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Hi everyone!

First blog post on blogger...I'm slightly nervous. xD

I just realized that I've had a blogger account since 2006, but all I've done is read other people's blogs and never thought to start my own (yes, little insecurities about maintaining a blog and the question of "will I have any followers?" scare me just a little). But my long time good friend (since 6th grade and we didn't even like each other back then, who knew I'd be living with this girl?!)/current roommate (again, the living with thing) gave me the push to start my own blog on the grounds of "you buy so much stuff, why not just blog about it?!" & so, I decided to.

I've bought some good and bad products (online & in stores), and I would like to share them with others who are interested so you can either buy the good or avoid the bad! I wouldn't want people to make the same mistake as me. :)

So basically, I'll blog about online/in store purchases, maybe some makeup tips (although I am by no means a "guru", I just discover some little tips myself that might be helpful to some), maybe discount codes&coupons as well as sales online and in store, nail arts (type of things), maybe some tutorials if anyone's interested, fashion, and...well...me (I know I might not sound very interesting but fun things do happen in my life)! :D (I abuse emotioncons endlessly, please excuse it)

Some (can't tell you all, I do have 20 years of life behind me xD) facts about myself so we can get acquainted and hopefully you can understand me a little better. Hopefully, we can become friends (now that would be the most ideal and awesome :D)!

1. I adore Alice in Wonderland in all forms (as you can probably tell from my layout). Funny thing is, I didn't start to appreciate this "children's book" until after I grew up & I start to realize the beauty of it all. (Don't get me wrong, I adored the Disney version, but you have to admit it is very confusing for a six year old child)

2. I really like books...and shopping! These two don't seem to go together, but they do in the sense that you need to be intelligent to do one or the other. Yes! Shopping takes brain power! & I will share my adventures with all of you (past and future, I'll post a detail blog post about my previous online orders).

3. I have super oily skin (no, I'm not being modest). You know those little "oil absorbent" sheets? After I do my makeup, within 2 hours (if I don't use any powder to help keep my face "fresh", although fresh for me will be 2 hours sans oil...and that's sort of miraculous), I can make one of those babies transparent. Believe me, if any products work "well" on my skin (as in not melt off), then it would almost definitely work on yours! :D

4. Because of said oily complexion, I've been fighting against acne since I was in...4th grade, so for the better half of my life. I know, I know. You probably think I'm exaggerating, FOURTH GRADE?! But it's true, sadly enough. I've received a lot of negative attitudes because of something that my little self could not control, and this insecurity would probably follow me...but I like the fact that I can put this behind me! & that's why I support makeup because although it doesn't BUILT any confidence (you have to first gain that yourself), it definitely boost confidence! Now, my complexion is much more controlled and I do get the occasional breakout, but it's nothing like before. I will post a more detailed post if anyone's interested in my experience. :) & sadly enough, however, I'm still afraid of really bright lighting settings...a sort of left over trauma from childhood. But I'm definitely trying to overcome it! & to anyone else who has similar problems, I understand what you're going through and even though it looks terrible and horrible and oh so ack...please realize that it'll eventually get better and don't give up hope!

5. I was born and raised in Hong Kong until I was seven. & then I moved over to sunny CA with my parents (only child, yes. It gets lonely sometimes, & don't tell me you want to give me your siblings, I don't want them [because if you're willing to give them to me, that means they can't be awesome siblings. For the ones who adore their siblings, that's great! I always admire that]). I'm currently an English & aspiring (because I haven't declared yet, so I say "aspiring" instead of telling you I already am, which would be lying, hehe) Sociology major at one of the UCs. I speak Cantonese (Hong Kong accent) and English (with a California accent, but I want a "cute British accent" instead...keke). :D

Wow, I just blabbered on for a really long time...English major...what can you do? & I realize that I told you 20x more facts than "a few", I know...I'll try to keep it down. Please tell me whether you would want me to cut back on the words next time! I'll attempt to stop my fingers from tapping away on my cute MacBook. :)

I promise next blog post would have more pics and I'll take the time to bold, italicize, or bold AND italicize to make it more visually interesting for you. :) I don't expect anyone to start taking a big interest with my overly long intro, but I definitely hope you'll check back for my future posts! :D

See you next time, take care!



  1. woohooo! finally a blog post! haha! ;P and you love alice in wonderland? no way! i couldn't tell! ;PP

  2. Yay!! Hi!
    We have many similarities. Im a blogging newbie too! :)
    I LOOVE Alice in wonderland, I LOVE books and I love shopping!

    Cant wait to read your blog. I will follow & visit :)
    Keep up the posts!

    -Jess Mai

  3. I was waiting for you to start blogging!! I've been wanting to personally thank you for all the sweet comments you've left me (: ♥ I'm excited to read your upcoming posts hehe.

    Yesss I love books AND shopping... and shopping FOR books :P I'm sucha nerd lol. Btw that's super cool that your name is Pinky! :D

  4. I love your header! It was the first thing I noticed as soon as I arrived at your blog!

    I have oily skin too (though not as extreme as yours) but I know what it feels like to have breakouts. In fact, last summer, all of a sudden I had a massive acne attack (not like one I've ever had before). It has left a lot of scars on my face :( but I only suffered for about a year, I can't imagine having to suffer it for *years*!!

    As for the oil sheets, the bf and I like to have contests to see how many sheets we can make transparent! When I'm really oily I can even beat his oil filled face!! HAHA :)

    Sociology is fun (but hard) I'm a Psychology/fine art major! :D or i mean "aspiring"

    :) we can speak chinglish together! (canto/english haha!)

    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  5. I'm so glad that you finally start blogging! OMG, i think we have so much similarities: book, oily complexion, acne problem and Chinese! although I just know a few cantonese words :D. I can't wait to see more of you!

    ryc: yeah, i'm always attracted to this kind of product too, but sadly i haven't found any that really works for me. i'll continue the search! :)

  6. glad my post got you thinking! :) you're right, a smile goes a long way and that is showing love! :) i demand a new blog post!!!! hahaha! jk jk! :P

  7. Haha that means you and I need to do an oil sheet contest! *I challenge you!* I shall collect oil on my face all day :) LOL omg I'm so disgusting!

    OKOK I'll try to be more ladylike I promise :) But I second Kym's request *~* NEW BLOG POST! ... please? :D

  8. Hey Sunnii, I really like your header too, always nice to meet another photochopper :) Although I'm not as good as you :P

    Sux that your prof gives you pop quizzes that's mean like how mine still takes attendance by using a sign-in sheet, I feel like I'm in elementary or something.

    Anyway, look forward to see more :D


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