Urbans, NOTW, & Giveaway

Hi everyone!

(This turned out to be a pretty long post, please stay with me here! xD)

Thank you for the overwhelming support. x3 I totally did not expect anyone to leave comments let alone follow my blog after just an intro post. You guys are so sweet~ Kym & Klaudea, thanks for boost ^___^. When those lazy spell kicks in, it's hard to drag my butt to do anything.

I've been feeling slightly under the weather lately (I always use to boast about my wonderful, amazing immune system, I guess I can't anymore) which started with a sore throat for a day and a half, migrated to continuous sneezing and stuffy nose, & now finally settled to plugging my ears (like that awful after airplane landing feeling).

Not to mention some pop quizzes, midterms in between (I did decent, at least~) and some papers (did really awesome on one, YEAH! and really terribly on another >___<)...the fail that sort of made me feel like all I want to do is sleep and not go to school especially since that was a lower division class of my major...totally shot down my confidence, haha.

Now, enough about me whining only about the not-so-good things (I apologize!) because I honestly think life is worth enjoying more than agonizing over! :D

I got 2 packages in the mail this week! ^___^

I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore things but I ended up doing so...I know, I have really terrible self-control. I told my best friend/roommate (same person, lucky me!) to seize my Tinker Bell credit card if I whip it out in front of the laptop again (I honestly wanted a Finding Nemo credit card but my mom wanted Tinker Bell [joint account], guess who won...but she was so happy when she got her card that I guess I'll forgive her xD).

So I ordered a jacket from Urban Outfitter that arrived this past Monday! I sort of tempted my best friend/roomie to order one also because that way, we can split shipping, bwuhaha!

This is the jacket we both bought, I ordered a small and she ordered a medium.

Original $128, Sale $29.99, I got it for $23.99 + $3 for shipping (split from $6 with my friend) + $2.10 tax (split) thanks to a 20% coupon code provided by the wonderful bunnylicious. :)

Not bad for an originally $128 coat! (what are they, insane? $128?!) It is comfortable and has a very nice inner lining! The oversized hood is a plus plus plus.

No picture of me wearing it, I don't have a good floor length mirror. xD

I haven't started the blog back when I just bought this, but I will definitely post if I stumble upon more coupon codes. :)

Second! I splurged on Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows at the Sephora website! I know, I know, I shouldn't have! But I did...I couldn't resist!

The set is utterly gorgeous! The ad on the website.

So I got this & a Sephora Dual Pencil Sharpener for $59.61, shipped.

But wait! Thanks to bunnylicious, I got $11 of pending cashback from Bing plus $4.40 from eBates. Also, I referred a friend and she bought it with her account so we both got a $5 extra, me for referring, and her for joining and making her first purchase. :D So technically, I saved $20+ from this purchase! (details about joining eBates near end of post)

A picture of all the items I got in my package.

I chose 3 samples: Anastasia Brow Powder, Juicy Couture Dusting Powder, & DKNY Be Delicious and Red Delicious Eau de Parfum...mainly because all of the other samples are men products. D: But the packaging for the DKNY perfume sample is SO cute. ^___^ & yes, I wrote a card to myself, loool! It was free, so I figured...why not?

I also got a free gift with my purchase, a sample size Laura Mercier Shine Control Setting Powder...which knowing my situation I definitely need. I tried it out once, it was actually pretty good with "shine" problem, but my face was still oily. >___<

I'll put in more detailed pictures for the post with swatches for the Book of Shadows, I left it in my apartment and I went back home for the weekend.

(I realize my post is starting to go all over the place, but please bear with me ^___^. I'll blog more frequently next time, I've learned my lesson~!)

This is a picture of the nails my roomie painted for me! I painted the base coat and she helped me draw the lines and the little heart...plus, she "blinged" it up for me! Thanks, sweetie! ^___^

She wanted me to pick a "Valentine-y" design for her to do, so I came up with this while looking at some nail art book. (Pardon the bad quality, I'll take better ones next time! & I didn't clean the edges yet. >___<)

Polish used:

Revlon Extra Strength No Chip Top Coat (as both base and top, I don't currently have a base coat)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in VIP Pink
Jordana in black & white (got loads of these cheapies when I first got into nail polish and am now trying to get rid of them >___<)
Rhinestones (courtesy of roomie!) bought from eBay

It's awesome, my roomie does my nails for me, and all I have to buy her is some earl grey milk tea. She's ecstatic when she sees me with a drink for her. I'm so lucky. ;D

On the other hand, this is what my roomie and I ate yesterday for dinner!



I know, it's a tad bit on the ugly side. But it's suppose to be a heart-shaped Valentine pizza. Those take home and bake ones from Papa Murphy's, I'm a fan. Freshly baked pizza at home? Yes please! Heart shaped pizza? Cute idea, bad in actuality.

This is what the AD looked like, it look a lot cuter than what they gave us! xD

I drag my roomie along to do these festive things, like for Halloween, we bought a pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. It was cuter than this heart, actually. Haha! But if you live near a Papa Murphy's, I think you should try their Garlic Chicken pizza! They're awesome, and makes your taste buds tingle~

Then, I'd like to share with everyone Sarah's giveaway! Included is an OPI Alice in Wonderland mini set! :D International followers welcome, so all of us can enter. ^___^ I found her giveaway through Dina's blog, and she awesomely shares a lot of giveaways with us in her sidebar! I wish I could somehow get her extra entries in the giveaways when I enter them. x)

This is my referral link for eBates! $5 cashback when you make your first purchase within 90 days. :) Do try if you haven't already! & you can stack Bing & eBates purchases for eBay, as kindly shown by bunnylicious. Sephora is slightly trickier, but you should first allow eBates to link you to the store's website in a new window, click around a little (I did this to sort of "trick" the system, I'm not sure if this makes a difference), go to Bing.com, and then allow Bing to link you to the store site again and finally do your checkout. If anyone would like to know in detail, feel free to ask me.

Finally! Happy early Valentine's Day and an early Happy Chinese New Year! Oh, and of course Happy early Single Awareness Day for those of us out there! xD

I promise the next post will come a lot sooner than this one did, hehe. Thanks again for all the support! :D

Take care!



  1. i love urban decay's alice in wonderland book of shadow!! love sephora shop!!
    & your nail is gorgeous!
    happy valentines day♥

  2. Yay a new post! With pictures too! My favourite :)

    don't feel too bad about the school, there will always be ups and downs. Anyways the downs make the ups more well deserved don't you think?

    Oh man you got the Alice in Wonderland palette?!?!?!? I'm so jealous!!!! I wanted it so bad but I already have so many eyeshadows and I really don't need it *sigh* I shall just live through you! :D

    The pizza was so cute! Even if it ended up all melted at the end! :) Do you have any plans for Vday/CNY/SAD???

  3. AHHHH you got the Alice in Wonderland set!!! So jealous!!!


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