Clothes, blushes, and Alien!

Hi everyone!

Very short update today, but still a post! :) I just finished 2 finals today (they were both on the same day!) and feeling pretty good about them (bye-bye summer session I!). I, however, am not feeling very good. Headache coming (from the vigorous studying?) and I've already popped an Advil Liquid Gel capsule to suppress it. Love those babies, works every time!

My roomie bought me a top from American Eagle for my birthday (which isn't until December...yes, remember what I've previously told you?). I have no idea how much this top is when my roomie bought it, but the tag says $15.50 (she gave it to me to open xD) and she told me she was ordering a navy colored one (and that it looked it online). I think AE needs to update their pictures or something if that's the case because at most it's a navy grey, but I would argue that it's a dark grey.

That's me with my model pose, hahaha (not really). I really adore the sleeves! My belt is from F21, shorts from HK, and shoes are also from HK. Nope, you totally can't tell I love the color grey! Hahaha. :D She's so sweet, I adore her. Thanks BFF! <3

I hauled a lot of Rock and Republic blush from HauteLook after Jen of Jen Frmheadtotoe shared it as one of her HG items.

This is my invite to the site, but of course you can just sign up for an account on the site itself. :) I just want to point out that I will receive $10 if/when you make your first purchase.

The site has 3 day sales of everything from designer items to savory food--so it's really interesting to just sign up for an account to look at the sales. :) Usually 40-75% off, I believe. 

These are gorgeous and I adore just looking at them.

They remind me of Sailor Moon transformation compacts? Hahaha. & I love how they are a nice weight in my hand. I bought these for $20 each plus shipping and handling (usually $5.95 and increases as you buy heavier items). Definitely a good price when considering these retail for $40.

I will swatch these in the next post (Pinky swear! ;D)! I'm just feeling tired today and after 2 finals, I don't want to squint at the camera trying to take pictures of my arm.

I also wanted to show you this cute little alien desk light I got from buying 8 boxes of cereal and getting the codes. LOL, I know, I know. It's ridiculous but my mom spoils me like that. Hahaha.

Is it just called Alien in Toy Story? I don't know, but they're super cute imo and I adore them! :) So I have my very own Alien! Its head lights up either through battery or through computer USB cable. I think promotion's over though for those in the US...so sorry for sharing it so late...

I have more things coming in the mail so I'll share those next time. I also ordered some books from Amazon for my classes for summer session II, maybe I'll just include a picture in the next post, hahaha. Because I know books are just the favorite things in everyone's worlds. xD

I'm currently waiting for a camera case from eBay, another haul from HauteLook, and another ekiLove package (just <3 eki & ekiLove)! I told my mom my bill will look a little ridiculous this month and she actually told me I don't have to explain myself--I think she really misses me, haha. <3 She's so cute.

I'm also going to make a purchase at LemonPie as well as buy a neeenja pillow from Herrohachi next month (new billing cycle...hahaha). So you can also look forward to that in upcoming blog posts! I just adore the LemonPie couple and Kym because they are so sweet and nice! Go check out their homemades! :) It seems like I'm adverting for them every other blog post, maybe they should hire me as their spokesperson, hahaha.

That's all for now!

Take care!



  1. OMG! Want to get some of those blushes sooo bad! They are so pretty but so pricey for me, even during the sale >_< Can't wait to see swatches!! Super cute OOTD too, love the belt! :D

  2. very nice! did u get every shade for the blushers? :) yeah, it seems like a great deal! hahaha Jen is such an enabler :D

    the alien is so cute! i just watched toy story 2 the other night, the 3 aliens are super cute and adorably funny :P

  3. Wow, you got so many R&R blushes! Can't wait for the swatches :) Cute Alien too!

  4. Hey, nice to hear from you again and congrats on finishing finals! :-)) You must be relieved now!

    Great coordination, and the alien is too cute!

  5. heey its nice to hear from you!! that top is gorgeous, so sweet of your roomie! and super great to hear you are done with your finals :3 stay pretty and sweet dearie!

  6. oooh yes yes big HP fan heree!! im so excited for the 1st of the last movie ._. but its kinda sad isnt it? :(

  7. herro pinkypie! :D you are so cute with your model pose! hehehe! and you know what, lemonhachi does need to hire you as our spokesperson! lemonpinkyhachi! <3

  8. How's your summer going? I love those squeaky aliens in TS. "The Claw..." lol. How are the RR blushes working for you? That's A LOT of blush!

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  10. OMG those do look like Sailormoon compacts! LOVE IT! they are so CUTE! and great shoes btw! : )


  11. That top is gorgeous! I love it! OH I was going to get R&R blushes but I decided not to in the end, kind of regret it now, they sound well worth it and look so pretty! I recently won a tee from herrohachi and I will certainly be buying more from Kym in the future! I love all her stuff =) I have yet to make an ekilove purchase but I have been dying to!

    I love your blog! I'm now a follower =) I hope you can check out my blog sometime too if you get the chance =)

  12. aw super cute...i love toy story~~
    haha ur bow belt is adorable...i thought it was from modcloth at first n_n
    ooo what did u get from ekilove?


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