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Hi everyone!

(Sorry for the big blocks of text @ the beginning, I tend to get overly excited with words, bear with me please~ ^___^)

I'm ecstatic because I've gotten the hard finals over with and now only have one easy one left. :3 Thank you for all of your encouragements in the last post concerning finals, I feel loved. :)

So I'm not sure whether you've noticed my comment at the end of my last blog post that eki of a little bit of eki, also creator and owner of ekiLove, told me that she was shipping my package out on Saturday but because she uploaded her new creations, I had to make one more purchase!

So she had to repackage, sorry eki~

She shipped my package on Monday and it arrived today...this was the fastest I've ever received any USPS package. :O eki decided to ship via the fastest priority was because I told her I will be away from my apartment for the next week and would really hate to have the USPS person leave a package in front of my door again. So she was super sweet and told me she'll ship it to me and made sure I got it before I left. Honestly, this isn't JUST good customer service, this is the love eki shows for all of us. ^___^

Also, eki just continuously upgraded my order first with a crystal upgrade and then even necklace chains upgrade! Plus, she sent it via priority mail and...just so much! And she gave me the royal customer discount even though it was my first time purchasing because she was sorry it's taking so long. I don't think you can imagine my shocked expression at how absolutely sweet and wonderful she is. It wasn't even her fault! Is there such a thing as TOO sweet? xD

Plus, I was joking with her how my wallet has a "boo boo" (I know, finals degraded my brain to baby mush) because of her gorgeous items, and she tells me not to buy anymore because she doesn't want me to go broke! LOL, that was just super cute imo. Thanks for the consideration, eki. ;D That's if I'm able to resist~

I've bothered eki quite a bit with this order because it was just so problematic due to the fact that I wanted items of which she did not have the materials to make. Adding to that, eki was taken advantage off by a dishonest seller/distributor as explained by her here. I hope eki can get the justice she deserves.

Okay! Wow, I blab...but eki's just so wonderful and I want you all to know, hehe. :3

Now! My ekiLove package~ (all the backgrounds are basically the kimono spreads in the July 09 issue of Popteen because it fit the color theme the most.
Packaging so just so cute. x3 I almost didn't want to take it apart.

As always, the love eki puts into all of her packages~
So cute~ (I think I'll be using the words cute, pretty, sweet, and love more than 20 times in this post...haha ^___^)

All of the items I received. I noticed...an extra yellow pouch and an extra necklace box. :O eki told me yesterday that she sneaked in one of her new creations into my order. She's too sweet. x3
4 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 ring, eki's recent favorite candies, 2 pairs of eye mask, and eki's love note.

Sorry if I don't do eki's creations justice with my little point and shoot, but I did try my best. x3

eki's signature love earrings in 14mm VL crystals. :D She was so nice to have to saved the last materials for me while I waited for the crystals (let's add nice to that 20 times list).
I love how they reflect so many different shades~ & also how they aren't identical, keys, lock, crown, pearls, and love--the perfect combo. :)

A flower ring that I definitely did not expect!
eki's having a promotion of giving one of these rings as a free gift when you purchase $35+, but I made my order way before so I didn't expect to receive one! Again, so sweet, thanks eki~ & clear! I wanted the clear one when I saw the promotion. Lucky~ ^___^

Royal bow earrings in 14mm clear AB crystals.
I really liked these and this was one of the ones making my order so difficult and bothersome, I wanted the clear AB crystals but that was out of stock and this and that. Thanks for putting up with me eki. x)

Spring love necklace~ 30mm VM flower crystal, 10mm VM butterfly crystal, & 10mm VM flower crystal.
This one is just so pretty and I adore the different colors it reflects! & just so...springy~ Plus, 30mm is a huge and unusual size for these crystals so I'm glad eki had one left for me! This has a 16'' snake chain, which eki upgraded for me~

Royal love necklace with an 18mm clear AB crystal upgrade~
I absolutely adore key necklaces and even though I have several of these, I just had to have this one! eki was kind enough to replace the VL crystal with a clear AB for me~

This is one of eki's recent creations, the love charm couture necklace with many hime charms and an 18mm clear AB crystal.
This necklace is gorgeous and I love the way how eki made it so that the crown toggle is a part of the decorative part of the necklace! (Same with all the little crowns on the clasp of her other necklaces) The reason why I ordered this one was because my cousin once gave me a bracelet with similar charms on it and I wore it all the time until I lost one of the charms...so I think of this necklace as a type of replacement. :) & plus, this one is just so fancy and hime~~

Last but not least, one of eki's new creations that she sneaked in without me knowing!
I realize that's not the best background...so to see it clearly, I suggest enlarging it (and then blogspot messes up the pic quality...that's great). This necklace is so dainty and elegant in comparison to my taste to "bigger" necklaces but it's just so sweet and cute that I can't help but love it~ I'm so glad to add it to my collection~ I need to give these type of necklaces a second consideration next time for sure.

& that's the end of all the items from the package I received from eki, but this is certainly not the last! Even if my wallet does get a "boo boo", so be it! xD

I just wanted to show you some of the cute packaging details she adds that totally shows her care for detail and love. Even her business cards are cute!

That's all the ekiLove loving for now, but I can assure you you'll see more in the future. :)

Lastly, my roomie's been sick and coughing while studying for her finals. I was out with another friend today (the one who treated me to Earl Grey~) to play (haha~) and decided to bring something back to my dear BFFie to cheer her up (yup, we got into the same college and are now roommates, how lucky? xD)

Guess what I got for my nail polish and nail art loving dear?
YUP! xD Her two top loves in the world are food & nail polishes, and I give those to her so I guess that's why she loves me so much. ;D Haha. CVS was having a buy one get one 50% sale and she's always wanted a yellow nail polish so I decided to grab this one. The purple caught my attention because of the gorgeous shading in the bottle~ Yellow Mellow & Purple Potion (LOL at these nail polish names!)

Please DO check out eki's creations if you have not before and show your support (sidebar, sidebar)! I assure you, you'll receive so much more than just the physical creations she sends because eki will shower you with care, sweetness, love, and her invaluable friendship. :)

I will have a blog post up quite soon after I return home since there are items waiting for me there and I'm ecstatic to get my hands on them! (And share it with everyone of course!)

Oh! & Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! :D

Take care!



  1. Wow, I love eki's work... nice order :D
    and the packaging is soooo cute *^-^*

  2. I am a great fan of Eki!! her creations are amazing as she is beautiful! I love the packaging! it's so hime!! Yay I'm glad your finals are over!! man, this is the perfect gift for all your hard work!

  3. Eki is really sweet to add some extras for you! Love your jewelries from her, they are all really pretty!

  4. gotta love eki! :) the packaging is very cute.. it just screams pink! haha! i love the ring most of all!

  5. Aww<3
    eki is the best in jewelry, i simply love her work! and the items you've got are so cute, specially the necklace. What i adore about eki too, is the packaging and surprise gifts, totally worth it. I got candys and eye masks.
    I think the background for the photos is cute, it works for this items n.n

  6. love the stuff you got!
    so pretty!!<3

  7. Hi sweetie! thank you for the sweet post! I am so happy that you are pleased & love the items!<3 Thank you for being so sweet and patient! ^___^

  8. Eki's creations are always so pretty! I bought a keychain from her and love it. Great customer service! =D How sweet of you to get those nail polishes for your friend! I heart the purple one esp.

  9. wow, her jewelry is beautiful!

  10. I know, i was kinda huh? when i read that Pro-activ question. Does everyone have to try it? LOL. please do the tag too, it was fun to read :)

  11. Awww I love everything! Eki is always so sweet and thoughtful, I don't think I've ever known anyone as nice as her! I love her jewelry so much but I just wish I had some more $$$ >_< I really love that last necklace she snuck in hehe. Aw and how sweet of you to do that for your bff ^^ That purple polish is lovely!

  12. Hey Pinky! :) You def reciprocate the love! :D The eyeliner is very liquidy (not sure if that's a word...lol) so it may take some getting used to if you don't normally use liquid liner. Its fine tip also makes it perfect for drawing thin lines. I agree that JC isn't cheap. Hopefully, the current deal will help some peeps' wallets. ;)

  13. I always make a wish at 11:11! The same wish too every time :)

  14. Thanks Pinky! People in Blogosphere are awesome, of course including you! :)
    Those KitKats are really yummy! I can't wait to grab them if I see any :D.
    Oh, feel free to add my twitter, it's @DinaEstyXu

  15. Oh, I love eki also. Her stuff is always sooo cute. Please come and check out my blog also at: lovesweetcrystal.blogspot.com!
    Follow if you like it!^0^


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