Hong Kong Haul

Hi everyone!

As promised, here is a look at the items I asked my parents to buy for me in HK plus some tiny gifts from some of my relatives (which reminds me I have to call and thank them...sometimes I'm just so reluctant to pick up the phone...laziness? Maybe. xD)

These pictures will be appearing just in the order I grabbed them out of the box, and the background is the February 2010 issue of Pop Teen that my parents helped me grab in Hong Kong. :) But there weren't any spreads as pretty as the kimono spread in the July 2009 issue I previously used. Lots of spreads about Valentine's Day and White Day that passed 10 days ago. :3

But anyways, here goes~

This is a light up LED mirror that came as a free gift from the shopping mall when you spend x amount of money.

It has 2 rows of LED lights on either side of the top mirror that emits blue-ish white light. Let me tell you, ALL of your flaws shall be reviewed! Hahaha. It scared me for a moment after I turned it on. But it's a pretty fun gadget. No idea what brand iSquare is...probably some random brand from China?

A gift from my aunt and two cousins. I'm guessing they all contributed a little bit to it. I'm really loving the cute wrapping paper. :3 They're always so mindful of present presentations. xD
A peek inside~ They've gotten the idea that I like Stitch etched into their minds. The last presents they gave me contains ALL Stitch items. xD I adore Stitch, so that's fine with me~ Haha. The big Stitch head is a coin purse...now would you really want to put dirty coins into that cute little thing? The bangle looking item is actually two bracelets, and music note clips if I'm not mistaken next to it. ^___^

Free gift that came with one of my buys (later in the post) from the store that sold it.

This is a Hello Kitty camera bag! It fits my Joonie perfectly. :3 Yay. & I'm guessing this is a new concept from Sanrio, the sketchy drawings and the "K" and "T" from "KiTty" as her eyes~

Another gift from the purchase! I'm sure anything from this cup would taste extra good?
I heard some girl say that while holding a cup printed with Kim Hyunjoong from SS501's pictures...now that's just a bit gross and extreme. xD

Asked for the large 80g size of Gatsby hair wax.
I got this bob-ish look on the top while leaving long hair underneath so it's a must for me to poof my hair or else it would look really flat and terrible, haha. Shall have pictures next post. The green apple smells so good~

Just thought the "do not eat" warning is hilarious. xD
I'm aware that Gatsby is technically a "guy" product, but I think girls can use it just the same because I basically want to achieve the same effect as them for the top of my head. :3

Just a tiny HK bag with some marshmallows in it, my mom bought it for me because it was on sale and she thought it was cute. I feel like I'm five, haha. Thanks, mom.
Just wanted to show the picture of the marshmallow with filling. It's probably a must-have if you grew up or have visited Asia when you were tiny. I supposedly really liked these when I was little, now, I'm just okay with them. xD

Another one of those five year old moments, my mom thought it was cute...haha~

This one has gummy candy in three flavors in it.

Konad! I asked my parents to buy me eight plates. They were $25HKD/plate after first buying a starter set that includes a stamp, a scraper, two bottles of Konad nail polish and a Konad top coat. Definitely a lot cheaper than in America.

Will share plates in details when I actually use them on my nails.

Sewame spot treatment and mask to get rid of acne. My mom bought me three boxes of each...now that I think about it, I might have too much since I still have two to three boxes of mask at home, unopened...lol. These have 7 masks each.

I'm not sure how useful the masks are (they are very comfortable, soothing, and dripping with serum in every single package though, and it does seem to have a whitening effect), but the spot treatments would literately prevent a forming acne to actually form. One night, I felt a spot of pain on my nose (pretty sure it was an acne forming from my many years of experience) so I took preventative action and stuck a spot treatment on it. The next day? GONE. It was amazing. So I definitely keep some close to me everywhere I go. :) A small price to pay to prevent days of pain and self-consciousness~

Dong Bang Shin Ki were my main main squeeze for a long time. If anyone's slightly up to date on K-Pop, I'm sure they'll know the problems plaguing the group because of $$. Of course, isn't it always?

But that didn't stop me from buying their 3rd Asia Concert DVD, Mirotic~ They're still so good looking, nonetheless. xD & I already have their 2nd Asia Concert...so...might as well. & I'm still hoping they'll work something out and would be a band again. Fingers crossed!

The All About Dong Bang Shin Ki Season 3.

I got season 2 sitting up in my room. So yes, I need this. Haha.

Any readers were Taiwanese version Meteor Garden fans? Dao Ming Si (Junpyo and Tsukasa's Taiwanese counterpart) is played by Jerry Yan, and I've always had a small crush on this guy (I also liked Lei, who's Jihoo and Rui's Taiwanese counterpart, but definitely a bigger DMS/Jerry fan :D).

My crush grew into big proportion after I started watching his new drama, 就想賴著你. & I just adore his voice (listening to this CD right now), oh, and his face of course. Haha. It comes with a "calendar insert" with 12 tear out pages each with...yes! His face on it, haha. I was so happy when I saw it. Total fan girl moment.

This is what I've been waiting for weeks and weeks to come home to! My Lollipop phone in blue~~ This phone was promoted by Big Bang and 2NE1 in Korea, and f(x) plus another Chinese group in China. They even have catchy songs to go with them. I'm really adoring this phone, especially the cute LED screen on the front cover of it! I've reverted back to old school flip phones and loving it! I've actually always like flip phones more than slider phones, as convenient as those are.

Very slim, easy to press keys, and an internal 1.3 megapixel camera plus an external 3.0 megapixel camera in this little thing! I adore it. :3

I also have some candy (I've only been able to find some of them in Hong Kong, never seen them before in even the Asian stores in America, maybe Japanese ones but I've never looked) buys, but I'll upload those in the next post, I forgot to take pictures of them. xD

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed looking at my haul, and maybe it'll spark some of your interest to visit Hong Kong? ;D Haha. As always, any questions, feel free to ask. :3

Take care!



  1. youre so lucky! You got the lollipop phone it looks so cute hehe =)


    *was a Taiwanese Meteor Garden fan...looks away*

  3. Aww super awesome hauls! Stitch stuff! Haha I thought the K an T were actually X's at first, so I thought it was funny XP (I'm not exactly the biggest Hello Kitty fan... lol!) Buut duuude I tried these HK marshmallow thingies too, but there was chocolate inside! I thought it was really good lol XD

    Can't wait to see how the Konading goes for you, I'm still trying to master it =( Wow and that phone is super cute too! I could use a new phone >_<

  4. Oooohh I adore the blackish hello kitty camera bag .... and I love sewame masks :) they are so soothing hahah

  5. Omg your mommmy still buys you candy! That's so cute hahhaha! xD I love you cellphone! Very cute! ^_~

  6. Wow, you mum is so sweet to get you all these stuffs and your relatives too :) the HK mug is so cute. i heard my friend says that 就想賴著你 is good too, i think i'll watch it soon :D

  7. awww those Stitch pouches are sooo cute~


    I think I died and went to heaven. 0_0

    Lady I am so jealous of you! My friends get to go to HK all the time and I still haven't gone!! The last time I went to HK was when I was 3! I only remember the christmas lights lol.

    Your mommy is so sweet buying you such cutie stuff! I love getting presents when people come back from their holidays! It *almost* makes up for not getting to go.

    Anyways, thank you so much for your sweet sweet comments hun! You really melted my heart and made me feel so much better! I wish you were here right now so I can give you a hug! It means a lot to me, really it does! :*)

    PS. do you use msn? Can I add you so I can talk to you live??? please PRETTY PLEASE! :) hahah no really but if you think i'm creepy its okay. I can live with just comments *sniff sniff*

  9. Ohhh, there is the Lollipop phone you've been gushing about lol. That is nice! I want to get a new phone now too, so many nice smart phones out now hehe! Gatsby is a good brand, I used it once and it was pretty awesome. I used the green one... um Air something?

    Btw, thanks for the award for me and Klaud haha! And not tagging in the makeup thing, otherwise I'd have to make up some fake cosmetics to fill in the gaps :D

    PS: Econ is hopeless lol, some classmates are forming a coalition against him to talk with the program head. Let's see how that goes. :P

  10. oh gosh awesome haul! dbsk hot hot and i almost died when i saw how many kawaii and hk items you had in there! MEGA HAUL sweetie! LG lollipop! so cute!! ive been wanting the lg icecream in pink! ~~

  11. O-EM-GEE!!! Yay to Mom and Dad for bringing you all those goodies back....WOW! I haven't seen that new Hello Kitty design until now. Maybe they are targeting an older crowd? My hubs uses Gatsby. I shall steal a bit to try on myself...lol. And would you believe it if I told you that Sewame masks were the very first sheet masks I tried? I still love them. :) Your new phone is soo cute! *sigh* If only we got cute electronics here too.

    About the pineapple buns, I never actually liked them until I found this place. Guess I was eating the crap kind this whole time...haha! XP

  12. so much goodies......i think we all need those mirror..it's my first time to hear about that sewame masks..now I'm interested...and I used to be a jerry yan fan....he's really gorgeous...I really enjoyed this...can't wait for your future posts...

  13. I don't know why too but i just don't have the mood, my bf is surprised that i don't shop much now as well. hehe..
    sure, i hope i'll be able to do a review after a few weeks :)

  14. so much cuteness, love hello kitty, I got my wallet at toki-doki not sure if you guys have it over there! I really enjoy stopping by your blog! :D

  15. woooo! great haul! i miss shopping in HK... I lived there for 10 years when i was little so didn't quite get to appreaciate all the great finds! haha! cuteness overload! i love all the stitch and HK stuff! but that LED light mirror thing... uhmmm, i'd rather not see my flaws, thanks. Probably one of the reasons why i dont have those magnifying mirrors. hahaha!


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