Massive Make Up Post Part 2 (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

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Part 2 of the massive make up post! Hope you enjoy looking at my little collection~ :)

Stuff from Hong Kong

My parents went back to HK earlier this year and brought back some stuff for me!

My little cousin and aunt from HK put together this birthday present for me. Stitchy themed! Not sure how many of you figured it out but Stitch is one of my favorite cartoon characters (I'm actually not that big a fan of the movie Lilo and Stitch but I really adore Experiment 626! :D).

Stitchy shower cap. So kooote~
Stitch apron.
Stitch chopsticks...lol. I'm already legal for goodness sake, hahaha. But still so cute~
The lid of a fold up container box!
How it looks like when it's folded up.
Basically a bag that has another much bigger bag inside. But the cutest part is a little Stitchies all over the small bag AND the bigger bag inside it, gah~

I also asked my parents to buy me some CDs and concerts from Hong Kong because it's probably cheaper than buying them on Yesasia.com.

Dong Bang Shin Ki - Keep Your Head Down (Taiwan or HK edition, I don't remember).
Got the Changmin card. I like Changmin too, but I like Yunho even more...but oh well. :)
G-Dragon and TOP (from Big Bang)'s album! The bunny was available in 5 different colors, and I wanted either gold or silver, but my mom chose gold for me because she said it looked better. :) If you buy it from Yesasia.com, they just give you a random color! No way! I have to choose my own color. x)
Comes with a YG family card...not sure what to do with it since I can't read Korean...I'm pretty sure there's some exclusive things I can probably download or something...but yeah, sort of hopeless here. xD
 Cute bow tie barcode! :)
MBLAQ! I quite like them, Seungho especially...not too big on Lee Joon continuously ripping his shirt off though...haha. I actually did not want the repackaged album cover because I didn't like how Lee Joon (guy on the right in the second pic) is the biggest thing on the cover--and I thought their original cover was cooler. But my mom ended up accidentally buying this for me. & it was a really good accident in my opinion! This is actually a big box and the front cover it actually those that you can look at from different angles and it's a different picture from different angles. Hence the next two pictures.
There's some creepy person hovering in the background in the middle because I couldn't find that perfect angle where it turns completely into the other picture, hahaha.
 It comes with 3D glasses that you can look at the booklet with! So cool! Basically they guys pop out before your eyes! (okay, I exaggerated, but you can see the different dimensions :D)
Barcode design really "in" right now I guess.
Finally got my hands on the 2PM album that I've been after for a really long time. They're always sold out or one thing or another (I really need to buy that G-Dragon Heartbreaker album too). At first I'm a little "meh" about 2PM after Jaebeom left the group but I got over it and am supporting them fully now. :D
 Hot pics, hot pics! :D
Taeyang (from Big Bang)'s Solar album, international version! Gah~ He's awesome. :) & the circular packaging is so unique~ This guy at one of the stores that my mom asked actually had the nerve to give her his single from a couple years ago and told her that's the one she's looking for (she printed out the picture I gave her too, and it was in color, the single wasn't). So it sort of made me realize how some of these sellers in HK really don't have much morals and would say anything to sell their merchandise. Tsk tsk.
That is an awesome, awesome YG family card design. <3
Taeyang's Solar concert! 2 DVD and 1 CD! The problem is...my spinner doesn't spin. But my dad and I have come to the conclusion that it was made so that it can't spin. The spinner is stuck under the cardboard on the left edge and the pinning is slightly off center. We figured it couldn't have made a defect in 2 places and it's probably intentional. Maybe many fans spun their spinners off so they just took the spinning option off to save the trouble.
YG family card with a cutie smile from Taeyang! :)
The snowflake/flower that's Taeyang's "symbol" now.
Jay Chou's concert! I liked his old songs, not so much his new ones, but what I really want to see is his performance on stage with Jolin Tsai, his ex-girlfriend (their relationship turned really sour for a while but I guess they made up and remained friends). Also have to admit General Chou has fairly interesting concerts, so worth a watch. :)
Also bought the Twins concert because I know so many of their older songs. & this is their first concert after Gillian's scandal and Charlene's marriage and divorce, haha. You probably think I'm pretty "up" with the gossip, but I actually am not! It's really old news but everyone always seem to say that "you know a lot about these things." If anything, it's the sociology major in me at work! :D

The cover looks so cheap though...
EEG always give coupons to food places in HK, but I never get to use them because I'm in US, haha. The costumes look pretty horrendous, if you can't already tell from the cover.

First macaroon I ever tried

They added this little box in the little pouches that they give on the planes. My mom didn't eat her macaroon so I was excited to try it since I keep hearing people rave about it.
It looks cute and dinky, haha. But...it didn't taste good to me. Maybe it's because it was a couple of days expired? Hahaha, but I just didn't like it. Maybe I would try it fresh from the stores next time. Just wanted to share this cute little thing with everyone. x)

Another ekiLove package! This was in support of the Japan relief funding that eki is hosting, 75% of her proceeds (I think? Or of all sales?) goes to an organization lending aid to the effort to help Japan recover from the devastation of the tsunami, so everyone, please help support!
I think poor eki ran out of boxes and candies because of the overwhelming support she received from her customers! But she always includes her signature handwritten note filled with love! Thanks eki sweetie for your hard work, effort, and love!
Included a free mask for me even though I didn't meet the minimum. Of course, it's "so eki" of her, hahaha. <3

In memory of the day that I freaked out for 2 hours because my MacBaby won't boot up.

Turns out it was permission problems that I myself set up. Basically, I thought other people would see the content of my computer. So I changed the permission to access of "everyone" to "not allow," which ultimately prevented my computer from accessing...itself...

Yeah, that was how stupid it was. I ended up needing to boot it in another mode where I saw (sort of in DOS mode how my computer was booting up and I took a picture of the error because it was flashing by too quickly, hence the memory picture). The internet and help forums are my great friends! :D

A new Forever21 opened up near the university that I attend. Which means...oh no. Yes, yes. I frequent and stalk the place now for cute accessories (not so much clothing because I think most of the Forever21 clothing are overpriced and cheap in quality except for some exceptions. It's basically the stuff you can get in Asia but for half or two-thirds of the price).

The items were bought less than 2 weeks ago, so they might still be available online. Hurry! 

First off, omg! I'm so happy I saw this heather grey long sleeve tee on the rack when I went in the first time! It's $15.50 which I thought was a little more than I'm willing to pay but Nerdy Kitty is just too cute. So I bought it! Thank goodness I did because it wasn't there the next time I went and I don't think they're restocking! :D
The back is so cute, hahaha~
These shoes were so cute and convenient (I love slip ons because it's easy in easy out!) and pretty cheap, $7.50. I couldn't decide between the prints so I bought all three. They've so far ran out of the whale and the anchor nautical ones, with only a few pin strip ones left. I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm one of those "get one in every color" type of person by now, right? Hahaha.
Cute ring! I love how it accentuated the length of my fingers! :) & the intricate design is really cute. Only $3.80.
I know that coral color jewel stones are in these couple of years and thought it looked quite flattering against my skin and on my hand, so I bought too! Only $3.80.
Big huge bow ring that is not practical but oh so cute! Bows are another one of my favorite little "patterns" to buy. :) Let's not read too much into it once again, hahaha. Also $3.80.
I thought this necklace was very rock/biker chic feel. & I adore wings too so I thought this would be a nice necklace. I'm not sure how to wear this yet, but probably not with a leather jacket...or maybe a floral top with this necklace and a leather jacket so there's the fusion style? Not sure yet. But I love the size and how unique it is! Only $4.80.
My roomie bought some pretty hair accessories that I want to share with you guys too! So she's modeling these for me. :) A headband with feathers hanging off of one side. It's quite cool in person, but she later saw a version where the feathers are peacock feathers that I think she wanted that one more...it's too bad there's a no exchange policy for Forever21. This was $5.80.
Cute little floral bow headband. It actually reminded me of the bows that eki sews and sells on ekiLove! Both so lovely. This was $2.80 or $3.80, we can't remember, haha.
So pretty. :)
Leafy pattern that looks really cute imo. They have it in different colors too, white and pink. This was a little more expensive, but very sturdy, $4.80.
Here she looks a little pissed, lol. Wth, giving me attitude now? xD (Don't worry, roommate/best friend relationships, and she reads this blog too. I'm not scared of you~ Hahaha)
Pom pom floral accessory, a pair for $1.50!
Here I decided to model her pom pom my own way because my expression is clearly much more model-like than hers. :) I actually put one on both sides of my head and she shook her head at me. What? What did I do? xD

I bought this pair of shoes from UO for $19.99 on sale (along with some other things but I can't really remember all of them...so I'll post after I remember and take pictures!). They're Deena and Ozzy booties.

First of all, these things are REALLY high, at least four inches although they might not look like it. And the little tassel laces that makes them unique are actually really hard to tie. The side will probably cut into your skin if you don't wear socks high enough to cover your ankles. Some people also complained that these are too narrow in the front (I have no problem with it though because my feet are on the more narrow side).
Despite my complaints, these shoes are absolutely adorable. & I'm at that age where I'm willing to sacrifice comfort for looks, so here goes, haha. I really like how they flatter my feet and make them look tiny. Also made me a lot taller (4 inches to be exact). It'll probably be one of those pairs of shoes that I wear when going out to lunch with friends--definitely not shopping shoes. But super cute! I really, really like them. :)

JewelMint (note: this particular link is my personal invitation to JewelMint and I'll receive credit if you decide to make a purchase)

So I decided to try out JewelMint after hearing some bloggers talk about it. It's basically a "personalized" website that shows you jewelry that it thinks would fit your taste after showing you some styles and allowing you to choose your favorite from them.

One problem I had with the site was that in some of the selection of pictures they allowed me to choose from, I didn't like any at all...and for some reason, they kept showing me tribal and bohemia, chunky jewelry. To be honest, those are probably my least favorite...so I don't understand why they kept showing me those--from the selection this month, there weren't much items that caught my eyes aside from a few. & I decided to buy one! :)

All jewelry are $29.99 USD a piece and free shipping. I was able to buy an item for $14.99 because they sent me a 50% off coupon for my first purchase.

The pouch for my cuff is made from a sturdy and soft material. I really like it! It feels really classy~
A little signature tag.
This is called the Deville Cuff, inspired by Cruella Deville, hence the name. I never really knew Deville has such awesome fashion sense, she just looked like an anorexic creepy crazy woman who smokes too much for her own good, but hey! :D I guess we can't judge books by their cover, hahaha. I love the huge purple amethyst glass stone! Very unique and chic imo. :) Definitely a statement piece that will catch attention.
Modeling cuff to arm size comparison. :) Sorry the main focus isn't the cuff but my face...hahaha~ & sorry for the pretentious lips. I guess my subconscious thought that shape was attractive. xD Pardon me.
Funky bangs because I decided to cut them myself and messed up. Of course, it's what I do best~ xD

I actually have a lot of stuff coming in the mail and etc. So I'll be updating very soon. :) I'm going to make an attempt to do shorter posts more frequently so there wouldn't be huge lapses in between posts! Wish me luck and please look forward to my updates! Thanks for your continuous support!



  1. Awesome haul! I love when parents "spoil" us with so much stuff from their trips! lol

  2. you always have the cutest stuff! i really love the TOP GD cd, i love them! o.o and your hk sweater and heeled boots, gaah so lovely! and ofc your eki necklace!! <3 i hope you are doin okay there! you look lovely and thanks for sharing your things with us <3


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