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Hi everyone!

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Decided to pop in with a post since I've been neglecting my blog for the better part of May. :) Thanks everyone for their sweet, kind, and encouraging comments! I'm so thankful to have your care and support~! On the other hand, I just got an essay back for one of my classes and found that I did quite well. Nice to know that even though I'm not having much luck in the "romance" department (hehe), I'm still kicking school in the butt!

This post though, isn't really anything related to beauty or things that I buy, but rather, things that I collect--specifically toys (that come with delicious but unhealthy food) since the beginning of this school year. xD

I was a definitely a McDonald's toys fan during childhood & still am one (except for Pokemon at Burger King, now THAT was epic, oh! & I collected all the Backstreet Boys, I think...hahaha)!

I thought McD toys were more creative during my childhood...like the Tarzan jungle connecting one or the Power Ranger (yes, I can build the entire robot~). But the current toys have some cute ones too, but I'm a lot more picky about it now. x)

So the first "set" of several are these little babies here! Alvin and the Chipmunks!
Oh man, I completely adore these three~ I put them on my desk and look at them every now and then. :) Theodore (the chubby green sweater cutie) was a pain in the butt to get because there just was no Theodore whenever I went...so I asked my roomie to try to see if she can help me get him on one of the days when I stayed on school campus during lunch time. I was ecstatic when she told me she got him for me! I treated her to the Happy Meal, fair trade--right? :)

I was always a little boyish at heart, I adore Star Wars! :D

The space cruiser races were so awesome. x) & little Anakin was adorable. Big Anakin was cute, Hayden Christensen! :D Yoda was just always the bomb, I think we all should agree! Yoda was really easy to get, it was Darth Vader that was the biggest pain in the butt. I probably ate more than 5 mini-meals because they didn't have Darth Vader and I felt bad to just walk out after asking. I manage to find him when I went back home for Spring Break at my local McD! I was ecstatic (yes, really, I was that happy xD).

This is TRASHCAN-II from Astroboy?

I didn't watch the movie, but I thought this was cute so I got it. He launches the frisbee disk!

I just got Gingy today! He's from Shrek and super adorable!

I think the guy working at McD finds me really amusing, haha. They had ALL the Shrek toys at my McD today! But I like Gingy the best. :)

I also got the Puss cup! :D
This huge glass was only $1.99 with any purchase! & Puss is just one of those "cool" characters in Shrek, so I decided to get it. I wanted the Donkey cup and the Shrek cup too...but those won't arrive for another couple of days (probably another reason why the guy at McD thought I was amusing, I wanted to buy nearly all of them xD). I don't exactly like the Shrek movies, but I think the characters are quite likable and I wanted to get the Shrek cup for my dad. :D

I hope I won't end up looking like the second picture because of all Happy Meals...hahaha. Well, I've been eating a LOT of McD since childhood and I'm pretty average, so I think I'm okay, at least for now. :)

These aren't McD toys, but they're straws from 7-Eleven! :D Domo-kun is so awesomely cute~

There are actually four different styles, but I like these two the most. :) I adore anything with huge headphones (and of course huge headphones themselves) and who can resist the bling on Crown Domo (any kpop fans who know who Crown J is? Haha). 

Crown Domo's got swagger, fosho (please keep in mind that I come from a high school where it was almost required that we know some of that gangsta lingo if you want to communicate with anyone, yes even the "smart kids" knew this stuff...hahaha).

I dragged my roomie to the only 7-Eleven in our college town and took like a 30 minute bus ride. It was incredibly ridiculous. But she was super sweet and didn't get angry at my craziness or anything. Such a sweetie. :) That's why I adore her~

I kept the reusable cup because it was just the cutest!

Even the lid says "DOMO", aw~ I like little monsters. :) The stranger they look, the more I like them (but I also like cute things too...so I guess I just like a lot of things xD).

Can anyone believe they basically BAN receiving toys with Happy Meals in the county where I use to live (well, I still technically "live" there since that's always "home" but I go to college now xD). That's basically the whole point of Happy Meals! Supposedly to fight childhood obesity or something...like that's going to help. It's the parents who are suppose to control their children's intake of junk food, right?! Don't blame Happy Meals! A lot of little kiddies are going to be deprived of the happiness that comes with Happy Meals in my county. D':

I think I'm starting to resemble this little cutie though:
Hahaha. Well, only when I sit down. But if I can look as cute as him, I guess I don't really mind. :) & I remember Lawrence of Lemon Pie had a post about looking like Dough Boy here before gym, we can be twinsies Lawrence!! xD

Sorry if this post is a bit on the random side! But I was just looking at Gingy while I was lunching with my roomie and we decided that my little toy huntings are pretty interesting. xD So I thought I'd share it with all of you! Hope you enjoyed it a little. :D All of these toys were collected with a happy and sometimes outrageous memory accompanying it. But they all brought a smile to my face at one time or another.

I think it's extra fun to do things you've done as a kid. I enjoy the amusement of the McD guy and the funny looks probably sent my way but I've missed because I was having too much fun with my toy with. I put my college lanyard proudly next to my Happy Meal box! :D

Did I make you want to relive your childhood memories and do something you haven't done in a while? (like buy a Happy Meal or Kid's Meal or whatever flows your boat?) Is there anything you haven't done since you were a kid but would probably make you really happy even now? :)

I'll do a proper update next time!

Take care!

(I have moved my blog to a new domain, please visit And Pinky Says for the latest posts!)



  1. i always admire girls whi are into star wars so huge kudos for you, and congrats on your essay! you deserve it! but oh boy those domo-kun toys are so cute!

  2. I have theodore too! so adorable :]
    I wish I got the whole set though >__<;;

  3. OOOOOH THE CHIPMUNKSS!! I adoreeee them! Especially Theodore! He's my favorite one XD hahaha nice post! :D

  4. Oh my gosh, I need to visit a 7-11 for those cute Domokun stuff! Are they still being sold btw? I always thought that the quality of Happy Meal toys went down but your collection proves me wrong. I especially like the Star Wars figurines!

  5. Cute collections! Love those chipmunks :D

  6. Lol the domo straws from 7eleven are hilarious~

  7. Oh darn. But thank you for the Pinky swear! *^_^*

  8. Ohh My God!!! I also used to collect those toys from Mac. Unfortunately, I don't have that many leftover!

    I really want the Darth Vader (I have one from Burger King, too) and the Gingy, toooo cute!!

    You were really missed, so post soon again!!

  9. Haha, you are so cute! I can't beleive that you collect those, that's an awesome hobby! When I was little I used to beg my mom to go to McDonalds whenever they had the mini Furbies or any type of little stuffed animal :)

    I love the Domo straws OMG THOSE ARE SO CUTE I WANT THEM!!! But you live in Hong Kong right? So I'm guessing that my Seven Eleven wouldn't have awesome Domo straws :(!

  10. Haha, you're so cute! I can't beleive that you collect those toys, that's such an awesome hobby :) I remember when I was little I used to begggg my mom to go to McDonalds when they had the mini Furbies or any type of little plush toy :)

    AND OMG THOSE DOMO STRAWS ARE AWESOME THEY ARE SO CUTE I WANT THEM AHHHHHH!!!! But you live in Hong Kong right? So I'm guessing that my seven eleven wouldn't have awesome domo straws :(

    (sorry if this comment sends twice... my computer freaked out after I sent this the first time and it didn't show up so I typed it up again xD)

  11. Oh my gawd lady.
    Those Domos are SO CUTE! :)
    Like SO CUTE!

    OKOK anyways I came here to tell you I tagged you for a blogger award sweetie! :) I love you!

  12. Haha...I'm sure it is baby fat too!! ;) As much as I want to melt some lbs away, I definitely don't want to get sick!

  13. Yay to our plastic watches! XD Haha...that would be something my mom would totally say to me too if I were in the same situation. Which L'Oreal liquid liner are you using btw? I'm always up for trying new things. :) I'm slightly obsessed with F21.com too. I'll go on just to see what's new...hee hee. ;)


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