Spring Fever Haul?

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Hi everyone!

I know, the last update was more than a week ago and I apologize for that. I was just so caught up with doing nothing...haha, well, that and shopping, as always. :) But now that spring break is over and spring quarter has began, I'm feeling just a little down...haha. But I think all of us gets those after vacation blues every now and then. (Just did a Sephora purchase and they're pending credit card authorization on me. What the...why would this happen to me? Anyone has a clue? I'm well under my credit limit...it makes me feel like a bad shopper, lol)

Anyways! Not sure how many other people knew but the Clinique counters at Macy's has been having a gift set with any purchase over $21.50. :O I don't know about anyone else but this is definitely a good deal! I'm not sure when it lasts till, but if anyone's interested, they should check it out soon. :3

I purchased the Clinique Acne Solution starter kit because it has all three steps. They smell good for those who doesn't like the smell of "acne medication" and works fairly well. This is probably a preventive, control type of system. Definitely not for those with raging skin ATM. But it is worth the $31.50 (if there's a free gift. xD).

7 items in total, including 2 bags (a train bag and a small cosmetic pouch~), plus, your choice of lipstick color and eyeshadow color. I chose the colors meant for the cool tone instead of for the warm tone (probably the more fitting for my skin tone) because I like pink-ish, brighter colors for lipsticks and such. xD

Bought some Avon Waterproof Glimmersticks in Blackest Night. Affordable since they were $8.99 for 3, I think? & lasts me for quite a while.
Try it out if you need an easy glide and affordable liner. :) & it's pretty smudge proof except for my outer corners.

Barbie Loves Stila smudge pots, set of three in colors little black dress, purple pumps, and cobalt clutch. $20 for 3 from stila.com.
Don't know if you can notice but the lid has a hologram of Barbie's eye and if you move it around...it sort of looks like it's winking at you...my roomie said it's creepy and I sort of agree with her too, hahaha. Haven't swatched it yet, I just don't want to ruin the pretty texture, hehe. You can see the "sparkles" signature in the Barbie collection with flash. :3

Steve Madden at Marshall~ $18 Please excuse the dirty mirror.
I think I bought it mainly because of the color and it's real suede. :3 Definitely a good buy~ My mom told me it has a slight "lolita" style? & for standing so awkwardly...well, so one picture can show 2 different sides of the shoe! :D My own Dorothy shoes. :3

So I mentioned before my roomie dyed my hair for me. Here it is under the sun light. :) I wanted it light brown and I guess this sort of did the job.
Couldn't get a good indoor picture but ah...well...(I notice this seems to be my signature pose (refer to profile picture, I need to find a better pose xD). It's pretty light beneath any type of light, I'm just really hoping it won't start turning red-ish or get too orange...I quite like it, my mom kept telling me how it's "really" light. :3 Oh well, you only live once (and only at that age where you can pull off all sorts of crazy things for not a very long time), might as well try it! :)

After school started, I found my ultimate happy place--watching Meteor Garden all over again. Yup, old school stuff and they don't all LOOK very good, but they definitely bring me a smile every single time. So MG it is. I personally enjoy the Taiwanese version more than the three other versions out there--yes, yes, even with the hair and all.

On the other hand, isn't this the most epic screen shot? Hahaha, I literately "LOL" when I saw this especially since they've all been so suave on TV lately with Vic in Black and White, Jerry in Down With Love, and Vanness in Autumn's Concerto. xD
To those who have no idea who these guys are, they are F3 of Taiwan's F4 (though I don't think they're called that anymore because of copyright problems on the group name "F4"). If you've never seen Meteor Garden before, you're missing out~~ Hahaha.

I've been bag tagged by LittoMokaa, and will do it next time. Thanks for the tag, hun. :)

Okay, that's all for now!

Take care!



  1. gonne check out clinique this weekend.. I can't think of anything I need but I want that freebie...hehe

    your red shoe is so cute....and your new hair color suits you...

    I miss this guys...I used to be a big fan...aww...jerry yan...

  2. lol yeaah i saw meteor garden and nahayori dango and boys over flowers lol!! and great haul! i am most specially in love with your pretty red shoes! and nice hair color by the way :3 stay pretty!

  3. Pinky is back! =D Awesome haul you got there and the gift was totally worth it! <33 the shoes they're so cute! ;D

  4. Love your new hair, Pinky! I don't think it's really light but you're right. You only live once. :) Your shoes are adorable...what a steal! Looks like you did some serious hauling heehee. I love the print on the Clinique bag. It reminds me of Spring. =D

  5. Haha...so true! I don't want trench coat v2 happening!! XD

  6. I'm a Clinique's fans too...

    I love your red bump!

  7. Your shoes are sooo cute! My cousin was determinted to get those same shoes (I think... they looked simliar and were steve madden at least!) from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. We went to like 3 different ones looking for her size because she couldn't find it, lol. She finally did get them though. They look really great on you! And your roommate did a really good job dying your hair!

  8. your red pumps are gorge! what a steal! :) and im liking your light brown hair, it suits the season well. :)

  9. I love Clinique, but I never buy it for myself, only for my mum, don't ask me why haha

  10. Haha, I've written down my shoppinh list in Taiwan. Hopefully I'll be able to get them :D

  11. The hubs told me to pose and that was the only thing I could come up with. XP I told him I hope I don't look like a dork....hahaha! Oh yeah, the weather's strange in L.A too. In fact, while it was nice on Saturday we got rain the next day. =\ I think Cali weather is just plain odd sometimes. I agree...it is definitely a sweet community! So glad to be a part of it and to know all you girls. =D

  12. Hunniiiiii Did you miss me? I missed you!!

    OMG, you look so cute in that photo! It was like the first thing I noticed (yes I scan the pictures in the post before reading it lol).

    I had no idea Clinique has a set for acne, I personally find their stuff a little useless, although I know some people swear by their moisturizers. Its a cute gift set you got though ;) I remember my mom used to go buy night cream from them and I would get to keep the gift set, I always thought the mini mascara's were so adorable!

    Mmmm I hope you are doing well sweetheart!
    Take care love!

  13. LMAO at the Jonas Brothers being the highlight in Davis/SJ! You are too funny. XD I am sure there are other fun stuff going on...hehe. L.A's huge so I hope it's near me!

  14. The Stila Barbie Smudgepot is sooo pretty~ I really want the one in Little Black Dress. Cute~
    The gift set looks nice~


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