Massive Make Up Post Part I (pic heavy)

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'm going to start with the usual "I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long" apology.

The "make up" isn't the makeup we put on our face, but to make up for the long unannounced hiatus. :)

Last quarter, I ended up taking 5 upper-division classes and was basically flooded with homework, readings, papers all the time.

This quarter, allergies hit! And it feels like it's even more severe this year than previous years (but then again, I am sneezing my head off as I type this so maybe that affects my evaluation, haha).

But anyways, onto the post! This accumulated over a lot period of time so it'll be a pretty massive one! Prepare yourself. :)


First, I got this necklace from ekiLove a little while ago.

 I bought 2 masks and got one for free. Of course, being eki, she sent me extra masks to try. Thank you for always being so sweet eki. :)
I was attracted by the roses outlines, I thought it would be really cute against a shirt or just on bare skin.


Next, I bought some items from KarmaLoop for the first time because they were giving $10 credit for new members.

I bet you can never guess what's wrapped in this monstrosity!
Ta-da! Cute little Betsey Johnson earrings. To be honest, I never really paid much attention to Betsey Johnson before. But they have some really cute designs that I absolute adore! I'm not sure whether their items are worth the retail price. But since these were on sale ($11-ish), I thought they were worth a try. :)
The bow and the lock! Two of some of my favorite designs (lol...no, I have no "repressed desires," please don't read too much into it, hahaha--sociology major, what else am I suppose to make of my preference in designs? xD). They ARE a little heavy though...I think they could've made them a little lighter so it'll be easier on the ears.
I've been really adoring the Nerdy Kitty design lately! This wallet was originally $29.99, one sale for $9.99! I'm not too sure with the wallet because it's gigantic (even for people who put loads of stuff in, because the wallet is extremely long). But it's so damn cute!
Really like the plaid on the inside, but I would've prefer the layout to be a little different. The back of the front (right right panel) seems a little wasteful to not have some slots. Regardless, I bought it for the cuteness and not the practicality. :)


I bought some products from the blackhead eliminating line in Avon because my mom wanted the blackhead removing tool ($1 with cleanser/toner/mask purchase, $4.99 on its own). But to be honest, the kind of blackhead removing tool that has the little loop on the end isn't the most efficient because the loop doesn't actually apply pressure right...

I have too many cleansers so I haven't gotten around to using it. I guess I'll do so tonight. :)
Got a lip liner! Just because I want to play around with it. My lips lack that clear, define outline. :)

Items from Taiwan

A sweet friend of mine who's an international student (I shall call her S here :D) from Taiwan went back to Taiwan for winter break and I asked her to buy me some random "number 1" beauty products from Taiwan (as in, she chose these for me, I didn't really request for them except for the eyelashes and the lash case). Just for the note, I did not use any of these things yet, haha.

My Beauty Diary masks, trial box. Basically contains all the masks in the series (no special edition ones, probably). About $10 USD, definitely worth it if even just for the packaging itself! :)
Whitening toner, it's like a buy toner get something else free offer that S found. This was around $11 USD.
This is a brand of BB cream that's popular in Taiwan (has the little number 1 ribbon on it). Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it's also around $11 USD too.
This was a gift from S. :) Also a very popular mascara brand that you've probably seen on other blogs.
Fake lashes that I requested from S because they're so cheap! About $7 USD for...10 pairs.
S called this the "green" eyeshadow but I don't really see what's "green" about this, lol. This little baby alone is around $9.60 USD, but then I know that Japanese eyeshadows are usually around that price. & now that I think about it, Maybelline studio eyeshadows are actually even more expensive than this, it's just that the American drugstores almost always have discounts.
A brown eyeshadow palette that S bought for me as a gift. :)
This is the pink eyeshadow, so so cute! There's instructions on the back that teaches us how to contour and use these colors that are made for "Asia eyes," about $11.60 USD.
Has the little ribbon on it again~ This is a blue one, and the colors look really gorgeous in person, about $10.50 USD.
Dollywink case that's all the rave amongst bloggers because it's so cute. Only about $4.60 USD in Taiwan. Usually at least $6 USD on websites.
Last glue, just a random one, about $2.30 USD.
Lip gloss that plumps, make it more attract, vitamin C, yadiyadiya. xD Packaging is really cute though, I just still haven't gotten around to opening it...only about $5.80 USD, another popular item in Taiwan! She picked the color for me...but I haven't even opened it, gah...


I grabbed a Naked palette from Sephora the last time they restocked. There's actually a long story behind it, I'll tell you guys a little bit later.

The palette was $48 I believe? And I was $2 away from getting free shipping, so I decided to look around sales. And damn it, haha. I got more than $2 worth of stuff, surprise surprise! Also got an extra Marc Jacob Daisy sample and gave it to my roomie. :)
Tokidoki nail filers for $5 (originally $15, I think)! Of course I need to grab, I'm a fan of cute Tokidoki merchandise! Will share my headphones next time.
Tokidoki nail buffers, $5 (originally $15). I'm not really sure how to use these, but they're just so, so cute! Omg~ Someone mentioned that they shouldn't have been so cheap and gave 3 of the little chains instead of putting it just on one, but it's really not that big of a deal to me. :)
A look at the popular Naked palette, comes with a mini-size primer. I...have not used this yet either...I'm honestly more of a collector than a user, haha.
I actually want to show everyone a closer look at the new brush that's included instead of the 24/7 double ended liner. To be honest, there's nothing really unique about this. It feels pretty nice when you hold it (weight-wise), and the tip of the brush has this little gradient thing. But it's just like any other brush. I definitely won't buy it for the $28 it's supposedly worth.
 Brush to hand size comparison.

So I previously mentioned that there's a story behind me buying the Naked palette. Previously, when they have the double ended liners, I decided to purchase 2 Naked palettes from Sephora. But when they arrived, they looked like they have been opened before and there are some where it looked like they've been pressed by a finger (could actually SEE a finger print). So of course, I decided to return them (the explanation that Urban Decay gave me was that when they were pressing the shadows into the pan, it made those marks...but fingerprints? I don't know how those got on there and don't really want to).

I decided to return them in stores. But when I tried to, they would only give me store credit back when I've purchased it with a gift card and credit card combination. So basically, they kept about $40 that I paid with my credit card within the Sephora system. Okay, I guess that was fine and I just wanted to get out of there because it was really hot in the store and I worn my down-feather coat (since it was winter). To be honest, the store manager on duty was not very nice and almost treated my web order like it was a nuisance, but I just shrugged it off and walked off with more than $90 in store credit.

A couple of weeks later when the Naked palette was back in stock, I realize that store credit meant you can ONLY use it in stores (um...I guess that's what "store credit" meant, it was my fault for the bad assumption, I admit) and I can't use it on my web orders. Needless to say, I felt like I needed to talk to Sephora about this problem because I have $90+ that I can't use online when originally, I could've used it online and in-stores, plus the amount I paid with my credit card could've been used in another--instead, the Sephora store swallowed that whole amount up by giving me store credit.

The phone representative said they couldn't really do anything so I emailed Sephora directly and addressed the store specifically. The store manager from that day ended up contacting me and reassured me that they could work something out for me and make the funds usable on Sephora.com.

When I went to the store, another store manager (the one from that day wasn't on duty) helped me transfer the funds.

I have to say that Sephora really does have some of the best customer service in the business and they really follow through their guarantees on customer satisfaction. So Sephora is really wonderful, they deserve all their customer loyalty.

In addition to transferring the funds they also gave me a "small" gift basket as an apology that sort of blew my mind.

First of all, the contents were anything but "small." I guesstimated that there has to be at least $100+ worth of products here...all on their "bestseller" list.
Sephora brand foam cleanser.
Sephora brand eye gel.
Laura Mercier cream eyeshadow.
Lancome face powder.
 Kat Von D lipstick.
 Dior lipstick.
 And a huge jar of hydrating cream that I didn't take a picture of.

To be honestly, I felt so guilty after receiving the gift basket. But all I can do now is thank Sephora for their wonderful customer service. It's so nice to know that there's so much security protecting customers when shopping at Sephora. Thank you, thank you~!

That's all this time around. I promise an update fairly soon. This is only part I after all! Hope you enjoyed the hauls...I guess I'm a bit of a shopaholic. :)


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  1. oh wow Sephora is very generous! and it so great to hear from you >:D<


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