Who else is a sucker for cute packaging? xD

Hi everyone!

So I've disappeared for a really long time again~ So sorry for that, been busy with school, then lazed around and did nothing for a week, and finally began summer school...all in all, I think I was just being incredibly lazy, hahaha. I actually bought a lot MORE things along the way but I'll just share some of them with you guys. :)

So my fingers have actually been hurting during my break and my dad figured I probably strained my fingers and wrists from typing and using the trackpad on my MacBook too much. So he gave me a mousey to use! Of course, I had to buy a mousepad even though I didn't need one for cuteness and for wrist support! 


So I bought a...Domo-Bean mousepad! xD
It's actually Domo-Kun of course, but the roundness of the head makes it look like a bean or a pod, haha. It's so cute, I get happy just looking at it. It was around $7 on eBay.

Then I bought a little coin purse because I needed 4 items to get 10% off shipping from the seller. But it's really cute (although Domo is a little too dark and you can barely see his eyes...cute overall though).
Around $3 I think. I don't really use coin purses but you can always use it for other things~

So, so, so adorable! This is a shell/casing for a NDSi! It is adorable, adorable!
I forgot to make it right side up, please forgive me. :) This was only around $6!

I also got a pack of 4 tofu cell phone holders!
They are adorable, adorable, adorable! And they're $8 for all 4. :O I know, I know~ Such a steal~ 

Please let me know if you'd like the seller's store link! :)


I've been eying this mirror for a really long time! It's the Tokidoki mirror from Sephora, and it comes in 3 designs. I got the 24 Karat. Even the packaging box is super cute.
Some people said the yellow coloring looks cheap but I definitely did not have that impression. It's very intricate. Only slight downside is that it's reeeally heavy. But I also sort of like that too because it has a lot of substance, hahaha.
Even the back is cuteee.
2 sides of mirror, 1 side is magnification! & magnetic closure! Some people have been complaining that their mirrors only open 90 degrees. But luckily, mine opens much more than that. So if you bought one previously and you can't open it past 90, go exchange it at your local Sephora!
Cute detail! I got it for $15 at the website!

The Tokidoki eyeshadow palette set! I've been wanting to buy this for a long time (mainly because of the packaging) and finally took the plunge! I'm still debating whether to keep it or not because it's a little pricier than I like. Packaging though, ack~~ Such a sucker for cute packaging...
Comes with a magnet~
You can take out each palette "to go."
And there's a cute little picture for whichever you take out.
I'd have to say that the shadow sizes are a little small though...
The box is so damn cute, goodness. =0=;; This is $39, hence why I thought it's a little more expensive than I'd like. So still debating, haha.

Urban Decay

It's the Friends & Family sale at urbandecay.com right now! 25% off till July 10th so you still have time and free shipping when you spend $50! Code: FFSUMMER11

I bought the De-Slick spray because I have extremely oily skin. I'll let you guys know how well it works! It's a little pricy but if it really controls my face oil well, I definitely would not mind purchasing again. I actually bought it from Sephora but am going to return it and keep the Urban Decay one, 25%!!
This one's originally $29 and other than the 25% F&F, UD usually don't have any sales so it's a good idea to grab what you want from UD now. :)

Also bought the De-Slick mattifying powder because I needed to reach the $50 for free shipping and I saw some good reviews on it for Sephora. So I decided that I want to try it. Quite pricy again, so I hope it'll do a good job.
Super, super cute packaging! It's not very "portable" since it's a little big, but I still like it very much and it's not a problem for me. Will let you guys know how well it works, this one was $32 originally.


This is my invite link if you're interested! Clickie Clickie :D You can get 50% off your purchase as a new customer by using WELCOME50. It only works for new customers!

So I already explained what JewelMint is in a previous post and these are some pieces that came up in my selections that I think were very unique and interesting. I guess my style does run a little more chic/rock type? So I'm not really big on the chandelier earrings and the other similar styles on JewelMint, instead, I got this pin necklace just a few days ago.

It is gigantic! The pin is 5 inches long and it might seem a little overwhelming, but I'm sure make a big statement. There's an S hook for you wear it either like a necklace or a choker--the pin can also be opened if you use a bit of force so you can click it on tank top straps and etc. Really cuteee. I like it! :) Still available.

I bought this heart locket necklace that is actually quite close to the base of your throat so it actually resembles a bit of a choker instead. Definitely sweet/badass at the same time! :D & the clasp is very interesting. I thought you can modify the length and the feel of it (make it more girly) with a ribbon. Very cute and intricate. Still available I think.

X, O, and 口 ring! I thought they're so delicate and cute. Got them in size 6 (smallest size they have) and they're very versatile and are sure to help draw attention to your hands. :) You can wear them and switch them up. The problem is that nobody's fingers are all the same size and you can 3 rings that are the same size...you can understand the problem here, haha. So that's the only problem I have with this design.

Probably the most "normal" piece out of all the ones I got. It's really nicely made and all of their gold colored items are actually gold-plated so no turning fingers color! It's a nice piece but I think they might be out of it. Sorry I didn't share it sooner~ Next time next time!

Okay. That's all for now! I'll share my thoughts on the make up items later! Let me know if there's any thing else you want to know about any of the items I shared! :)



  1. heey great to hear from you again/hugs!! great stuff you bought!! I adore the tofu cuteness and the tokidoki meiku!!

  2. Meee!!!!! I;m a sucker for anything cute! hehehe...

    btw, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^


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