If Nothing is Everything and Everything is Anything?

Hi everyone!

I know my name hasn't appeared on everyone's newsfeed for a really long time, and I apologize for that (I've been doing that at the start of every post lately, haven't I? xD). I'm currently taking summer school and that's been taking up a lot of my time. It's hot. The temperature easily rise past 100 everyday...but enough about that! :)

Thank you all for staying with me even though I haven't updated in so long! <3

This post will be pretty all over the place because I'll be posting some of the stuff I've wanted to blog about for the past several weeks (& my roomie has been mentioning at least every weekend that I should update my blog! Haha, we can see who's the responsible one here).

Claudia sent this love package to me an extremely long time ago but I didn't pick up my butt to post it on my blog. Very wrong of me, I know! (I didn't post it, right? Oh man...memory lost, I can't remember confidently, oh well~)
She got me some Annabelle makeup to try since it's a Canadian makeup brand not available in America. The eyeshadow quad is such a nice weight when I hold it! The eyemask is so cute! There's a picture of me wearing it but my hair looked like an alien's head so I think I'll save you all from THAT. xD & lots of candy, yeah! :D Thank you so much, sweetie! <3

I'll try to swatch the Annabelle makeup and do a review on it in the future (and by future I mean...future, hahaha, I don't want to make promises I can't keep xD).

Kym actually included some pins with my package that I've never shared. Her little gift for me. :) I'm a neeenja!

Thank you so much! The herrohachi website is going to officially open on Monday (tomorrow), so please go and show your support! :)

I bought some Herbalism from Lush for the first time when I went to the mall with my friend during my extremely short summer break! It's for oily and problem skin (mine), said to prevent breakouts at the same time!

Catalog description: "We make this squidgy, green, purifying cleanser for those with a tendency towards red, oily or spotty skin. We blend together the most effective-powdered herbs and essential oils to calm redness and irritation, gently exfoliate and absorb excess oil. If you don't already, you'll soon believe in the power of herbs."

I bought a small amount because I didn't know how well it works, but they're standardized as $13.00 for 3.5 oz.
Get a small piece.
Add a bit of water and make it into a paste-like consistency.
& then use the palm of your hand to massage it onto your face--you can leave it on for a minute or two so it'll soak up the oil and the stuff inside your pores, then rinse.

I've only used it twice so far but it seems pretty good so far. I didn't have any allergic reaction and it does seem to reduce oiliness--even if it's just by a little. The smell is a little...meh, I don't really like it. It's not bad, but it's not a smell I'd want to smell all the time. It smell herb-like (well duh, "HERBalism" PINKY, hahaha, I know, sorry) but not the type that I like (as in not the type you'd want to put in your food. But if it works, I don't mind. :)

I also bought the Coalface soap because of Erynn's recommendation, but haven't tried it yet. So I'll let you know how well it works in a future post. :) Although I'm pretty sure it'll work well, or else Erynn wouldn't have recommended it. x)

Random picture but I went to the California Academy of Science with my friends when it was free admission day! Lots of people there taking advantage of the free admission. Sorry about the messy hair and smudgy makeup...it was a long day, haha.
It's a PINKYTREE! I have no idea what the heck it is, but it was $9.99 for a dinky little plant and there was no way I would pay that much for it. I'm guessing they were playing on the fact that pinky has the same meaning as dinky? Really? Bad pun, marketing people! xD

Don't mind the scary ghost girl in the back, that's just my roomie. There were no supernatural sightings in the gift shop of Calacademy.

This is also the day that I lost the angel+wing necklace that I bought from ekiLove! I was devastated...which leads me to the next part of my post.

ekiLove! (& the background is one of eki's favorite snacks, Kit Kats! :D)
I ordered a necklace from her and then cried to her about the fact that I lost my necklace. She was extremely, extremely sweet to especially make another one for me even though she wasn't making anymore to sell. Oh yeah, and she wasn't even willing to send me another invoice! So she gave it to me free of charge...honestly, sweetest girl ever. I have to especially thank her for her kindness again.

The usual goodies plus 2 smashbox lipgloss! One is included with every purchase over $15 but she stuck in two...eki! Too sweet. TT^TT
This was the necklace that I thought I wouldn't be able to wear again. But eki was so kind. <3

The necklace I actually ordered, nautical theme! <3 Love the anchor, crystal stars, and aquamarine AB heart.
Are you ready for your close up?

It's simply gorgeous. eki is such a sweetheart and her love and care are shown through all of her creations. 

So please support handmade (ekiLove, herrohachi, & Lemon Pie)! They've put in so much of their time and love into every item. :D

Next, I bought these Chinese Fortune Sticks toy thing? It's basically for little kids but I thought it's so cute and fun...and I'm a superstitious lady who likes to play with these kinds of things. :)
It was around $8 including shipping? It's a nice decoration, hahaha.

My silly roommate heard that I like mint green nail polish and splurged on essie's Mint Candy Apple as part of my birthday gift (which isn't till December but the two of us like to buy things for each other that we wouldn't buy ourselves).

It's a beautiful shade that I love, but she's still so silly to have spent so much money on a nail polish for me. My BFF is so...aw. Well, I feel loved. Hahaha. Not going to say I hate it~

This is one tiny item from my Forever21 haul a few weeks...months? Ago and I've been wanting to post pictures of all the headbands I got but it's hard to take a good picture of the top of my head. I really like this grey sequins headband though. :D Pretty sure they still have it in stock.

This is a clutch that I've seen on Holly Ann-AeRee's videos and thought it was really punk-rock cute.
I held it up so you can see the size to hand comparison. It's pretty huge, which is part of the reason why I like it. It can overwhelm me easily though (since I'm short, haha), so I have to figure out how to wear it. xD It comes with a shoulder length chain!

Also bought a white one, which has a very different feel to it.
Not sure when they'll restock this. forever21.com is just one of those websites where you have to keep checking continuously for...which is annoying imo. & their ordering system is so flawed, no changes can be made after you placed your order, it can only be cancelled. A bit ridiculous if you ask me...but their stuff are cute so all I can do is complain and buy, complain and buy, haha.

I'll take pictures of the rest of my haul later and share it in a future post. :)

Last but not least, I did the laundry today. I'm so proud of myself, haha. I had weeks and weeks of laundry and had literately no clean clothes to wear. Thank goodness I didn't have to resort to going through the laundry just to find something to wear.

I'm a really messy person, so I don't even understand why I always fold my clothes after laundry (because you'd expect that messiness to extend to every aspect of my life, right? Yeah, me too). I can't stand it if I don't fold my clothes, and I feel really accomplished when my closet's neat (or when anything's neat, actually). I have a LOT of clothes, I'm not even joking. I'll give you a peak of the clothes I have in my apartment closet.
I have another closet full at home and that closet is at least seven feet wide...yes, well...you get the picture. I have a lot of clothes and I love clothes, haha. Let's not talk about my collection of shoes either. xD I feel so happy when I've finished my laundry and put everything away neatly...it's not going to stay like this for long! Hahaha~

Did I confuse you with the crazy jumping all over the place post? Sorry there was no structure to it, I wanted to make up for the lack of posts. I still hope you enjoyed reading it though!

Not sure when's the next time I would update but I did order some Rock & Republic blushes from Hautelook a few days ago along with other stuff that I haven't gotten to take pictures of...so hopefully soon?

Thanks for staying with me! <3 I'll try to update soon. :)

Take care!



  1. Pinky!!! Haven't heard from you for a while, how are you?? Hope school is not too exhausting specially, in these temperatures!

    Lucky girl you, so many presents and goodies!

    I'm a great Lush fan, too, but I've never tried Herbalism. I like Lush lipbalm and hand creams the most.

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  2. The bow is so cute!

    Hehehe I'm really lovin' Annabelle products too!

  3. PinkyPop!

    Don't worry about not posting too often, you always make it up by doing extra long posts and that's just fine! Haha I laughed when I was looking at the herbalism stuff, it looks like wasabi all over your hands XD But as long as it works, that's all that matters.

    Your laundry story is funny. Your closet is packed! I have a friend that buys enough underwear to last him about a month before he has to do laundry!

  4. Glad you post again! :) So many goodies in one post, All are really cute and pretty~

  5. pinky :) :) I always love to read your posts haha.. and it's a bit chaos but I like it :D

    love the love packages you got and the black & white purses!!!

  6. oh wow that's so generous of eki! you must really be a special girl! and its super great to hear from you again! :3 i hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Great to hear from you, Pinky! That is a ton of awesome stuff you got. :D Where did you buy the Chinese Fortune Sticks? Good luck in summer school!

  8. PinkypinkyPie! I was going to say sorry i havn't been here for so long but i took it back after seeing you haven't even updated your blog in a month! hahaha! just kidding! We're all busy bodies! ;) You should take a break from studying and visit us here! Seriously! It's not that far away... 2-3 hrs away depending where you are in Cali! heehee!


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