A Little Bit of Catching Up

Hi everyone!

It's been probably a couple of months since my last update, haha~ I guess I've just been busy with too many things (and just a little lazy). But I'm here with a pretty big update! Pictures I've accumulated over a fairly long period of time...so bear with me here now! :D Just going through the photos in my camera as I go along...maybe I'll split it in two, we'll see. x)

I bought this on Beauty.com back when they had three deluxe samples available (the lip palette, the blusher, and the lip treatment). I purchased the Stila: Trendsetting in Tokyo travel size palette because I had nothing else to buy. It's around $10 so probably one of the cheapest Stila products out there. All of this stuff costed me around $16.

The cover of the lip palette.
To tell you the truth, I actually have not used this lip palette yet--my roommate used it and told me it wasn't anything to be too excited about though.

The "main course"--I liked this palette better than the rest because I thought Tokyo is a pretty cool place...okay, that's probably not the reason, but the purple does look very nice! :) Only $10 and it's a cute little booklet style packaging. They say the original price of all the products is $65...honestly, are they kidding me?
 It contains 4 Stila eyeshadows and a cream lip/check convertible tint.
Only, to be honestly, what drew me to this palette was the beautiful blue shadow! (My roomie got the Pretty in Paris palette and they are mostly different shades of pinkish/brownish colors--I'm pretty sure this lip tint is pinker/brighter than that palette too) On the other side of the flap is a mirror so that's pretty handy if you're on the go. The one "con" I guess, would be that it doesn't come with any applicator--but I have my own brushes so that's perfectly fine. :)

The one thing we have to be really careful about is not to get the eyeshadows onto the lip/cheek tint because we know our chemistry and powder plus cream does not mix well together. I didn't try this palette (I think I like buying things and owning things more than I like using them, haha!) once again, but the color payoff is quite nice. What you see is what you get type of thing so it's worth a try if you like the cute little packaging. 

I then grabbed another eyeshadow palette from Sephora because I thought this deluxe sample clutch was really cute! Free with a $25 purchase.
But it turns out to be no big deal. The clutch is cheaply made and the samples are just so-so. But oh well! To those that missed it, you didn't miss out on anything! :)
So in conclusion--clutch was not worth making the purchase for. On the other hand, the "getaway" gift with the small Sephora makeup bag was.

The feature presentation--the Sephora Color Diary eyeshadow/blush/lip gloss palette. I got this for $25--it was on sale.
It teaches you the how to's. It's actually not as easy as I thought it was--the switching the palette around and stuff.
There's basically an empty palette casing in the black space and you pop whichever palette you want to take with you on the go out and put it into it. A little hard to explain, but I'll do a slightly more detail review when I get back to my apartment.
Color payoff is pretty good, actually. & the idea is pretty clever and cute. I actually haven't used the shadows from this one either...I guess you're beginning to see my problem. xD

I made another purchase at ekiLove!
As usual, she included some extras and a cute handwritten note. :) You see how there's a box and a pouch--I only ordered a necklace and though the pouch contained an extra charm I asked eki for (because a previous necklace had a slightly funky charm that was no fault of eki's, just manufacturing defects, she didn't charge me extra--I should've guessed. She's just too sweet), but little did I know...

This was my actual purchase! The stars are simple yet so cute--it's probably better for spring, summer, and fall winter where we can actually reveal some neck and wear a dainty necklace instead of wrapping ourselves up like a little (big?) pork bun. Plus, eki upgraded her signature crown charms! :) It's 3-D and poofy now!

THIS is what was in the pouch! eki sent this to me as a gift, free of charge. Again, I'm the recipient of her sweetness~ Thank you so much eki, it's too pretty for me to just dangle anywhere...I have to find something nice to hang this on. :)

I think the little biggies that eki uses are so so cute! & I'm a sucker for keys!

I purchased the Sephora 2010 Blockbuster palette for $48 (still available on Sephora.com!) to get the "giveaway" gift with purchase I was talking about earlier, now that one was worth it because most of the samples are deluxe size.
The packaging is adorable! Paying tribute to the little black Sephora bag. :)

The back~
The overview:
98 eyeshadows
70 lip glosses
1 mascara
6 cream eyeliners
5 pencil eyeliners
3 blushes
+ mirror & brushes (which are rough and yuck, so use your own)

As you can see, the left side contains the cool tones while the right has the warm tones. But honestly, just use whatever you like and whatever looks best!

 Closer look at the cool tone colors.
 The warm tone colors.
Color payoff is pretty good and if you like to try many colors, this is an awesome palette for experimenters. I heard about the Costal Scent ones but have never tried it. The concept seems similar though but this one definitely wins in terms of cute packaging! :) I haven't actually used it yet (um...yeah xD) so I'll give a slightly more detail review in the future.

So I decided I want a Juicy Couture bag...my mom actually doesn't like this brand of bags because the material isn't leather or whatnot (mothers...hahaha). But she was actually the one who hunted this down for me at Off 5th Avenue!

It was a little more than $70 on sale! Definitely a steal for a velour baby fluffy handbag. The color is very unique and is definitely the statement piece to a plainer outfit.
The big gigantic heart thing is actually a combination of metal and wood--it's a nice weight on the bag. I don't know, I thought it looked a little "cheap" in the pictures that my mom showed me before I saw the bag in person, but when I actually got to see it, I adore it!
One small problem I have with the bag--the little tassel on the side keeps getting drawn to the magnet on the side pouch and makes a small dent in the velour.
Signature leather J on the back of the bag.
Signature mirror and the words "I am the fairest" on the attached mirror strap. Mirror is detachable but I'm not planning on cutting the little tie off--it's just another thing for me to lose.
I really like this bag! I can put quite a lot into it and it's just such a statement piece. I personally find some of the Juicy Couture designs on the "cheaper" side, but this one is just plain extravagant with the big heart metal...thing and the color. So I really like this bag! :)

On a random note, I just have this weird fascination with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (this is Mary-Kate on the cover). I don't really like them too much in terms of their personal lives (probably because they smoke? Sorry, that just ruins the image a little for me no matter how much we say a star's personal lives shouldn't interfere with their accomplishments). Maybe because I sort of grew up watching them? So I always find myself giving their pictures a second look when I catch them in magazines.

This time, she's on the cover! :D There's just something about her/them that I just find so fascinating! Plus, I don't deny she/they is/are very pretty and has/have an air of charisma around them.
Is there any celebrities that you don't "like" like but just find yourself constantly noticing them and admiring them? (Please don't tell me Justin Bieber, lol)

December 11th was actually my birthday! :D 

I just turned 21--and some of my friends made me sound like a drunk on my Facebook by telling me to take care of liver. For the record, I am not a drunk! Hahaha. Last year I asked my parents for my camera--this year I asked them for the limited edition red Wii! Decided I need some fun in my college life (that is not alcohol) and not sure whether many people caught on but red is my favorite color. :)

The Wii prices have been lowered since November by about $50, the first official price lowering since its release in 2006! So I guess I got my urge to buy a Wii at a good time! It comes with Super Mario Bros and the typical Wii Sport. So I might be sharing some games that I'll buy/have already bought in the future!

A picture of my outfit for my birthday, thought I'll dress up a tiny bit when I went out to lunch with my parents. xD This was taken with my dad's camera and I think he used flash so there's a glare in my glasses. Sorry for the fobby pose, hahaha. There wasn't anything to do with my hands! & this is clearly not my best angle. xD

Headband - Forever 21
Necklace - ekiLove
Shirt - Kirra, Pacsun (Pacsun has tons of nice/girly clothes on sale at times--and sometimes free shipping, go check it out!)
Dress - Kohl's (I like the ruffle detail and the puff sleeves~)
Tights - Candie's, Kohl's
Shoes - Apt. 9, Kohl's (these Oxfords, which I've wanted for a really long time, were only $17.99 at Kohl's! & I'm sure you can find a bunch of 20%, 30% coupons for Kohl's everywhere! I (well, my mom) find lots of great things at Kohl's! :D I'll take more detail pictures in the future?)
A crazy good self-take picture of myself. This was taken with my camera. Witness the amazing smart mode of my Samsung TL 225! I didn't set it to do this, but I think it added almost a soft lens to the picture. Definitely "lie-to-yourself" mode I guess...but I don't think I'm complaining. xD
So I'll leave you with this somewhat fake picture of myself, hahaha.

Until next time. I'll try to blog again soon! Definitely not the 3 months gap like before! x)

Happy, happy holidays!! :D <3



  1. Wow! I loved this post! The Juicy Couture bag is so cute! Looks like you got it for a really great deal! Your outfit is adorable as well!!

  2. Happy belated birthday, dear!
    Such great hauls you got! The Sephora Blockbuster makeup set looks amazing btw, I can't wait to see you use the colours :)

  3. omgosh! long time no post! how are you?? you look great in those photos, that dress really suits you :> I just fell in love with the eki goodness in this post, I am quite the sucker too when it comes to keys, and crowns and padlocks and winged hearts :)) I love it!

  4. Love the eki stuff as usual~ been a while since you've updated :)
    and wow love the sephora box it is so huge!

  5. Haha took you long enough to blog again! Sounds like you've had a wonderful Birthday. You really pick a good time to get a Wii, that is going to be a really rare item in the future! I just have my plain white version with no limited Super Mario Bros.... :(

    Anyway, you should definitely review the Wii set in a future post, I'd love to see what you think of it!

    PS: You look very cute in that green/blue? dress ;)

  6. I so enjoyed reading this post. It's like a huge haul, but of course, it was over a period of time. I love living vicariously through others. Haha! And that bag is gorgeous! So do you! A very happy belated birthday!


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