Rain, Rain, Please Come Today! (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

(This post is picture heavy)

I realize this update took a really long time to happen but at least I did it before the end of August, right? :D I kept delaying it because I promised swatches and I WILL post swatches! Rawr! So I did all of that today when the temperature is 105 F outside. It was 91 in my apartment around 4:00 pm-ish, and I wasn't interested in knowing how much higher it'll get so I turned on my AC (one of mankind's greatest invention, whooo! My dad tried explaining to me how ACs work...I don't think I really care as long as they do, hahaha--sorry dad xD).

This post will include swatches for the R&R blushes I mentioned last time as well as some rain shoes/boots that I also hauled from Hautelook.

Here's my referral link to Hautelook, just to mention that I do get $10 credit if you do make a purchase--so if you want to give me a little freebie, haha~ Of course, you can sign up on the website itself as oppose to signing up through my referral. :)

A family group picture of all my R&R babies. :) Complete with names (that took forever because my laptop is laggy and Photoshop uses so much of the memory to operate, please excuse any possible--or embarrassing--typos xD).
Sorry about my very creepy vein popping out at my wrist. It was really hard to position and you have no idea how awkward an angle my arm was in! Hahaha. Please enlarge for a more clear view of the swatches!

Close ups & mini color/pigmentation review of each individual blush!

Bedroom is a peachy, matte color that shows up well in my tanned, yellow undertone skin. It shows up well on my roomie's skin too, she has paler, pink undertone skin. I basically picked up the blush color in one swipe with a shadow brush and then make the swatch. Pigmented and good for everyday.

Lust is a shimmer-y peachy brown where specks of sparkles can be seen when the light hits it. When swatched, the color is lighter than Bedroom. But again, this is a good everyday blush color. Shows up well on my skin tone and my roomie's.

Call Me is similar to Lust, except it's even lighter (although I realize you can't really see in the picture) It's more obvious in the family photo above, so please refer to that for the difference, I think I might've taken it at a different angle. I personally feel that if you have either Lust or Call Me, it's not really necessary to get the other since they are so similar--color tones, shimmer properties. Nonetheless, it's a very nice shade that's a tad lighter than Lust. Very neutral and easy to pull off.

Spank is by far the lightest of all the R&R blushes. It's a matte baby pink that gives a soft pink glow. I definitely have to say that this needs a little "building up" more than the other R&R blushes. However, I still like the color a lot. The color of this blush appeared on my skin fairly easily, but on my roomie's paler, pink undertone skin, I needed to swipe it several more times. Just don't over do it and end up looking like a child's porcelain doll. :D

Okay, X-Rated is by far my favorite R&R blush out of all six! It's a matte red. I tend to like reddish tones so this one was perfect for my taste. I thought it would be a really outrageous red considering how bright it is, but strangely enough, the color is a very soft red. It's probably not for everyone and probably not for everyday, but I think every girl needs a pretty red blush in her makeup collection! :D I really like it and it showed up probably on the first swipe on my skin--and my roomie's as well. :)

This matte pink was actually very bright and slightly frightening in the pan. But actually, it's lighter than X-Rated when applied. It's darker than Bedroom (with more pink than peach) and lighter than X-Rated (more pink than red...lol, so basically it's pink, I realize my side notes sound a little stupid in this case, hahaha). I like it a lot! I tend to favor pinkish, reddish colors more than neutrals even though my skin tone is warm. It shows up well on my skin, and also on my roomie's. I would probably not recommend this for every day either, though.

These blushes are gorgeous and definitely worth the price. :) I love the packaging, they make me feel like a rock princess, haha~ So I recommend grabbing these if they're on sale. (Please don't buy them at a whooping $40 original price!)

Next are my new, gorgeous rain shoes! I just love rain shoes, gah! But I really dislike how some of them make everyone either look like they're 3, or extremely short and frumpy. (Especially when you stand tall at a mere 5 feet, you need all the oomph in height you can get!)

I saw that Hautelook was having a rain shoes sale and decided that I just had to take a look. Little did I know I'll end up with a major haul and a huge dent on my credit card bill. But it's all worth it! These were 60-70% off retail, and with the quality? Definitely plus plus plus! They're extremely comfy with a nice padding at the end.

All of the shoes are size 36--equivalent to a US size 6. I usually wear a size 6 - 6 1/2 in the summer (feet swell, what can I do? xD) and a size 5 1/2 - 6 in the winter. If you're planning to wear these rain pumps in the summer, I say go up 1/2 a size because you may find your actual size a little too snug for comfort. (this only applies to the pumps, NOT the boots! Buy boots TO SIZE) I can put my feet into these pumps and walk comfortably, but as you walk and walk, your feet will only get larger, not smaller. So go for half a size. I dare say these may just be the perfect size in winter.

Some people online complained about the pumps being hard to walk in because it's made out of rubber (they said it's wobbly). I'm not sure how these people walk but I thought these pumps are wonderful and I have no trouble walking in it. The heel is very sturdy imo and the fact that the shoe is completely made out of rubber poses no problem for me!

Shipping was really cheap for 6 pairs of rain shoes (yes, 6...I got a little too "add to cart" happy)! Only $11.99. & the box was gigantic.

Case 1:
My roomie. Hahahaha. This picture made me laugh so hard because she looked so pitiful and cute. Like those lost kittens or puppies on the roadside. xD She makes me want to take her home, hehe. & hey, technically I did? Haha, she's 5'4'' and fits in there easily--that's how huge the box is.

Case 2:
I'm actually in this box. My roomie closed the lids on me! It was scary in there~~

Case 3:

Me and my creepy gigantic head (I blame it on the angle), hahaha. Yes, I know you just want to take this creepy little girl (can't forget my V!) home with you. :) Oh! And no makeup. xD Haha~

It's like we can live in the box or something. That's how gigantic it was. We had to lift it (filled with shoes) up a flight of stairs too, it was ridiculous. But opening the box was like Christmas in July (literary~ I'm pretty sure I received these either late July or early August).

Onto the actual shoes! The brand is Dav.

All the pumps were around $16.75-ish, give or take a couple of cents plus tax and shipping. Retail for $59.

Style: Paisley Pump (this is basically what is says on my Hautelook receipt, I'm not sure whether this is the name these actually go by), color: Midnight.

I loved the color and the Victorian print! :D (& sorry, I didn't pull my leggings straight before taking the picture, lol)

Style: Pump Scot, color: Slate

These are super adorable. I've always loved the argyle prints, checkered type and here it is! In my favorite color too! :D I'm guessing this is the type of print that goes on kilts? No matter, they look great on shoes. x) (& hey, leggings are pulled down straight!) I couldn't decide between these and the Paisley so I bought both! But...

Zebra print! Rawr!

Style: Zebra Pump, color: Black

I bought these solely because I thought a pair of black and white ones would match with any color clothes I have...considering that my winter clothes are mostly black and grey...the two previous pairs would've been a nice pop of color. I'm really debating about these pairs and wondering if I should give them a better home. But...they're so cute too...gah! The only thing I don't really like about this pair is that the "white stripes" are actually cream color in person, so the contrast isn't AS nice. But I really like the print itself though.

This pair of rain boots were around $23 plus tax and shipping. Retail for around $75.

Style: Lace Up Sketchy Lace Sky Blue, color: Sky Blue (duh, hahaha)

I just thought these are super, super adorable! I love the converse style and the sky blue! These are actually quite a bit bigger than the pumps so you can wear thick socks with it in the winter or such. They aren't intended to be snug, of course. I bought a pair of these for my roomie and she tells me she likes them a lot (I'm not sure how truthful she is, hahaha). But I certainly think these were a good buy! :D & compared to the terrible rain boots they make us pay $15 for, I'd rather fork up the extra and buy a gorgeous pair! :)

This pair was $16.75-ish plus tax and shipping. EXTREMELY cheap for the style and detail imo! Retail for $59 (compared to the pumps, I think these give a bigger bang for your buck :D).

These are size 36-37 and you HAVE to wear them with thick socks because they're pretty huge if you're a size 36--they're a lot bigger than the sky blue lace up ones.

Style: City Cuff Sketchy Lace Army Green, color: Green

I bought these for my mom because her previous "rain shoes" were hideous imo (they're ugly mainly due to the fact that she's been wearing them for at least 5 years and the plastic was tearing and such, they were basically just water proof no heel ankle boots) and I thought she deserved chic ones! There was also the option of cream. (Cream cuff and yellow-ish sketchy lace with the heel the same cream color as the cuff, I'm sorry I made it sound so unappealing with the yellow-ish thing, it actually looks pretty classy!) But I knew my mom likes green and brown, more earthy colors so I decided on these pairs. Turns out I made the right choice because she loved these! :) Of course, with the price, what's not to love? :D

Ta-da! There is my outrageous long post! I hope you enjoyed it and that it might encourage you to make some purchases from Hautelook. Some things really are a steal! ;D

Next post is definitely going to be my ekiLove items, I have 2 orders to share. :) I hope you'll look forward to it and thank you for being so patient even when it takes it so long to update! You guys are awesome. <3

I ordered some pillow monsters from LemonPie and they tell me they'll ship it out very soon! So you can look forward to that in a future post as well! (Plus, I'm planning on buying a neeenja pillow from Herrohachi too) So many things to buy, so little time! :D

I'll try to get the next post up soon, I hope before the end of August (not going to guarantee incase I miss it and break my promise, hahaha, I really dislike breaking promises xD).

As you can tell, I'm a fairly wordy person and I frankly don't think I can cut back even if I wanted to. So if you don't enjoy blocks of text, please just skip them. xD Some of you tell me you enjoy my wordiness though? I hope you guys aren't lying~! But even if you are, thank you for at least lying for my sake, hahaha. <3

Thank you for your endless support!

Take care!



  1. Hey, welcome back!! :-))

    Lol, the box fotos are the best I've seen today, hahahaha! Great! :-)

  2. I love those blushes! =) I would love to try bedroom or call me they look so pretty!

    I love those shoes, esp the first pair!! I've never seen such cute rainboots ^.^

  3. Wow, your R&R blushes are really beautiful! and your shoes too :D

  4. Haha...so cute how your dad tried to explain to you how A/C's worked and you didn't care. I would be the same way. XP Omg, I swear it's like every blogger has R&R blushes except for me. You have a very nice collection! I LOL'ed at the box pics of you and your roomie. You did some serious shoe hauling, Pinky! A girl can never have too many shoes. XD

  5. omigosh awesome haul!! and the shooess im so in love with the shooess <3 ugh!! and that sky blue o.o so gorgeous!

  6. 可愛Pinky!

    你可以寄-->you + box 來到我家理嗎?
    You and your roomie are so cute! I'm so happy my fav. Pinky finally blogged! I think it is super sweet that you bought boots for your mommy and your roommate!
    That's why I love you sweetie you are always thinking of others :)
    The pic Larry and I took is from Christmas when we decided to wear red lol we had such bad fashion taste back then HAHA

  7. I really like the name of your blog! >.<
    Your shoes are pretty cool looking!

  8. Those R&R blushes seem so promising. Very thorough review! Yay for new shoes! So many new pairs!! I should really invest in a pair to wear around my rainy city. It freaking down poured (and hailed) today and I was in my flip flops. My toes got so dirty haha. I love the box pictures! Priceless :)

  9. PinkyPop! That picture of you in the box looks so unreal! The angle makes it look like the pic was photoshopped!

  10. I was googling about these boots and I came across your blog. This was really helpful! I know what you mean about add to cart happy. I've got 3 or 4 I'm looking at haha and I really only need one! btw it's back at Hautelook now. I'm just not sure if I should size up or not. I have medium-wide feet and thick calves..


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