the milk tea looks so yummy!!

    I love your haul items, I especially love the school uniform type jacket.^^

  13. I love the Totoro slippers! ^__^ I'm like obsessed with Totoro, idk why, but I love the movie so much :)

    & how sweet of your friends to buy you tapioca <3 I WISH so badly that there was a Quicklys anywhere near where I am at school. :( I have to wait till I'm home during breaks to get my boba fix! XD

    && trust me, I know how you feel about shipping! It's insane how much they charge for shipping on just something little like a belt!

  14. OH yea, and thanks for following my blog hun~! :)

  15. Pinky, you have the CUTEST hauls ever! Hhaha the feet warmers!! I remember those were EVERYWHERE in the HK street stands XD And thanks for the info on the hair curlers!

  16. *mmmm* bubbletea... that's the second time bubbletea has made an appearance in my reader list. haha! i'm totally craving some now!

    p.s - just saw your bear hoodie.. OMG. i want. haha!

  17. Hey girly!!! Just found your blog and absolutely love it! So glad I just came across it!!

    Have a fabulous day!!

  18. BB CREAMS!! I have the Missha one and I really liked it but my skin doesn't so yeah :( I'm following your blog! :D Please visit/follow mine too ^^

  19. Hi Pinky! LOL...not a bad analogy 'cuz I get it! ;) Sorry to hear you've been coughing. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  20. Hi Pinky, thank you so much for the congrats, the new post will be up soon :D
    your friend is really sweet to cheer up, and love your haul. those stuffs are really cute :)


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