It's Still Winter!

Hi everyone!

I had some time freed up so I decided to make a post. I lost my school lanyard, my ID holder, my ID, and my keys yesterday...they've not been turned in yet but I still believe in the good in people so I hope some good samaritan will do me this favor. Karma! I turned in lots of lost stuff before! But in a sense, this incident has made me notice (reminded me, rather) that many of my close friends and family always gives me a lot of love and that there are a lot of caring strangers too (I honestly told more than 10 people my sob tale when I was looking all over the campus' various lost and founds to see if they've received my keys). There's always the good within the bad, we just have to look for them! :)

Now for the ACTUAL post, sorry for the philosophical, sociological, psychological, whatever-ogical little rant. :)

These are mostly stuff I bought during my winter break but more details later. I'm pretty sure this is not all of them either...I'll take pictures of them if I figure out what I missed.

My good friend from high school works at Kettle Corn and gave me a bag for free when I went over to say hi. I felt so bad, but um...part of my holiday goodies? Such a sweet friend. >3< Do you guys sometimes get goodies that you want to refuse but can't? Hehe.

Got a free venti caramel brulee frappacino because I got a any drink you want in any size you want coupon in the mail from Starbucks! I think you can get it too if you buy a gift card and register it, try it! :)

Free twitter wrapping paper, thanks to my good friend who told me about the offer! I didn't see any other tweets that I want so I was conceited and used my own tweets. :) Not much of a use but it's cute nonetheless.

Can anyone guess what these are...?
Peek-a-boo!! :D They're the Peas in a Pod from Toy Story 3! Have you guy seen it yet? It was a cute movie~ Many big people lessons in a cartoon. Pixar's done it again!
I got these little cuties on eBay because they're sold out even on the Disney website. I bought them for $9 including shipping, but I think I just got lucky. I saw some listing for as expensive as $14 including shipping. Definitely becoming somewhat of a collector's item.

This was the Tokidoki tote I forgot to show everyone from my last purchase from Sephora. I have to say that the tote itself is cute in terms of patterns, but the quality itself is pretty terrible. Seems like it would tear fairly easily. I sort of regret getting this tote instead of choosing another gift with purchase. At least the pattern is cute for backgrounds~

Back is cute too though~

Bought these Keds lookalike from Forever 21 for $5.50 each! They were available in a lot of different colors but I chose a lot of colors.
Maybe they're still up? I don't know, you can check your local Forever 21 if interested! I was thinking that I should do more shorter posts and inform you guys of deals/items when they're still occurring/in stock...what do you guys think of that idea? Please tell me!!

Got these during the Aeropostale winter sale, $5 for a tee in many, many colors!

Got this v-neck sweater at the Aeropostale sale too, $12 and extremely comfy! :)

Got this cup from Daiso to remind myself (or my roomie, lol) of calories count...oh how cruel and cute! xD Everything in the store (unless otherwise stated) are $1.50!

The beary was just cutie so I decided to get it too.
Paw prints! :)

Panda sponge from Daiso too! That store just has so many cute (if somewhat useless) things.

I think I still might have more stuff, so please give me some time~

Hope everyone's doing well! I look forward to hearing your preference! :) Thanks for your continuous support!

Remember to keep your head up! 

Till next time!



  1. Happy New Year Pinky!!
    The Peas in a Pod is really cute~~~

  2. PINKY!

    OMGOSH Happy belated New Year sweetheart! Finally you posted! I thought you gave up your blog!
    I've missed you so much! I'm making it my goal for 2011 to be around online more often so we can get back to chatting and stuff like old times mmkay? We moved to a new apartment! We have our own office now so I don't need to chat with you on the floor anymore LOL :)

    I love you sweetie, can't wait to talk to you soon.

    Miss you!

    PS. The stuffs you bought are all so cute :) Totally you're style! the Peas in a pod remind me of a girl who sews plushies like that as well her shop is called mochi studios http://www.etsy.com/shop/mochistudios

    You should check her out!

  3. Sorry to hear about your lost items, Pinky. I hope they have turned up by now! :) I really love your cute Daiso haul. Wish they would open one up in L.A. *prays*

  4. I am late to wish you happy new year, but I was just going through the posts, and could not resist my self to comment on such nice stuffs. I really like the mug and the peeky boo. So nice, love it


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