Suspenders, Chinese Laundry, and Everything Nice

Hi everyone!

Oh my goodness, I apologize for the very long absence! There were three papers due within two weeks' time and I put all of my effort into that instead of posting a blog entry. But I have a small one week break before I have to tackle finals so I thought I would update! I hope I didn't lose anyone here. xD

Alice in Wonderland came out a couple of days ago...too bad I can't watch it until Spring Break. I heard that it's good but not great. Did anyone watch it? :D What did you think?

I couldn't find the time to do the post I was planning (had to take a lot of pictures for that), but I went to the mall on Saturday and bought some new things...which I shouldn't have. Hehe...

But here it is~

I was just about the walk out of the store before I spot suspenders at Love Culture...and I decided that they'll probably be interesting to wear in the summer with a t-shirt tucked into shorts. :D

These were $3.90 each.

Here is the purchase that I am ecstatic about~

I managed to grab a pair of Chinese Laundry, Park boots at Macy's right before we left the mall! All the boots were hanging out like laundry to be dried...haha~ But that doesn't change the fact that I really like these!

It took me a while to try to take the pictures of myself wearing it...maybe I'll figure out an easier way to do this. xD But these boots just instantly slim up my legs! They're a size 5, which is probably why it's just dangling there like trash and wasn't grabbed by someone else before me.

But I'm guessing that Chinese Laundry sizes run bigger than the average because I usually wear anywhere between a 5 to a 6 and a half, but this five fits wonderfully. So glad it did!
These were originally $99, but I snatched them for less than $27!

& now I have a humongous collection of boots and it's almost spring! I need more time to wear them! xD

I came across this screen capture on the internet and oh man, I was just drooling when I saw the collection for the first time but this made it even more desirable! All four colors are so "Alice in Wonderland" with the sparkles~ If only I have the extra $$ to spend on nail polish...xD

I want to share one more thing with you all, and that's one of Erynn's super adorable digital photography art! You should check out her personal blog if you haven't. She seems to be known for her beauty blog best but I'm always happy to see updates on her personal one because she shares her amazing photographs (& artwork) as well as speaks her mind. I adore her for that! <3

How it would be if Totoro exists in our world.

I want to wait next to Totoro for the bus! xD Erynn just made my little childhood fantasy seem possible!

Oh, and you know who I think is amazing on American TV?
(image credits to www.listal.com)
Yeah, yeah. My roomie already told me he's well beyond my years (haha, she adores him too though), but Hugh Laurie is just amazing. :) I think his age adds to his charm! House, awesome show~

Oh, well...him and Jensen Ackles. ;D
(Not sure where I got this picture from, but I will give credit where it's due if there's an exact source to link!)
I adore this picture of him! But I like him even better when he smiles. :) Dean from Supernatural. <3

That's all for now. Fan girl gushing moment over, haha.

Hope everyone's start of the week was fairly decent! I'll definitely attempt to make an update quicker than the time it took for me to make this one. xD

Take care!



  1. Oh my gosh, that is such a good deal on those boots!! They look so hot on you. =D I haven't watched Alice in Wonderland yet! Wanted to this past weekend but then it was rainy and yuck. =\ The Totoro pic just makes me smile...hehe. Your fan girl gushing moments are too cute. =P

    P.S Thanks for joining my giveaway! Yep, the formula's decent. =)

  2. I want those boots...
    No, I need them!
    I think you can wear them for spring too, no? With skirts maybe?

    I like to gush over Kiefer Sutherland :D Watched seasons 6 and 7 of 24 in like a week...
    24, awesome show :D

  3. I saw Alice In Wonderland. It was alright. I expected better..

    Love suspenders! Although, I have never owned any. I think they look so cute on other girls.

    Great buy on the boots! Man, I wish I could find boots for that price. Boots are soo pricey.
    With Vancouver weather, you can wear boots almost all year long.

    Have a great week dear! Glad to see your back to blogging:)
    Jess Mai

  4. Pinky! ♥
    Missed your blog postings (:

    Whoohoo, another size 5er! ^__^ I am around 5 - 5.5 and occasionally 6... it is SO hard for me to find nice footwear! :( Those boots look great on you and what a steal!

    Awww hehe and thank youuuu for plugging my blog hehe ^__^ I'm amazed anyone finds my random ramblings and artwork interesting! XD Thank you so much for actually reading my random posts and leaving such nice comments!!! *BIGHUGS*

    OMG! You remind me, I should have added Hugh Laurie to my list, after Johnny Depp XP I LOVE him, especially as House! I don't care about his age LOL, I still think he's damn attractive! (;

  5. OMG!!!!!! The Totoro is awesome!!!

  6. finally you're back!!! hehe! i saw alice in wonderland with the bf last friday on opening night... i fell asleep cus it was the late showing and i didn't get enough sleep the night before. The parts that i was awake were just okay.... granted, i didn't get to see half of it so it didn't make sense. My bf who WAS awake said it was just okay.

    LOVE CULTURE! During my visit to Cali last week.. i discovered this shop.. are they a new brand? I was kinda digging it but i didn't get to see much as i only went in on my last day in town!

    Those boots??? <3

  7. love those boots pinky! I've just watched Alice in Wonderland last night, to me it's just an okay movie. Just wowed by the 3D i guess :D

  8. oh my gosh pinky! those boots are marvelous! they look so sexy and smart and chic at the same time! and i saw alice, the atory ain't that great, but i was too busy getting fascinated with the "tim burton" effects and i am quite sure you will be amused by anne hathaway lol!

  9. Haha, you comments made me laugh like a crazy person! XD
    I'd recommend the first 2 seasons of 24, then seasons 6 and 7... the few in between kinda bored me... Sigh, I love Jack Bauer... if only he were real...

  10. I'll take your advice, Pinky and keep my eyes open for that trench! =) I love eBay but I'm sure it will be at least double the price. Grr.... Anyways, def check out the tea pot at the BN store if you get a chance. I remember there being cute journals too if you're into that. ;) Yep, I'm going to watch the movie in 3D b/c I figure I might as well go all the way. :P I didn't see UP but had a lot of fun watching Avatar in IMAX 3D. Hope it's worth the extra dough!!

  11. Haha I love the picture with Totoro at the bus stop, so cool I will definitely check our Erynn's blog. I like your booths btw.

    Sadly though, I haven't gotten my Final Fantasy game yet, it just got shipped today, don't think I'll get to play it till next week :(

    I personally like the Japanese theme song to FFXIII, but it is just way less dramatic so in the trailer it can get kind of boring. The Leona Lewis song is growing on me though. If you have time you should check out the Japanese theme, I posted the Japanese trailer just for ya :)

  12. Thank you Pinky for the F21 promo info! I will update my post. =D

  13. No problem! I just edited it. Wow, all the small sizes are selling out huh? I better get a move on. Maybe I will just stick with accessories...lol.

  14. Haha...I never noticed that about my item backgrounds but I'm glad you like it! =D I agree with your observations on both types of jewelry. I don't mind "in your face" stuff but it's too much for everyday wear.


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