Herro LemonPie! :D I'm a Missha BB Cream wearing neeenja (copyright herrohachi)! (AKA hauls & review)

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Hi everyone!

It's been an extremely long time, I apologize! Summer vacation finally started for me and I have a 10 day breather break before I tackle summer school...so I've been lazing around the house doing nothing and really enjoying myself (that and eating out with my parents, things to ensure a couple of extra pounds), hehe.

These posts are long overdue! So I'll just get to them! :)

This post is pic heavy and there are incidents of terrible cam whoring, bear with me please! Hahaha.

First, I mentioned in my last post (who knows how long ago) that I finally got myself some herrohachi tees from Kym! Her tees are super cute and she's awesome. What better reason to make a purchase and support?!

The package got here really quickly and was packaged really nicely. :) I kept the little business card she sent me! So clever and cute~
Here is me trying to look all cute with my awesome shirt!
But I decided that a shirt like this needs an "attitude" face. This is mine:

Hahaha. I also have a neeenja pin, I roll with the big boys now! ;) Thanks Kymmycakes! You're <33!

I'm sure Rain (Bi) look that cute on the inside. Behind all that muscle in Ninja Assasin, there is a cute little neeenja on the inside...

Just the thought of that is hilarious, hahaha.
Thanks Kymmycakes! You're <33! I will definitely support you when I can! Those neeenja tank tops are looking mighty cute~~ :)

Next are my LemonPie Handmades! The LemonPie couple is super super sweet! So go help and support!

I bought a hippo (Toothy, but I like calling him Toothy Chomper), a crab (Mr. Lobber Lobber), and a lion (Leo)!

They came in orange tissue paper and somehow Lawrence (who I now dub Larrylobber) managed to stuff all three of them in this one little box (thank you for all the different patterns of cards! I'll collect them like I did with Sailor Moon and Pokemon cards!! :D):
It went "poof!" with air when I opened it! Hahaha. Skills!
There he is, looking all proud to hold his card. :) (This one's for my mom because her constellation is Cancer and she's a bit crabby sometimes ;D)
& he has this one on his face. :) (This one I got for my dad, because he's a Leo!)

I like holding it under my tooth! Haha. (Toothy Chomper is me imo. You'll see later. :D)

I have a life-size Octopie that I call Octy-Bobamon, so I didn't order an Octopie. Hahaha. She's so silly. :D (& there's my once messy futon)

My attempt at imitating Toothy! I look like I'm about to cuss someone out...I apologize Claudiecrepes (this sounds a lot better than it looks, I shall dub Claudia this!) & Larrylobber for associating my face with Toothy.

Roomie being a creeper!

RAWR attack!

Keke, we're geeks. :)

A nice picture with my three new babies!

I think at that time, I thought I look pretty damn cute...not so sure about that now, hahaha.

I guess this way of showing all three monster works too. ;) (Have to admit her way is cooler, haha)

This wasn't all the love I received from LemonPie!

Ta-da-da! Love package! Definitely felt the love. Thank you so much Claudia (& Lawrence for picking out the eyeshadows. 0:D)!

She especially bought me some Annabelle cosmetics to try! Maybe swatches next time! & the yummy candy, mmm~ Stickers, stapler and eye mask! Super super cute~ Close up of quad.
So nice! I love holding it (it has a nice weight xD). Claudia wrote me a love note ;D using extremely cute note paper!
I especially love the last shot~ Thanks guys, I definitely feel the love! <33

& finally a REALLY long overdue review of the Missha BB Cream! Sorry for the extreme delay Erynn!! I hope you haven't given up on expecting me from me yet. xD
Hand swatches, left is the Missha BB Boomer (basically a primer) and right is the Missha BB Cream in no. 23, natural beige.

Before BB cream (sorry for the bad close up...but! For the sake of review~). I have enlarged pores, some red pigment spots, exposed veins on the side of my nose, and a recent acne scar on my nose right next to my glasses. (I beg you to please don't enlarge if not necessary! Lol, you'll be scarred forever and I'll be a little embarrassed. xD Then again...who actually has micro-size pores? But still, at least others aren't shoving it in everyone's face online. I apologize for subjecting you to this, haha)

After (w/ BB Boomer and BB Cream)! Pores visually smaller, red spots lighter, veins definitely less visable (I could've probably added more and cover it completely), and acne scar lightened.

(I wish there was a way to pretty up these picture, lol)

Missha BB Boomer
I'm not sure how much longer the BB Cream lasts with BB Boomer because I've never worn it without, but combined, they have very good staying power.

Smell: 4 out of 5 (it smells a bit like baby products? I have no problem with it though)
Blend-ability: 5 out of 5 (it has a pretty pink shimmer after you start blending it in, you can't see it in the picture but it's definitely visible in person)
Coverage: none (well, not possible to rate this since it's not meant for that :D)
Multipurpose: 4 out of 5 (it also adds a shine to your shine and helps brighten up dulled skin on top of just being a primer)
Overall: 4 out of 5

Missha BB Cream
No. 23 Natural Beige is a good shade for me (I have no idea what MAC shade I am, etc...but I guess I can only describe myself as not tanned but definitely not pale). I know they have no. 21 for lighter skin tone and no. 31 for tanned skin, but I think no. 23 fits almost everyone.

Smell: 4 out of 5 (same/similar smell to BB Boomer :D)
Blend-ability: 5 out of 5 (blends like a dream!)
Coverage: 4 out of 5 (from what I understand, BB cream isn't meant for heavy coverage, but you can always apply extra on stubborn dark spots and also apply 2 layers of BB cream for extra coverage)
Multipurpose: 4 out of 5 (SPF 42+++ but does nothing to help control face oil, so you definitely need to go over it with some powder if you have an oily complexion...plus remember some oil sheets!)
Overall: 4 out of 5

I hope someone will find this review helpful! :) This was an extremely long post now that I look at it...haha.

It's also amazing how flawless one's skin can look with a little bit of coverage and extremely good lighting! Trust me, my skin does NOT look like this picture in person. So don't be fooled by pictures! Haha, don't worry though, I'm not those where if you see me in person, you can't recognize me. :) This picture has not been tampered with! I just added it here to show what amazing lighting (and force you to look at my face, bwuhahaha) can do! It's like there's a soft lens effect or something!

I like the little lens flare~ I took this while I was taking pictures for the swatch (excuse to vainly take pictures of myself without needing to justify it :D)...I guess this is my "picture face" since I seem to use this angle and expression a lot, hahaha.

I was tagged for some awards (Claudiecrepes! <33) as well as some interesting Q&A thing...so I'll try to find some time to do that. I hauled from F21 but didn't take pictures of the items yet...so that'll also come some time in the future. :D

I hope to drag my lazy butt up to make a post very soon! xD

Have a wonderful summer everyone! <33 Thank you for staying with me and all of your support!



  1. look at you little hottie with ATTITUDE!!! (love that photo! hehe) i'm glad you loved the tee... i'm sorry, The Lemon Hachi plane is a bit delayed but it is coming.... someday. hahaha! I really do wish you could come visit us though, it'd be a blast!!!

  2. Waa, welcome back! you were really missed! :-))

    I know Kym's tees, too, they are really awesome and cute! I especially like the "Everybody loves a cute asian girl" one XD

    Ah, Love packagaes are so wonderful! I have swapped one, too and I'd like to do it again!

    Hope you post more often from now on! :-)

  3. the crab is so cute! im a cancer too! :))

  4. oh wow!! you are super super cute, I love your hair!! and my most favorite thing in this post would be the tees, adorable on you!

  5. Woah PinkyPop, looking good in the tee! I noticed Leo was a little wrinkled when he came to you! I promise my steaming job was better than that LOL. Leo must have been sleeping on his face during the trip over to you.

    Hope you are having a great (short but sweet) summer break, you deserve it!

  6. I need the BB boomer....I use Missha BB Cream #23 too...

  7. Oh cutie I MISSED YOU!
    The Photo shirt looks so cute on you!! And you guys are so cute with the pillows! Haha looks like you had tons of fun playing with them!

    Don't worry hun, if we ever get new business cards I'll be sure to send them to you so you can collect them like Sailormoon Cards! (I USED TO DO THAT TOO!!!)

    Waaaaa & PS. your skin doesn't look that bad at all! OMG wait till you see my skin up close in macro shot, I will shatter your screen LOL

    But yeah, how do you use liquid products if they make you oily? I always stay far far away from them, but do they actually help your skin? I'm so curious!!!

  8. Pinky, you are so cute! The BB cream blends beautifully on your skin. :) Hee hee...your haul is so cute esp those plushies!!

  9. Waaaaaaaaa Come back to your blog! :*( I miss reading your posts!

    Are we doing sunday 8pm? I dunno if you saw my facebook msg!

    I miss you PinkyPuff!


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