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Hi everyone!

Another haul post for now! I'm trying to keep up with blogging much more often (and to be honest, I've been buying a lot of things lately...). I'm planning to do some reviews soon too aside from hauls, so please look forward to those!

Forever 21

Okay, did some damage again at Forever 21...I blame my roomie, she encourages my bad habits. :) Thanks babe, love ya~ Hahaha.

Everything was bought within this week or last (considering the amount, I don't think it's that good a thing for my credit card...), so I'm pretty sure you can find it online still! :D

This nautical theme dress is $17.80. Not sure whether it is worth the price. To be honest, I think Forever 21 overprice everything, but especially dresses because they're at least $16 but most of the time more...but I still buy it, so I don't know why I'm complaining, haha. It hurt when I was handing over my credit card though. xD

I did several looks with it. (Just fyi: I'm 5 feet--secret's out! Haha--and wearing a size small in these pictures)

I worn it like a summer dress with some strappy sandals from Love Culture. I bought them when they were on sale last year. :) (But to be honest, I almost twisted my ankles in these so I don't really recommend them. Will I still wear them out? Probably...lol)

I like how it defines my waist. :)

I accessorized it with a golden heart necklace, it's a locket that opens. Silver is available. I bought it for $4.80. I felt that it has a good "summery" feel to it that can work for winter with the right clothes. :)
 Better size comparison.
This rose ring runs small and was $3.80. A size 6 that's usually slightly loose for my middle finger fits snuggly on my pointer finger and I can barely pull it out on my middle finger. So beware of that if you're purchasing online. It's not a complete size up though, a 7 was really loose for me. But the rose buds were so cute, couldn't resist. :)
Leave necklaces for $2.80! They were just so darn cheap. I couldn't resist and bought them in both silver and gold! (I have a problem with deciding what to buy in terms of colors...I usually buy more than one xD)
Very nice details~
I love how it's not flat but is curved and has dimension.

Next is more of a biker chic look that my roomie requested.

I wanted to show off how cool the inside of my leather jacket is, very vampy feel, yeah? :D My mom bought this biker style leather jacket for me. For quite cheap too. I would say less than $50 So if you're on the hunt for a leather jacket, don't immediately fork up $100+ for one. Look around your local malls during off seasons, maybe you can find some awesome deals!

I also found out I have an incredibly bad sense of balance. So this picture took a LOT of tries. I always knew it was bad, but this is just ridiculous.

With booties introduced in previous post. :)
I'm having too much fun.
A way to wear the wings necklace I've previously shared in a post. It matches the look quite nicely. :)

Okay, I definitely had too much fun that night. I grabbed my navy captain hat (that I bought for last Halloween but it didn't come on time...I'll use it this year then! xD) and worked out a sailor's look in. Shoes are bought from Marshall...the brand isn't something I'm familiar with but it was a pair of suede Mary Jane for $20! Marshall is your friend. :)
Just a burdensome SNSD channeling picture shoved in your face. Hahaha. To be honest, I don't really like the music video too much. So much fan service and male fantasy. Shouldn't they cater to their female fans too? Rawr. But anyway, here's me acting cute. xD

 Just wanted to share this Forever 21 bag! I've never seen it before but it looks so cool. :O


Bought more moisturizer from the Acne Solution line from Clinique. I actually got this at the Clinique counter at my school's bookstore because they were giving away gift sets again. :) And of course because I ran out. It's a system that works for me. I'll do a thorough review soon!

I bought this soap bar also from the Acne Solution line that's for face and body. I've been having some major problems with body acne so trying to find a solution. Will let you know how it turned out after a few weeks.

It's actually pretty damn pricy, $14 for a bar of soap...but I'm a little desperate, nothing has been working.

Packaging is superb though. :O It has its own little green tone soap case.
Wrapped in silver foil.
With the word Clinique printed on it. :O Wowzer. But for $14, I think I deserve such amazing packaging! xD

The free gift set. Bronzer, lipstick, lipgloss, useless mascara (like always), moisturizer (that's supposed to change your skin tone but I really don't think so), and scrub cream (that I use in the shower). The bag is so spring and flowery~ I really like the pattern. x)

This was my OOTD! We have a hugeee annual event at our school and my roomie and I were trying to dress all cute, haha.
Hat: Pacsun (it's actually lacy :D)
Dress: From a website based in China...it's really a hit or miss with that site and everything is "one-size fit all" so I don't really want to recommend it to anyone because I'm 5 feet and it's a tight fit with most clothes
Belt: Forever 21 (it's cute but I worn it out today and ended up getting weird stains all over it...so I don't recommend, damn you F21 for making cute belt styles with crappy material that sucks me in over and over again!)
Shoes: Hautelook (look out! Referral link :D), these were $25 + additional shipping? were they really that expensive? O.O They are not suede though...I found out when they shipped it to me (they said it was suede on the website but the smell was TERRIBLE when I opened the box). Ended up keeping it anyway. Should've seen if they would give me additional credit, darn--hahaha~ Not to say it like this but I think you should always try to gain your consumer rights. If the seller did something wrong, then you should tell them even if it's just to prevent them from doing it next time. :D Pinky's philosophy right there.

Ending with a pic of my roomie and me. The weather was too hot today but this was before the heat got to us. So we still look really suave, yeah! The necklace that I'm wearing is eki's Alice creation. <3 ekiLove!

Will be coming back with an update soon! Please look forward to it!

& if you have the time, please leave me some feedback about whether you like the stuff I'm posting! :D

Thank you for your continuous support! <3



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