Reviews, Bag Tag, & a Dose of Rain?

Hi everyone!

I am aware that my last update was exactly 8 days ago (more than a week, for shame!) and I've decided that I needed to update regardless! I noticed that almost all of my blogs have featured things that I've bought (I guess that should tell you something important about me, hahaha) and not much on product reviews and other things as I've promised at the beginning. Well, this post will change all that! :)

I've decided to share the face washes that I use daily mainly because we all know how important face wash is for our skin (and even more so for those with problematic skin such as acne-prone, eczema, overly sensitive, etc.) and before we buy any full size product, we'd like to have some kind of idea of what we're getting ourselves into, right?

I pulled out all the face wash I use at least once a week or daily, and found out that I have five. Yup, five different ones! But I'm sure you've all heard of the "don't let your skin get use to any one product" rule, right? & I'm sticking to it.

Background for pics is the July 2009 issue of steady, I tried looking through Vogue to use as background but decided I like the layout of Asian magazines more.

Just realized that most of my posts are picture heavy, I hope it doesn't lag anyone's computer. :O

I'm not paid for these reviews, yadiyadiya~~ :)

First is the Biore Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv Beads, 5.0 oz (pretty decent size bottle), $7.99 on CVS.com (not sure how much my mom got it for, but definitely not at this price):
Sorry for the veiny hand in the second picture, I think I was holding my fist too tightly and they just popped out, hahaha. Reason for 2 pictures, I was trying to get some of the SteamActiv beads out but as you can see, could only get 1 out during the second try.

It's recommended to be used in the showers so used in the showers I do (almost everyday except on exfoliating days~). It really does activate with steam (as least when I wash it off in the showers with hot water, and I think I shower with pretty hot water).

Feels refreshing
Smells refreshing
Oil free
Barely any beads with each pump so inconsistent
Has a vapor component so it flows up your nose if you're not careful (and made me sneeze a lot afterwards, haha)

Overall, I don't think it's worth the $7.99 it sells for. Even on sale, I'm not sure whether I will repurchase this product because it doesn't really seem to do much for me. & the fact that I might inhale some vaporizing smell and sneeze a whole lot doesn't help. So I say don't grab.

Next, Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser, 6.25 oz, $7.49 on Walgreens.com (but again, did not get it for this price):
When it says warming, it really DOES warm up. I use this every morning and night right on my nose since I'm sure many of us share the same problem, persistent blackheads on nose. Yuck. But I'm seeing improvements!

This has the active ingredient of 2.0% Salicylic Acid.

Small particles that exfoliate
Feels refreshing (mostly commenting on the warming, like it's actually doing something)
Smells refreshing (similar to the previous Steam Activated Cleanser)
Really seem to slowly get rid of blackheads
I don't really have any negative things to say about it but some people might not actually like the warming effect it has

I like this product because it smells good, feels good, and it works for me. So I think it's definitely worth a try and I would repurchase this product (if it's on sale, $7.49? Don't think so, haha). So this is a do grab product, hehe.

This is the Sewame Spots-Removing & Trace-Free Cleanser, 120g, $9.90 HKD (?, not sure, correct me if I'm wrong on this one people who have recently visited HK xD) (conversion is basically $7.80 HKD --> $1 USD) from Watsons in Hong Kong:

I bought this because I've bought other products from this line and thought that it's a cheap cleanser, so might as try it. I notice that many Asian products usually address acne as "spots", I guess acne is just not a common vocab in Asia?

I see this line of products on Sasa.com for much more than it is in HK, what a rip off. But if you don't visit HK, then of course it's inevitable that you have to pay that price.

Very gentle on the skin
Smells great
Extremely cheap (the price COULD be $19.90 HKD instead of $9.90 HKD, but come on, look at the conversion! And remember, NO TAX, I adore shopping in Asia)
Feels refreshing during and after
I don't really see the "spots-removing" effect, but that could be because I don't use this consistently, just sometimes in the showers

I say grab! What are you waiting for? It's a cheaply priced product that at least would not irritate your skin and might clear up and prevent acne along the way, so why the heck not?

& then my favorite product, AcneFree Severe Antibacterial Cleansing Wash, 4 oz, part of a complete set of AcneFree treatment products for $29.99 on their website, but I got it for less at drugstores):

There are some particles in the cleanser even though it looks fairly smooth.

I use this daily, once in the morning and once at night because I feel that it's best at controlling my acne-prone skin to keep it from breaking out. It's probably most effective when using the entire set as a treatment all together. :3 From the creases on the bottle label, you can tell that it's definitely loved, right?

This has an active ingredient, 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

Controls acne
The smell isn't particularly pleasant, but it's not bad either, just no guarantee that you'll probably like it type of thing
Might be a bit strong for people who don't regularly use acne prevention products on their face, but 2.5% really isn't that high a number in terms of active ingredients

If you have persistent acne, definitely give this a try. Well, that or use the milder set, which doesn't have the word "severe" on it. I've went through several sets of these already, and they're still working well for me, so I say grab, grab, GRAB!

Finally, the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, 12 oz, $4.99 on Amazon.com (again, did not get it for this price but I don't know how much my mom got it for):

I use this as an exfoliating because I really like the grainy particles this has so much of! I've been using this for a really long time because there is 12 oz of product!

I keep this in the shower and it can double as a body scrub, yay. :3

Smells good
Feels good (during and after)
Huge jar (you can get it in a tube but there's less product for a more expensive price, of course)
For all skin types
Cheap, $4.99 for 12 oz :O
You have to really dig in the jar and that's not very sanitized, to be honest
Too much product so you end up keeping this for a really long time and agree with the digging the product out makes for a not very sanitizing jar

So I am really just saying that it's worth grabbing if you need a cheap exfoliator where you can really feel the difference before and after you wash you wash your face. :) & you can always opt for the tube instead of jar.

That's all for the face wash products I use daily, I hope it helps!

Actually, after reading Erynn's review about the LUSH CoalFace Cleanser, I want to try it too especially since it's target towards oily skin but basically works for all skin types! I shall check that out when I have the chance. :D

Okay, now onto LittoMokaa's bag tag! :D Sorry for putting it off for so long, hun~

My purse is a bit on the small side, haha. I would love to carry a big one but I hit things and I tend to put way too much in it. Plus, I like to look effortlessly lightweight, hahaha~
Wallet, camera (look at the cute little three nostril monster! Aw~~~), chocolate mirror (from HK), keys, Gatsby oil control sheets (should always bring some!), Eyeko fat balm, and my Lollipop baby!

I have problems putting the camera in there for the most part, but I usually bring that on outings with my friends...yeah. I guess I really do need a bigger bag. xD

My roomie told me that the contents of my wallet is even more interesting than my bag, so I'll share that with you guys too. xD
Pictures, concert tickets of An Cafe from a Fanime I went to, the reward and gift cards, Carl's Jr. coupons (hehe), movie tickets (Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland, btw, I liked it! :D), little sticker of DBSK (who I'm still disappointed in, btw), prepaid movie ticket card, kindergarten ID, credit cards, and debit cards.

My beloved little Tinkerbell credit card, hehe. & that's my second year of kindergarten ID, not to toot my own horn but I think that's a pretty cute picture of my little self. :3

For the record, that is not my kid. Hahaha. It's a picture I took for my photo class back in high school of a family friend's little boy. He is SO cute though, so I carry the pictures I developed of him around, hehe.

I tag:
& everyone else who wants to do the tag! <3

Thanks again for the tag, LittoMokaa. ^___^

Oh yeah, is anyone a fan of this awesome show?
Image credit: www.starpulse.com

Bones, Bones, Bones!! So disappointed at the episode today. D: But their chemistry & the great plot always makes me giggly and happy after watching it. She should've went for it! (sorry if it spoils it for anyone who hasn't watched it?) David Boreanaz (even if he is a cheating ass in real life) plays such awesome characters (Angel in Buffy & Agent Seeley Booth in Bones). It also helps that he's hot. ;D

Ah, Bi (Rain, Korean male artist)'s new MV Love Song almost gave me a nose bleed (it's in my music player on side bar :D). 

Because it basically went from super sweet:
To this (completely caught me by surprise, I was literately wth is happening when I saw this, LOL) & the body rolls that followed, haha:
Yup, Bi just completely sexed up a sad love song. Well, all the power to him! LOL. Great, now I have a bunch of pictures of a half naked Bi on my blog, haha. Is it just me or did he buff up even more since Ninja Assassin? Hehe, I just wanted to "share" that with everyone...I apologize. But I definitely had fun screen capping...hahaha.

That's all for now (yes, after I've shoved half naked Bi in all of your faces xD)! 

Have a great upcoming Friday and weekend, I'll try to update faster this next time. :)

Very long post, hope it didn't bored anyone out. I'm pretty wordy, sorry~ x)

Take care!



  1. Your purse is so small and cute.. I always bring like a huge bag around XD with useless stuff lol!
    nice tag post :)

  2. ooooooo thanks for review the biore thing imight try

  3. Ooh, I love your "grab"/"don't grab" reviews! Very creative. =D You have a beautiful purse, Pinky! Haha...it's so cute how you have your kindergarten ID with you. And yes, you look ADORABLE! That pic of Bi tearing off his shirt is too much for me this morning (*blushes*). TGIF!!

    P.S See you got Black Eyed Peas and Twins XD

  4. ooh i have st ives, love that product! your purse is very pretty :3 and gosh.. Rain!! lol there was this song which i ultimately love, fresh woman and the other is love story, i think most of people in the korean music industry are made up of boy bands or/and girl bands, but rain is too awesome like that, he doesn't need to be in a band at all!! lol

  5. Whahaha!
    Thanks for tagging sweetie! Guess what? I did the tag already! Am I fast or what? I think I deserve a kiss :D

    Your purse is sooooo cute! I see so many girls with similar styles and I envy them all so much! I wish my style was girly enough so I could carry a cute bag like yours! :D

    You are such a good girl, carrying your camera everywhere! I'm too lazy to even do that, even Kym brings her camera to hangouts *just to be prepared* lol YOU GUYS ARE SUCH GOOD BLOGGERS!

    :) I want to be like Pinky when I grow up :)

    I miss you babe!!!!!!!!
    Can you do a "absolute favourite products" post? I want to see what you can't live without, since you and I have the same skin type :D

  6. Haha...I know what you mean! I'm a shortie too. =\

  7. AHA :) don't worry hun, I won't go look for the bag yet *wink wink* you are just TOO CUTE!

    And yay for getting my wish! I can't wait to see the favs post! If you want I can reciprocate and do one too! :D

    I hope school isn't being to harsh for you! I just found out I have a report to do AHHH and its already 2am!

  8. Hi! I´m new on Blogger!
    Your blog is so adorable written :D

  9. WAIT WHAT?!!? You're not supposed to just use one face wahs? CRAP CRAP CRAP! hahaha! I've been using just one kind for the last 5 years!!! Whoops. It's worked well for me though... Neutrogena Facewash Set :)

  10. Pinky loveee♥! Whoohoo you took the plunge into lippies! Do you like the Stila ones?! I got some for xmas and the colors are so pretty but they were so sticky and dried out my lips! @_@ You should def. try NYX round lipgloss, they are LOVE! AND affordable! :D

    Ahh I like the grab/don't grabs hehe. Easy to make a decisioN! I always was interested in Biore products... I might have to pick me up some next time I go shopping! If you try the Coalface, I hope you like it!

    OMG. Bi. I was crazy obsessed in love with him for the longest time. I was going to go to his concert when he was suppose to come to Hawaii, but it got cancelled because of all the controversy, and I just haven't felt the same about him since >:/ He's still hot as hell though! Yeah woah he really bulked up! I have not seen ninja assasin yet but I want to!

  11. Found your blog through Eki, just noticed you are also from HK ~ very cute blog! Thanks for the reviews, I think I have tried the biore warming treatment before!

    I LOVE your purse...*dies* Always wanted the Chanel Quilted purse w/ chain strap. Thanks for sharing!

    ♥ Irene

  12. Normally I would but I'm in need of a pedi. LOL.

  13. Hi again!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    Love your tiny Chanel bag :3

  14. Great review :) Thanks for the tag, your bag is so cute and so do the contents :D


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