Another Round of ekiLove~!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of update, lots have been going on in life lately and honestly, I was just being lazy. x) I've a bit surprised to find myself at a place where I'm quite satisfied with ATM and I hope that it would only get better. There actually has been some issues and concerns that has been bothering me for a while but they have all been out of my control, and I guess I've just decided to live with them. Hopefully my 11:11 wishes would cancel those negativity out! :D I've definitely trying to be more optimistic about everything in life, and I'm sure we'll all be a lot happier if we can approach everything with a smile--no matter how small!

I feel like I've bettered my relationship with some important friends and building & forming friendships along the way. I'm definitely happy about that. I don't think I've gotten to know people well enough back in high school. You know that a friendship is true if you manage to stay friends (or become friends) when you aren't in an environment where you're sort of...well, forced to. So I treasure their friendship all the more. :) Plus! I've gotten to meet all of you wonderful bloggers! How could I not be pleased, right? So definitely, smile smile smile!

Speaking of smiles, guess who brought a smile on my face when I unexpectedly received a package from her in the mail (a couple weeks ago, yeah yeah, I'm sorry for being a bum)? That's right, eki! It was actually my ekiLove package and I did not expect it so quickly! (from across U.S., less than 3 days! I'm amazed at how efficient USPS sometime can be)

All photo backgrounds from this post is that June 25, 2009, issue 414 of the Hong Kong magazine Milk.

I decided that I needed to choose a background eki would adore! :D

I opened my package like it was Christmas in April. Everything was so nicely packaged, as always.
Of course a touch of her sweetness with a cute sticker to hold the package together. x3

Here is where it got tricky because...um...why are they so much extra goodies, eki?

She was definitely getting me back for sending her some love on her birthday. Thanks for being so thoughtful, eki~

This is eki's Key+Wing necklace and it's just a simple necklace but definitely very cute.

I saw the wing and key and knew I just had to get it (because I'm a wing and key charms fanatic, it figures that eki would make something out of my favorites!). I really like it and now I have eki's signature crown snake chains in several lengths and I can switch them around, yay! xD

I'm aware that this necklace actually didn't get a whole lot of loving because it was still in stock in the second batch and I don't really understand why. This is the Silver Elegant Key necklace.

The key is really huge in size and I just adore the details on it! Matching it with the 18mm AB crystal, whooo~ I'm definitely turning into a swarovski crystal girl. :) I really like it, it definitely makes a statement!

These are eki's Kawaii Alice earrings, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They are definitely kawaii.

I really adore the sturdy gold plated material used in this pair of earrings and they match wonderfully with...

YES! The Kawaii Alice necklace! :D Oh my goodness, this has got to be one of my favorite ekiLove pieces of all times.

This necklace is not too blatantly obvious "ALICE", but you can definitely see how the charms would remind someone of the concept of Alice in Wonderland. I adore eki's Kawaii Alice earrings and necklace set so much more than the Disney Couture collection.

Case in point:
Image credit to www.disneystore.com

What is this monstrosity?! It's cute but...a little too over the top? Plus, the price tag of $124.95 is not comforting.

eki's creation is definitely the way to go for me, simple & elegant. Not to mention cute & hime! <3

I was actually wondering what that pink tissue paper wrapped package is and it turns out to be...

eki's hand sewed Rilakkuma pencil pouch! She included it to me as an extra gift and that's just too sweet of her. :) I have a feeling she picked the pencil pouch because she knows that it's something that I probably don't have (she can probably tell I'm a necklace fanatic xD). I adore it, but I am seriously apprehensive about using it. It's so pretty, what if I dirty it? :O It shall be on display on my desk till I figure out an awesome use for it! <33

I was just about to haul more eki items during her last update a couple of days ago when I found out that all of her Royal Princess necklace has been sold out, imagine how devastated I was. I later tweeted eki to have her tell me that the selling out occurred just a few minutes ago! LOL. Ironic because I called my friend and told her eki updated before I even started browsing through eki's newly updated items.

But that's okay, it's a good thing my friend indirectly stopped me from purchasing because I've been spending a LOT this month (several more packages to share in next posts!). It's great how she indirectly helps me like this. She reads my blog too, hi sweetie!! :D I've actually gotten close to her after we graduated from high school and realized that we have a lot of things in common through one of my facebook statuses! Hahaha, something about if Andy Lau was our age.

Andy Lau is this Hong Kong hottie who is currently 48 right now.

I don't care, he's hot & married. My mom and I adore, adore, adore him! Even my dad can't say anything about that (he usually starts naming all the bad qualities of the idols guys I like, can't diss this one now, right dad?!) xD I've watched his 2007 concert DVDs more than five times, I'm sure. He's wonderful. :)

& apparently my friend agrees! So I love how "he" brought us "together", hahaha. That didn't sound quite right. I'm sorry sweetie. x) Thanks for indirectly helping me! <3

But anyways, eki tweeted me and told me that although she thanks me for my support, I've been spending too much on ekiLove. Lol, honestly, super sweet girl or what? ^___^ That's why I adore eki so much~ But I will definitely support her next update!

Yesterday my university had a huge, huge function! If anyone knows what it is, they can probably figure out where I go. :) Not that it's a big top secret but I'm not one to wave around where I go and stuff...people tend to judge you, ironic since I have a blog up but I feel that it's a different type of judging. x)

My roomie and I went to campus and had a pretty good time eating, chatting, and looking at--doggies!! Omg, doggies, doggies, doggies are so cute! >3< I want one~ Oh, and allergies starting to kick in, I didn't want that one. xD

Here's us. I'm sure I'm super jealous at how suave and chic my roomie looks, look at me with my blow fish face and squinty eyes (super light hair in comparison!). :)

Ah! Wearing ekiLove's Spring Love necklace! It's adorable and reflects light so well. I love it.

& I have to thank my sweet roomie for always nagging me to update, honestly. I don't know how I'll get my ass up to post if she didn't mention it at least once a day.

Sorry for the delayed update. >3< I have lots of things waiting to share with you in the next several posts! Please look out for them! & thank you so much for all of your support!

Take care!



  1. OMG! I love the huge key :) I love keys as necklace :D

  2. Yay you're back! great stuff from EkiLove! The little Hellokitty candies look cute and yummy too :)I really like the Alice and Wonderland earrings, they're super adorable. And I love the picture of you and your roommate, I like your fishy face! lol!

  3. Super cute haul from Eki! All her creations are so gorgeous! I have the cosmetic pouch that looks like that pencil case! Hehe! I'm also afraid to use it too much because I don't want to get it dirty LOL XD

  4. lovely haul...love those alice in wonderland themed....now I regretted passing up eki's latest creations...or was I just too late...

  5. All of the Eki's stuffs are so cute! That's so sweet of her to include an extra for you too :)

  6. Oh man Andy Lau, I remember singing his songs in the car!

    My mom's absolute fav is Jacky Cheung... and I have to say I like him a lot too! Its funny how mom's favs will translate to the daughter as well.

    I miss you hun :)
    I can't wait for life to slow down a bit for me so I don't miss out so much.

  7. Cute haul hon!!!! :)
    I think I want to check out ekilove store now! Such pretty jewelry!! :)

  8. Aww i think i never see you on msn because i'm always on late like after 11pm :(

    but yeah, i get weird ppl adding me on msn too. Its because hotmail likes to sell our email addresses. I just block and delete.

    Did you get my offline msg last time?
    I'm not one of those creeps!! :D

    PS> I was looking for things to put in your package, is there anything like makeup items or anything from Canada that you would like or like to try? Makeup wise we have stuff like Quo, Annabelle and Lise Watier
    Or anything else :D Let me know hun!

  9. Hey you!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! I wish you good luck! I'm so glad you became my follower, too! I follow you back from no on!

    Many greetings!

  10. Awwww....EkiLove! I am still planning on buying something from her one of these days - I really adore her creations as well, you are lucky, a proud owner of so many of her couture handmade creations :) That was sweet of her to include pouch in your gift!

    LOL Andy Lau - He has been around so long!!! XD

  11. I don't think I have ever gone without sleeping even in Vegas. I get really grumpy with no sleep...lol!

    Pinky, you have such a great attitude and outlook on life. Definitely approaching everything with a smile could not hurt. =D And I see it was definitely X'mas in April for you! Eki's bling is always so pretty and omg, I heart that handmade Rilakkuma pencil pouch!! Aw, you both look great. ;D And I am giggling at the Andy Lau love...hee hee.

  12. I'm just dropping by to say I LOVE YOU TOO and now I will go reply your fb message ;)

    HEEHEE Update lady! I need a new post, otherwise ppl are going to think I'm stalking you! *(which I may or may not be doing...)


  13. oh eki is super talented! yes I also love hearts, wings, keys and lockets!! they are too pretty!! it will look super on you! and such a cute photo! :3

  14. good for you. its always good building better relationship with your friends, because we always need friends, right? ohhh such a cool stuff.. i love the earrings :):)

  15. Awww, what an adorable haul from eki! Cute all the way! And oh, Andy Lau.....what can I say? He still looks so cool after all these years. Does he EVER age?!? You look lovely in the pic, btw.


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