My Favorites of Them All

Hi everyone,

I lied again and took a really long time to update...I apologize, I find myself just sitting in front of the computer sometimes with absolutely nothing that I want to do (I'm too LAZY to check out YouTube, read manga, update blogger, etc etc...I guess I need some excitement in my life?). Some slightly interesting things have been happening in my life, but I don't really know what to make of it. Klaudea told me it was "good", so I'll believe her because she won't lie to me~! Haha.

But here I am with an update!

And this is because I accidentally told Klaudea that I might be updating today when I was chatting with her yesterday and she told me she's "excited". I was immediately thinking to myself, "oh damn it, what did I do?!" So this morning I got my butt up to take pictures for this blog post.

Ironically, this is a blog post for her too! :D She wanted to know what my favorite skin care/make up products are since we have similar skin type (oily and acne prone), and of course I was more than willing to show her! (& Klaudea, I want to see your favorites too!!)

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Onto favorites (or just things that I use because I can't find anything better) post!

All photo background is out of the July 2009 issue of the Japanese magazine, Spring.


AcneFree Severe treatment kit. This kit has been really good at controlling my acne prone skin. :)
Already went through at least three sets of these. But notice that this is the severe treatment, so be caution and make sure your skin isn't too delicate for it! Nasty inflammation and peeling might occur, and I wouldn't want that to happen to you!

Sewame Spot Removing Mask and Spot Treatment. These things are awesome, they are a necessity. :D

Someone on Soompi said that they smell terrible. I don't agree. It definitely smells better than some of the acne medication I used to use so I think people are just whiners. :) Hahaha. 

But this stuff works, especially the spot treatment. When you "feel" an acne about to appear (yes, I'm sure we all know that dreaded feeling), stick it on, and the acne would not appear the next morning and magically disappear! Whooo!

Mask is relaxing and dropping with serum. So I just squeeze some out from the mask to apply all over my face in the morning or something, waste not! Not sure if it has whitening effect, but my mom did mention that it seems like I got paler right after I used it.

These cool looking bottles are from the L'Oreal Skin Genesis line! Mom bought them for me to use. :) Super sweet!

One thing I love about this line is the smell of all of the products! I really like them! I can't really describe the smell, but it's just so refreshing. xD

Green bottle is a Pore Minimizing Skin Re-Smoother, I'm still not sure how useful it is in terms of pore minimizing, but my skin is pretty smooth...so I guess it's working? White bottle is a moisturizer, very smooth and I mix it with AcneFree products for that extra moisture (because remember! Taking care of your acne is one thing, but dry skin never looks appealing and might even cause acne. Just always keep in mind all things in moderation). I'll use these products just for the smooth feeling and smell regardless, haha~

Staple items for all girls and especially for girls with extremely oily skin!

BTW, these are MUCH cheaper in HK, maybe around $2 USD a pack compared to the crazy $4.99 or whatever tag they slap on here? Insane! Gatsby is a men's brand, but I think it's awesome and the paper are BLACK, ooo~ Suave and chic, I'm sure Victoria Beckham and her little black dress would approve. :) Good stuff, should get some for your purse or backpack! Oily shine is never very attractive. Oh! 

& tip, IF you really don't have these sheets on hand and your face is giving off that shine, go to the restroom and press a paper towel to the oily spots (press, not rub!). Paper towels work a LOT better than tissue, and I personally don't think the "sanitary" problem is a problem in this case because all you're doing is a slight press to remove the oil from your skin (so remember, don't rub!).

Missha B.B Boomer (primer) and Perfect Cover B.B Cream are my favorite primer and foundation/concealer. (P.S. Look at those cool shoes in the back! They're ALL rain shoes!! Yes, even the heels! That's why I adore Asia, hahaha)

Some people complained about the smell, I had no problem with it. They use scent that resembles those of baby products, and people are still complaining. D: I guess they just aren't satisfied with anything you give them. But I really like it, the primer gives a pearl-y pink shine after applying, very smooth and freshen up your face for the B.B Cream. 

I haven't used any other B.B Cream, but I really like this one so I'm sticking with it for now. This covers and heals, AND has SPF 42, plus double up as a concealer if you apply more. It does a good job with minimizing the appearance of pores and blemishes.

These Maybelline blushes are so cute! Swatches can be found here.

These go on soft and smooth. Some people complain about it being too sparkly...what I want to ask is, what sparkle? O.O I personally think peach satin fits my skin tone more, but pink frosting is just a cute cute color, good for people with probably light beige skin~


These are basically the products I put on my eyes before I go out.

Swatches from top to bottom, left to right. The first is Almay's concealer, and I use it as a primer and cover up dark eye circles (not sure how it works on bags because I don't have eye bags). Second is my favorite liquid liner, Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner...my slightly more detailed review can be found here. Third is my Avon liner, for some reason, the new ones that I got break really easily...so I guess I started using them more gently. They're still good for their purpose, but why the easy breakage Avon?! I use the Avon on my eye and then I use the liquid felt tip to wing my liner. :) The last one is a Revlon white eyeliner that I use to line my waterline. The cap sucks and broke, and the smudger falls off. But I don't really use it anymore so it doesn't really matter to me.

This is a Physician's Formula palette, I'm not that huge a fan but my mom got it for me.

And having so many shades to work with is nice. Supposedly these are the "perfect shades" for making a smokey look for brown eyes...eh, don't really see it personally. But I really like the rectangular container and it's convenient! I usually use it when I have time in the morning or something. I use the dark grey to line the bottom sometimes outside of my waterline. :)

Revlon's Brow Fantasy.

Pretty good and does its job. But I have a feeling there's a LOT of gel product still left in the tub but I just can't dig it out. D:

No favorite mascara because my lashes are stubborn (no, don't argue with me on this) and won't curl with a regular curler, only a heated one and not well. My lashes point downwards and I think this has to do with my funky fold. I don't have the time in the morning to do all that before school so I just don't. I always look at girls with full and curled lashes enviously. TT^TT


Always remember to moisturize lips because crack and dry lips are just so unappealing. >3<

I really like this one, does its job and my lips always feel soft and smooth. :)

Lipstick I just use whatever lipstick I have laying around and I happened to have gotten a lot from Clinique's free gift set.

This particular shade, Think Bronze, darkens my lips a bit, not too dramatic and good for everyday.


Clinique's Happy fragrance is my new favorite scent!

Bottle is SO easy to smudge and get dirty though...but I really like the scent and it does make me feel a bit happier when I smell it, hehe.

I think I got almost everything covered, everything you ever wanted to know about what I use on my face...haha~

On the other hand, I've been listening to Jesse McCartney's album lately. Don't judge me! xD Jesse McCartney is awesome. :3 & I think he's cute, haha.
Image credit to: www.amazon.com

But whoa! What happened with his brow? It's so...manly? :O I just noticed that, hahaha. I'll proceed to roll on the floor now. :)

That's all for now! Remember to show Lemon Pie some love! Clickie clickie clickie! xD

Oh my goodness, tomorrow's Monday...well, it can be both good and bad...let's think to the good side! :D

Take care!



  1. Pinkyyyy love<3 I sooo eagerly await all your new posts, lol XD

    OMG those Sewame spot treatment thingies sound super awesome!!! Certainly a magic product : ) I have always wanted to try Missha BB Cream. I heart lots of good things about it. Will you do a review? ^.^ I have only tried Skinfood & Etude House BB Cream. I like them a lot, but haven't been using them lately XP

    Ahh my lashes are the same! So I don't bother with them either T_T I hate it 'cause the Mister has the longest, fullest, curliest lashes EVER. Grrrr! >_<

    And girl, whenever I find out your address, I am going to send you a bunch of lippies!!! Then you can share my addition, muahaha >:D hehe. ^3^

  2. Thanks for sharing your faves..though we don't have the same skin type.. I'm just curious to know...hehe...but I'm so loving missha bb cream & maybelline blushes too....

  3. Hahaha, I know that, too. Sometimes I am just sitting in front of my pc, not knowing what to do, n the end I do nothing. I'd like to update more often from now on.

    Thanks for sharing your make-up advice, They are very useful for someone like me, who doesn't use make-up so much XD

    Have a nice day!

  4. Interesting post! Love that you review every single of these stuffs. the Sewame mask sounds really amazing :)

  5. "I'll proceed to roll on the floor now"...haha! XD Regarding blotting your face, ever hear that tip about using toilet liners? I think I read it on MUA or something. I actually tried it and it sucks. =( Better to just shell out $ for the real deal.

    P.S Yes, please share your bow collection one day! Would love to see it. And btw, your comments always put a big smile on my face too. =D

  6. PinkyPop! How is the Gatsby oil sheets compared to the Clean & Clear one? As you know me and Klaudea use the C&C one, but I like Gatsby stuff but I've never seen oil sheets!

    PS: You are too sweet Pinky! Me and Klaud are lucky to have your support! ;)

    PPS: I'm glad to make you laugh in philosophy lecture! Better than being bored. If I were in that class, I'd prolly be falling asleep right beside you..z..zzzzzZZZ

  7. OMG hun you are so unbelievably sweet!

    Its okay I wasn't gonna be mad at you I know you are super busy with life right now! :D

    But man I am DROOLLING over all the HK beauty products! So seriously jealous!
    Your post is now making me want to ditch studying and do my fav. products post too!! Ahhh sooo bad!

    PS. I had no idea they made black oil blotting papers! What does it look like after the oil is on the sheet? OMG does it go see thru like the Clean&Clear? (which btw I heard from another friend a long time ago abt how cheap the C&C sheets are in HK and its TOTALLY unfair, do you know we pay almost $10 for C&C oil sheets here in Canada? TOTAL RIPOFF! Although I find mine for a *much* cheaper $4.00 at our local Walmart LOL yay! I would DIE if I found them for $2! I can only imagine!)

    I can't wait to do my post for you pinky! :) <3<3<3 you sweetheart!

  8. Oh it was very interesting to read about the beauty products that you use. Actually I see several that I am also using!

    I used the acne-free severe system as well. Well I can't use them all or my face gets super dry, but I always use the wash.

    And I need to get more of those oil sheets for sure! I just recently ran out. Thank you for the tip about the paper towels, I will try that!

    And also thank you very much for your comment on my blog^^ Yes, I think that Tralala phone strap chain does look the chanel bag chains. The cost is 1,995 yen, or about 21 US$

  9. Wow, I'm really intrigued by that Sewame Spot Treatment. It sounds like a wonder product! :)


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