Haul, Swatches, & Something Terrifying :)

Hi everyone!

I have finals next week! :O So I probably won't be making an update until at least Wednesday, just so you would know I didn't fall off the face of the earth. x)

Last night and the night before, I "caught" two pretty huge bugs more than an inch long (I think one of them was an inch and a half) by vacuuming them and then dumping them outside. I was pretty freaked out with the first one but felt so empowered after the second, hahaha~ So just wanted to share that with you. Told the management and supposedly, they are debugging places around a certain area and now those wonderful little creepy crawlies are coming towards the apartments. But now they're going to do something about it, yay! :D

I purchased some makeup items from drugstore.com and would like to share them with you~ :3 I got eBates cashback and used a $5 off a purchase of $30 even when Bing has 20% cashback because I heard some people have a lot of difficulties getting it back after they've added the coupon to it but decide not to use it? I don't know maybe that's just me being paranoid. :) But better $5 than trying to contest for the 20%~

So like always, I tempt my roomie into buying things when I shop online, and this one is no exception. :)

I took a page from Miss P's book and used a magazine for the back ground. xD July issue of Popteen translated to Chinese~

drugstore.com haul~
I bought:
One set of EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set
Two Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in (in Pink Frosting & Peach Satin)
Two L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner (in Black Carbon & Black Mica)

My roomie bought:
One CoverGirl CG Boundless Color Nail Polish (in Candy Corn)
One CoverGirl CG Boundless Color Sparkle Nail Top Coat (in Disco Dazzle)

All Maybelline, L'Oreal, and CoverGirl products were buy one get one 50% off on the site. :3 Hence the 2 of those products. It was free shipping for any orders over $25 for first time customers. :)

Entire purchase was less than $31 all together, no tax. Oh! & I got cash back so less than $29. :D

A closer look at the 0.20 oz jar of blush~ Retail $5.99 a jar.
The one on the left is peach satin and the one on the right is pink frosting~ The name pink frosting was what attracted me to the blush in the first place...that and the package! So cute~

Swatch! First time. xD
Sorry for the grey tone...the sky is just really grey together today. It started raining after four days of sunshine! I like the rain sometimes, but not when I have to go out into it. Don't max it, I just did and it's so blurry. D: It looked fine on my computer.

Again, the one on the left is peach satin and the one on the right is pink frosting~ Some people were complaining about the "sparkles" in the mousse and that it's too overly dramatic. But honestly, how much are THEY using I wonder, because the hint of sparkle looks really cute when I'm swatching and blending on my hand~ When blended, these blushes are subtle and soft but definitely picks up when light hits it! I haven't tried it on top of makeup yet, but I'm sure it'll work wonderfully. Really easy to blend because of mousse texture~! & probably would not emphasize flaky or dry skin.

Overall, I like them! :D

A swatch of the Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner. Retail $7.99.
This was recommended by eki of a little bit of eki & it works wonderfully! It doesn't smear until almost the end of the day (honestly, nothing can NOT smear on skin like mine xD). I just tried rubbing it right now after letting it dry (usually takes around 10 seconds?)  and it did not budge at ALL, so I might as well insert the same picture again for the smudge test. xD
There! Hahaha~ If you're looking for a good liquid liner, definitely give this a try! & the felt tip is so soft and precise. :3

I was actually anticipating the eye brush set the most! Here it is~
Size to hand comparison, the handles are TINY because this is a travel set. I personally really like playing with long handle brushes (playing, not using, I hold them like a wand...I know xD). But for around $6.50 for 5 brushes plus a travel case, what do you expect?! & these brushes are very soft...they have what they're used for printed on the brush itself but I'm not sure whether I want to use it for those purposes, so I just pick up whatever strikes my fancy. :D

Overall, good set for a decent price! 

I actually like this other set that I got from Walgreens more.

EcoTools Bamboo 6 piece brush set. Retail $9.99.
Size to hand comparison, you can see what I mean now, right? I adore the blush brush the most even though I bought this for the eyeshadow brush (or rather, my mom bought it for me :D), but this is a definitely must grab set for a 6 piece set!

My roomie did her nails, so I want to share it here. :D (The kimono in the magazine is so pretty~~)
She did the tip color with Forever 21 love & beauty nail polish in Gunmetal. Quite a nice color with different shades from different angles~ I would call it blue grey? :D She used 3 coats. She stuck her finger in...haha~

A close up of her nails with tips colored in Gunmetal, and CG's Disco Dazzle as a top coat for sparkles~ :)

Klaudea and I had this contest where we bet each other who can use up more of the Clean & Clear oil absorbent sheets (I know, like she said, don't judge us! xD & what ARE we betting, Klaudea? Hahaha~). She posted hers up, and I have to say that I think I WIN because hers are culminated from her ENTIRE trip to Vegas while I used up one after one hours after putting on my make up and two more after two hours or something.

Sorry to shove these at all of you other unfortunate, unsuspecting readers. xD I guess we're kind of gross and we're not ashamed? :D But yeah, unfortunately...that's how much oil my face produces so you can all see why acne is a problem for me for a really long time. But that's under control now! Yay! Now if I can stop myself from stressing out about school...x)

That's it for now, I hope the haul and the small reviews might help you make some decisions about what to buy when you're wandering around the drugstores next time! :D

Btw, eki tells me she'll send out my ekiLove order tomorrow, yay~! I will share that with all of you once I receive it~~

Have a great weekend, everyone~

Take care!



  1. Yay to pest control! :X Hey, I love your item background! So cute. *^_^* What a great haul...good idea to order with your roomie...hehe. I still want to try EcoTools since I'm always reading good reviews on it. Your roomie did a good job on her nails. And I am LMAO at your contest! XP Can't wait to see your EkiLove order...
    Good luck on your finals!!

  2. Goodluck on your exams....& yikes..i always get paranoid with bugs...I guess because whenever I got bitten, I'll get those allergic reactions...good that they're gonna do something about it...I'm currently using those maybelline blush which I got at dollar store...I should have gotten more but I was having doubt if it's real or fake when I was buying it..I guess it was real but too late I can't find it anymore...& that blush brush is my fave too...it my most used brush too...I even use it with powders...

    you & your roomie are both so funny...I wish I have someone to do some girly stuff with..

  3. I have the ecotools 6 piece brush set as well :)
    the face brush is so soft!
    I like your haul ahha, and the nails are lovely polished

  4. Ooooh, now I want that ecoTools eye brush set! I already have the one from Walgreen's (OMG THE BLUSH BRUSH IS SO SOFT), but I didn't see the eye one. O_O Must find it at Target or something...I can't shop online.

    Love the way your roomie did her nails! Very cute and pretty, not to mention sparkly! >w<

  5. lol talk about bugs!! hate em little creatures, specially spiders gaaah, clean and clear!! i used to stick it to my forhead! lol. Well those are very awesome hauls, I really liked the brush set! they look sturdy :3 and good lucks with the exams pinky! Im sure you can Ace it!

  6. Your makeup haul is awesome! I love the Eco Tools set. I bought my own a little over a year ago and works great with concealers :D The Maybelline blushes look so pretty! :)

  7. Haha...that is pretty outrageous. XD Good thing she decided to stick to college first. The other stuff can come later if she ever decides to go forth. I'm totally out of it. What are "BGs"? ;)

  8. Good luck for your finals! Wow, awesome haul! I have the Ecotools 6 pieces too, and i love it so much. your roomie's nails are so pretty :)

  9. Oh man I've been totally lemming the ecobrushes forever! But everytime i pass by them here in canada i just can't get myself to buy them. They are almost 10 dollars more expensive here! :( But hey I also have a ton of brushes so its not like i need them but it doesn't make me stop being jealous of you!

    I love your roommate's nails! I've tried unsuccessfully many times to do a gradient/sparkly tip nail and I always make a mess! I think i have been inspired to try again though so maybe I'll be successful again!

    Haha love your oil sheets! Do we use the same kind? LOL for a second I thought that was my picture! So that shows that we only Tie! You haven't beat me yet! :P It would be so cool if we were oil sheet buddies. I use clean and clear, it is the only sheet i will use now because I enjoy making the sheet transparent LOL

    I love you :)

  10. cringeeeeee, i hate creepy crawlers!!!! they freak me out! they're literally making me cringe even as i think/type it out. hahaha!

    and oooo! i'll have to give that liquid liner a shot! i've actually been looking for a good one cus like you, the ones i've used before always smear/fade before the end of the day. =S

    all the best with your finals!

  11. Oh! Duh...hehe. Thanks, I learned something new today! ;D

  12. good luck on finals! stay calm, get enough rest, and eat healthy! you'll get through it :)

  13. Yep, the grizzly! But you're in Cali so it doesn't count. :P You could never sound like a creep!

  14. Ohhh I love the maybelline blushes! I've been using the one in Pink Frosting for about a month now and I really love it! I want to try peach satin as well! & I love your roommates nails, they're so cute! I've never tried a glitter gradient thing, but I want to after seeing your post!

    Also, ew at the bugs. xD

  15. Dude, your comments always make me laugh out loud!
    or what kids these days say: LOL!
    did I...spell that right? :/
    Anyhoo, why??? WHY won't you complement me like I'm a piece of...food!

  16. Well done for starting the pest control campaign! :D Oh, I so love the look of the EcoTools brushes. They must be very nice to hold in the hand. LOL@ the blotting sheets! But no worries. We all go through the same thing. :)


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