My TINY LITTLE ekiLove Obsession ;)

Hi everyone!

Long overdue post. I keep buying things but am so behind on blogging and taking pictures! I've basically just been sitting around all day, laptop in hand doing nothing constructional. It's like the month of September flew by and just hit me over the head all of a sudden. It's the last day!

So I decided to squeeze this in and hope no one will call me out for this. xD

Upcoming will be total ekiLove domination! (Like I said, LONG overdue!)

These are several different packages and I'm sad to say that these items are probably no longer available as eki makes a limited amount for each update. Maybe you can ask her about it? Not sure, but worth a try if the items are really tugging at your heartstrings as she's SUPER sweet! <3

Without further ado!

This was a free velcro bow and nail sticker with purchase package. Bows are still available on ekiLove if you'd like one! Keeps fringe out of your hair in a kawaii fashion! :)
The richness of the blue green crystal drew me to this piece.
I realize this is the back of the crystal, please excuse me. x)

Black velcro bow this time around~
I really like the dainty bow and the dangling heart crystal! <3
ADORE the gigantic wing and the purple crystal. :) 

I asked eki whether I could buy the rest of the colors (before she had the option of buying just the bows), she included it with my purchase instead. Eki, what am I going to do with you? xD Thank you for your generosity and sweetness. Also got the gigantic hime bow...not sure when to use it but I had to have it!
Very hime and adorable. 
Twinkle twinkle little star! 

I bought a Japanese fabric floral print bow in this! 
 An incredibly kawaii star bracelet for one of my dear friend's birthday!
 The bunny is so cute! & you can tell by now that I adore wings, right? xD
Closer look! 

I know I have a whole lot of ekiLove! It's mainly because eki's creations are what I'm looking for and she's just ever so sweet! I really want to support her passion (and at the same time, I get pretty accessories, yay!) So go and support her if you have the chance! :) 

Used this to enter eki's ekiLove customer contest! Kon, Kon, Kon! :D Please vote for him on Facebook once eki begins the contest!
I've emasculated him. Sorry Kon. At least you went to the poolside. :)

Thank you for your continuous support and lack of "unfollow"!  I'll try to update soon. Got some pillow monster love from LemonPie plus a lot of new shoes! :)

Just spent an extra 30 minutes re-doing the post because of alignment and font problems, gah! Damn my pet peeve~

Random P.S. Does anyone have an idea as to what are "limited edition" tomatoes? Hahaha. I saw the labels when I was about to wash them and decided it's picture worthy. xD

Take care!



  1. hey, what are you calling tiny babe? what a haul! hahaha :P i love eki's creations too, i just cant wait to see her new stuff uploaded on her new site.

    i think you're a super sweet friend to give your dear friend one of eki's bracelets, im sure it will make her happy :)

    have a nice weekend dear! :)

  2. The stuff you got from Eki are so cute, she's so talented^^ Hahha I use to watch Bleach too! The lion is so funny ^______^ (and a little perverted, emphasis on perverted LOL)

  3. omg, Kon looks hilarious with that bow!
    I ended up getting the grey boots with heels and the arygle converse style ones. My only concern is that my calves are large - so I'm crossing my fingers on the grey ones. Also I didn't know if I should size up or not but I just went for my normal size. Hope mine is not loose like you mentioned. anyhow, chatbox essays are welcome hehe! You must tell me about your Lulu haul! ;) or blog it when it comes!

  4. Kon is sooo cute!!! And glad you're back to blogging!

  5. That should teach Kon a lesson not to be pervy anymore :)) and awesome haul! I loove Etsy but never got to buy anything from it :I I loove the necklace with the heart crystal and wings <3

  6. I LOVE your Kon stuffy PinkyPop!

    I think I know why your tomotos are limited edition. LOL, I think it's "limited" as in it will spoil after a certain time...

    If I were a girl, I'd wear Eki's stuff too :P

    Btw, you and I are roller coaster buddies now! Ferris Wheels suck!

  7. Hehe...I don't think I've ever seen limited edition tomatoes before but that is really cool! *waves* Hi Pinky! Hope you are well. :) I love how you always bomb us with Ekilove! Everything is so kawaii!!

  8. Thanks for the sweet message, Pinky! Good luck! =D

  9. Wow Eki is really talented!! *__* Cute stuff!! *love*

    Thank you for your comment and participation <3 ^.^


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