Small Update & Shameless PS Plug

Hi everyone!

Sorry for going on for so long without updates. So ashamed >___<~ It's just that I've been plagued with two papers (which I've turned in!) and has really fallen ill. Spastic coughing with light fevers and an entire bottle of flu medicine...I know, totally horrid. But! :D I've been feeling loads better and although I already thought about what to blog about in the next post, I'm currently too lazy to take pictures for it...so expect an upcoming post fairly soon! (I've also been attempting to fix the html codes I've royally screwed up for my previous posts but it's so difficult since I've duplicated the codes so many times, I think I'll just wipe it all out and copy and paste everything sans html codes, hehe)

So today's is just a filler post! Hope you'll enjoy looking at the little tibits that made up of my little pre-teen/teen life. TwenTY...no longer a teen...I miss it just a little. xD

I've mentioned before that I use to play around with photoshop and I just want to share some of my amateur "creations" with all of you. :) Please ignore the actual faces in the creations, some were characters in fanfictions...hehe. And as for the pretty lame words I put in there...um, blame it on my too cliche, younger self? :D

I honestly think I overdid it in some of them and would definitely not have added as many effects if I made them now. & I lost the title font when I switched to my Mac~ So that made me a little sad. xD

I realize his head is just like, right there hanging in the air...hahaha~

I have no idea why everyone ended up looking albino in my creations, but I'm guessing I thought that looked "nice" at the time. Please pardon! Hehe.

I personally liked this one the very most because I worked the hardest on this to make everything more blended. At least not everyone's paste-ty here! :D

This one was a collage to make it seem like they're in the same picture. :)

I bet someone here has to like Song Seung Hun, haha~

It's Ren from the live action Nana. I think I made the background B&W and kept him in color...but I don't think it was that good of one because the emphasis wasn't big enough. :3

Jeremy Sumpter who plays Peter Pan in the live action movie of Peter Pan. x3 So cuteee~ Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are probably two of my favorite "concepts", I don't know how Lewis Carroll and J.M. Barrie can create this "other worlds". Oh, and who can forget the wizardry world of Harry Potter? Oh man, I love books, movies, and imagination. ^___^ (spoken like a book geek, hehe)

I actually had a lot more, but they were all gone when I crashed my old desktop computer a long time ago...and this is all I can find online ATM.

Sorry for tooting my own horn by shoving these things in your faces~ But I just wanted to fill in an update post with something more than words. :) Hope it didn't bore everyone too much. I'll update with a new post fairly soon!

I hope everyone's doing well and enjoyed/is enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Take care!



  1. Whoaa nice creations there! ;) I feel like such a noobie here! XD
    Get well soon hun & get plenty of rest!

  2. wow...nice...I always want to use photoshop...I just don't have any idea how to use it....I suck at it big time....so I just use the basics...hope you're felling better...

  3. Oh, get well soon, don't get too exhausted :)
    you're really good at editing those pictures! I suck at editing :D

    ryc: I think it's a HK brand too, and the mask that i used is made in Taiwan but maybe it's available in HK too.

  4. Hey Pinky! So glad to hear you are feeling better. =) Hmm...Gillian and Edison. That reminds me of the good ol' days. It's a shame what happened. =( I hope she's able to revive her career.

  5. Awww I hope that you're feeling better! Being sick is no fun :( glad I haven't been sick since christmas! ...hope i'm not jinxing myself, haha. And you're really good at editing pictures, I wish I had that mad photoshop skill...


  6. Thanks for the sweet comment, Pinky! :)

    I had no idea Alex Fong was a d-bag but you know what? Now that I think about it, he kinda looks like one. Haha! XD And is it me or has Gillian aged quite a bit since the whole thing? :( Btw, do you speak and read Chinese?

  7. Yep, it's Lisa. :) I have only seen bits and pieces of that cooking show. Boo. Hehe. Aw, don't be embarrassed. I liked him too. :\ I wish I could read Chinese!

  8. thanks for the gigantic comment too...hehe....you always do some long haul post too...& I got inspired with it...lol...I'll try to do a review on lush...If I got the chance...but you definitely should try the Honey I washed the kids soap...it smell so good & moisturizing...thanks....& yeah, it took me ages to do that post...XOXO

  9. LOL RYC - I know they look pretty much exactly like cherry blossoms, but surprisingly they're not! O_O ahaha, they're actually almond blossoms XD I suppose I should have told you all on that post

  10. Hey Pinky,

    Glad you are feeling better! I must say my favourite is the Once Upon a Christmas one, I can see the effort put into it! Speaking of feeling under the weather, I think I'm catching something and I'm just in the middle of warding it off! Get lots of rest!

  11. dannnng pinky! you've got some ps skills! i love 'em! who cares if they look "albino" haha! ;P

  12. Too cute! I've been missing you sweetie! You should check my post, oh sometime this afternoon lol. I'll bet you'll see your little name somewhere!

    I love old PS creations! I used to do fan wallpaper art... lol man so corny. They are probably hidden somewhere in my millions of back-up disks. Haha I remember when I first discovered fonts and filters. Man I think I applied them to freakin' everything! It's nice to look back though :) Maybe one day I'll dig mine out and you'll realize just how nice yours are! :P

  13. You really should get the nail polish color if you have the chance, it's really pretty.
    aww, thanks again :) if you mean the graduation ceremony, not yet. it's on may or june i think. oh, i'm sure you can make it through although it's really a long journey :D

  14. Haha I can't wait till you wave your oil all over blogger!

    I don't think you can beat me!



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